2019 Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan - a stylish sports car, which embodied the famous brand philosophy. To become the owner of such a car means to be ranked among the elite club of connoisseurs of Porsche, because each model, released in the early 50s of the last century, is a standard of style and functionality.

What will be the new Porsche Makan model range in 2019 and what the engineers of the popular German brand plan to impress fans of speed and modern technology.

Exterior Porsche Macan 2019

Model history

Porsche Macan - the car is quite young, because the first generation of the model was introduced in November 2013, the prototype originally developed was called the Cajun (from Cayenne Junior), but in early 2012 it was decided to replace it with a more dynamic and aggressive Macan (tiger).

The 1st generation car was positioned as a model for young people who are active and appreciate the speed. Impressive performance, unsurpassed dynamics, excellent stability at high speeds and unprecedented safety systems distinguish this model from a few competitors.

Porsche Macan 1st generation

In 2014, the car received high marks on the Euro NCAP crash test series:

  • an adult - 88%;
  • child - 87%;
  • pedestrian - 60%;
  • active safety - 66%.

An updated version of the Porsche Macan will be presented in the near future and will be available in 2019, but when it will be released in the series of a new sports car and whether it will be presented in car shows in Russia is still unknown.


The manufacturer managed to hide the details of the exterior of the model throughout the division time, but recently the first Porsche Macan photos without camouflage were included in the network, which can be used to judge what the 2019 vehicle will be like.

Optics of the new Makan 2018-2019 year

It is worth noting that cardinal changes in the exterior of the model did not happen, although some elements still make its look recognizable and allow to distinguish the newest model from the previous ones.

New look car give:

  • several modified modules of LED head optics;
  • new grille;
  • streamlined roofline, which has received even sharper bevel as it approaches the rear racks;
  • updated drawing wheels.
first photos of the new Porsche Macan 2019Rear bumper new 2018-2019 Porsche Macan

Otherwise, this is the same, well-known to all the younger brother of the Porsche Cayenne with a compact body, but an irresistible sporty character.

Interior novelties

In the salon, the new Macan is all underscored by the fact that the car was created for those who appreciate speed and premium comfort.The interior uses the most high-quality materials available today, and the chairs not only have a pronounced sporty design, but also have excellent performance characteristics that are not inferior to the best sports cars of the competitors.

Porsche Macan 2019 Interior

Of the obvious changes worth noting:

  • integration of a large touch screen to control the functions of the infotainment complex and navigation system;
  • updated dashboard;
  • sports steering wheel with the main control buttons;
  • a large number of touch buttons that will be located on the tunnel on either side of the automatic transmission selector;
  • functional multimedia complex with the ability to connect a wide range of devices operating under different operating systems;
  • a set of powerful acoustics that meets the status of the car;
  • excellent climate system.

Photo and video of the 2019 Porsche Macan

It is possible that elements borrowed from the elder brother will appear in the interior, such as handles on either side of the tunnel and air deflectors in the upper part of the torpedo. Also, some designers believe that the analog clock should disappear from the panel, which the designers awarded most of the cars of the past generation.


Although outwardly, the new Makan will retain much of its predecessor, its technical improvements will not leave anyone indifferent. The 2019 model will receive such innovations as:

  • modified suspension;
  • improved brake system with tungsten-coated disks;
  • extended list of active security systems.

Having shown the exterior of the novelty, the manufacturer keeps in the strictest confidence all that concerns the technical characteristics of the model, keeping the intrigue right up to the day of the official presentation of the car. It is known that the new Macan S model got into the camera lenses and it is possible that the top grade of the sports version of the Macan GTS will surprise with a stylish body kit and a long list of additional options designed to bring control of the car to a new level.

Technical characteristics of the 2019 Porsche Macan

In addition to all other innovations, the model will receive an updated engine range. New Macan will not be released in the diesel version. The management decided to completely switch to gasoline power units. Perhaps this decision is associated with the upcoming development of a hybrid installation for this model. But, anyway, in 2019 cars with such power units will be available:

engine's type




2.0 l

300 hp

Petrol V6

3.0 l

355 hp

Turbocharged gasoline

2.9 l

434 hp

Presumably, the hybrid installation will produce up to 460 hp in total, but the prospect of producing such cars will be discussed after the release of the basic version of the updated Porsche Macan.

Price and start of sales

While the new Makan is not officially presented, it’s too early to talk about what the price of the 2019 model will be, because the cost depends on the features of the configuration and the list of additional options of the particular model. Obviously, the updated version will cost customers a bit more expensive than that presented in showrooms today, but the insignificant price increase is fully compensated by the updated functionality and improved design of the model.

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