A garden without trees is not a garden.

Trees form a vertical design, close the view from the neighbors, give life-giving summer shadow. Formed adult tree can be a decoration of a young garden. Each owner seeks to plant as many trees as possible, occupying free space, often without taking into account that the crowns of trees will soon become sprawling and the garden shaded. This moment should be calculated for several years ahead.

In a small garden, trees up to 20 meters in height will not look harmonious; you need to create the look of a garden for yourself and not for your neighbors. The garden should be formed from different trees with ornamental branches, leaves, bark, which will delight the eye on all levels.

For gardening there are special rules:

Trees should be proportionate to the size of the plot; Preference should be given to medium-growth trees that, when grown, reach a height of no more than 10 meters. These are decorative maple trees, hawthorn, mountain ash, apple trees, bird cherry, garden birch. These trees have another advantage - they do not grow above the garden cottage, which reduces the risk of damage to buildings from falling branches;

Do not get involved in tall and sprawling trees, otherwise you will have to remove trees. You can plant several large trees, respecting the size of the site. It should be remembered that in 10 years the usual deciduous tree will energetically pump out water from the soil, draining it and hindering the growth of fruit trees;

Choose the right place for each tree. Here will help the Druids, who have long had trees, deciding their neighborhood in the Russian forests. Listen to nature, take into account the wind rose, see the lunar landing calendar. And do not forget that the trees grow, will occupy more space, give more shade. It’s one thing to separate yourself from your neighbors, it’s another thing to get a good fruit harvest;

Remember the natural conditions of tree growth. Plant only zoned crops. Consider that some trees need moisture, others need dry land. If the plot is located on a slope, you will have to take care of watering the trees.

Garden design decorate fruit trees

At the beginning of planting, you can take into account how the garden will look like in winter. Landscape designers call this winter garden graphics, where they take into account the shape of the trunks, the drawing of branches, and the color of the bark.Decorative apple trees, mountain ash, blackthorn will not interfere with the summer harvest of fruits, and in winter they will become a decoration of the garden.

Planting fruit trees should be so that they had enough natural moisture, so that they do not fall into the shadow of the buildings on the site. Favorite Russian fun - to harvest their crops and cook fragrant jam. For this, orchards are planted with fruit trees so that all fruits are “from their site”.

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