A woman's dream is an elastic chest!

There is not a single woman in our world,she is young or aged, who does not want to have an attractive appearance. In the concept of many men, the attractiveness of the weak half of mankind lies in a beautiful figure, mouth-watering forms. The elastic breast of a beloved woman is the cherished dream of almost every young man. Girls have nothing left to do, how to try to match these parameters of beauty or at least a bit closer to them.

elastic chestFor many women we are beautifuland an elastic chest is a stumbling block on the way to perfection. Transformations of the figure associated with losing weight or an extraordinary set of excess weight, pregnancy, breast-feeding are not the best way to affect its shape. Over time, it sinks, loses its elasticity, and introduces its owner into a depression.

But not everything is as sad as it seems. To date, there are many ways to restore the breast elasticity and beauty. The fastest and most effective is surgical breast lift or plastic surgery. Before deciding to take such a step, a woman should carefully consider the importance of such a surgical intervention. First, surgery is a certain risk to health. Secondly, no operation can resolve psychological problems. But it is they who most often push a woman to lie under a knife.

enlargement of breasts without surgeryOperation is not the only way out. Breast enlargement without surgery is quite possible with a special set of exercises.

Physical exercises for the elasticity of breastshelp tighten saggy breasts, increase its size, give it elasticity and even get rid of stretch marks. In certain circles, there is an opinion that special physical exercises for pectoral muscles will help to avoid the development of breast cancer.

Elastic chestwithout surgery - a set of exercises

To achieve a positive effect of exercisecan only be daily and hard work. Without this, dreams of a beautiful breast should be forgotten. Charging should become a habit, then the result will not take long to wait.

So, exercise the firstExercises for the elasticity of breasts

  1. Lie on your stomach, legs bend at the knees and connect them with a cross in the area of ​​the ankles.
  2. Hands bend in the elbows and put on the floor with the palms down.
  3. Relying on his hands, lift the body up, while holding himself with the help of the palms and knees.
  4. Strain the abdominal muscles.
  5. Chin to pull to the breast in such a way that the forehead rested against the floor.
  6. Elbows again bend, gradually sinking all over the body to the floor.

Exercise two

  1. Lie on your back with a low bench, put your legs on the floor, cross your arms on your chest.
  2. Hands are bent to the side, while elbows do not fall below the level of the shoulders.
  3. Return to position "1".

Exercise Three

  1. Combine the palms in front of the chest. With effort, press the palms against each other. Hold the voltage for several seconds.
  2. Repeat 10-20 times.

In addition to special exercises for the chestit is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, walk more in the open air, jog, visit the pool, eat right. And then a dream called "elastic breasts" will just come true, and the figure as a whole will improve.

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