7 hidden reasons because of which you can not lose weight

7 hidden reasons because of which you can not lose weight

Weight gain does not occur on level ground. Most often this is not just a matter of malnutrition, but psychological disorders. In any center for weight loss, they will tell you that you must first solve the internal problems of the client, and then he or she will suddenly lose 20-40 kg. Let us dwell on the most common psychological causes of weight gain.

Lack of attention

Very often, the problem of overweight is based on a lack of attention and love from loved ones. Children who are too busy working for their parents or raised in dysfunctional families are more likely to gain extra pounds in adulthood.

If a child has been trying to gain attention to himself, to earn all the praise, then the habit of doing everything perfectly will most likely either lead him to a responsible post or make him the soul of the company.In both cases, increased loads, although of different nature, are guaranteed. And in the body at this time the following unhappy changes occur: excessive load requires a large amount of energy, fat is most likely to be its source. Inability due to employment in time to eat will necessarily lead to fat storage.

Lack of attention

How often every person has trouble with relatives or he gets tired at work, or gets offended at someone, or does not feel safe, or he simply has nothing to do. All this forms a psychological need for a friend and protector, in the role of which food often serves. A side effect of such a friendship - body fat.

Self-doubt and self-dissatisfaction

The longer a person does not receive the necessary attention to himself, the deeper the confidence settles in his soul that he is not worthy of love at all. Attempts to earn your portion of love fail, there is an uncertainty in your mind and appearance. And as compensation for the lost attention a person begins to eat. For at least a few minutes, the food gives a feeling of calm, but then the heartache returns, and with it the feeling of guilt.

As a result, very often in obese people who want to lose weight, there is a violation of the "body pattern".This means that the human brain is not able to understand your correct size. In addition, an image of an ideal body is formed in the mind, which is based only on external signs, and the primary characteristics of discontent are eventually completely crowded out of consciousness.

Fear of emotion

Fear of emotion

Emotional disapproval is another form of self-doubt. Often, overweight people seem to us balanced and calm. In fact, many of them simply strive with all their might to preserve their prosperous social face. Inside them, it is possible that everything is bubbling with rage or other feelings, but they cannot afford to express them because of the fear of drawing too much attention to their full and absurd figure. And all this unspent storm of emotions they seize with cake, and some with a bottle of wine.

Blocking and avoiding negative emotions

Unmanifested negative emotions tend to be stuck in the body for a long time. Overweight people tend to experience resentment for a long time. Instead of throwing out their negative emotions and clearing their minds of the negative, they try to avoid them altogether.Well, the usual way to drown out the pain or hurt food. If a woman is overweight, most likely, she is used to cope with all strong emotions with the help of food.

Stress hormones, which are released on negative emotion, circulate in the body for a long time, which leads to the expenditure of glycogen reserves and a shift in the carbohydrate-fat balance. The result of the denial of strong unpleasant emotions is a rapid weight gain. And since our life is a continuous series of positive and negative phenomena, then stresses are inevitable. And very often obese people have recurrences of obesity.

Dislike for your body

Dislike for your body

If puberty and visible changes in the appearance of the girl began earlier than her peers, she may show dislike for her own body. This, in turn, can lead to the fact that the child will not be able to learn to understand the signals of his body and, often, instead of resting the body will be offered food. Over time, eating will become a way of complacency and support.

Sometimes the fear of completeness occur in attractive and slim girls. Comparing themselves with modern standards of beauty, they come to an erroneously disappointing conclusion. Personal life, pleasure and interests are often postponed until the moment “when I lose weight”.Exhausting themselves with vain diets, they lose the joys of life. And again comes to the aid of a good tried friend - yum. So we get a vicious circle.


Psychological term meaning a state of inability to understand and express one's emotions, leading to difficulty in deep emotional contacts and a sense of emotional dissatisfaction. Communication with such people occurs on a superficial level, without affecting internal experiences. None of the inner circle know how painful they experience their fullness and inability to cope with it. The suppression of the next energy leads to even greater obesity.


Secondary gain of excess weight

Oddly enough, but some fat people are beginning to find some kind of advantages in their excess weight. This is the manipulation of relatives, and avoidance of certain contacts, and getting rid of excess weight will deprive them of these “advantages”.

Given all the above, to achieve success in losing weight, you need to solve the following tasks:

  • Disclosure of the conflict behind the symptom.
  • Correction of your internal image
  • Increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence
  • Changing attitudes towards people and the acquisition of communication skills.

And the first condition is a person’s readiness for self-analysis and a firm decision to change the situation.

@ Author: Oksana Tkachuk, energy therapist.

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