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To date, bus excursion toursThey are very popular with travelers. After all, this is a unique opportunity for a limited amount of time to visit at once in several cities and even countries, to study the features of culture and to look at the brightest sights. And one of the most popular and famous tourist companies of Ukraine is the company "Accord Tour". Here, tourists are offered a huge choice of recreational trips.

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What does the company offer?

Immediately it is worth noting that the touristthe company "Accord Tour" is one of the most respected organizations in its niche. After all, during the last years of work the company has time and again proved its reliability, than it earned the loyal love of travelers from all over the country.

Despite the fact that the main office of the companyis located in the city of Lviv, its services are enjoyed by residents from all over Ukraine. The firm offers a huge selection of a wide variety of services. The most popular to date are bus tours around Europe. After all, in just a few days, tourists can see the most interesting sights of this part of the continent and gain positive impressions for the whole year ahead.

In addition, the tourist company "Accord Tour"offers and various interesting events. For example, you will have the opportunity to travel, even if there is not enough time, together with the "Weekend Tour". In addition, the company regularly organizes travel and leisure in the famous sanatoriums and health centers in Europe. A fashionista will be pleased with the special offer - "Shopping tour", during which tourists are driven to the most famous shops, boutiques and shopping centers of European countries, offer discounts or visit sales.

Of course, the tours of the Accord Tour are notare limited. For example, every year for tourists organize various holiday trips, offer to spend New Year holidays abroad, to visit this or that European festival. And, of course, there are tours for Ukraine that are no less rich in bright places and historical sights than any other country in Europe.

What is included in the price of the trip?

Tourist company "Accord-tour" (Lviv)offers a lot of entertainment at affordable prices. What is included in the cost of the tour? Naturally, the tour includes the fare, as well as hotel accommodation and breakfasts. In addition, the company takes care of opening a visa and provides insurance. Each tour includes a certain number of sightseeing tours for this or that city.

However, there is also the fact that every travelerpays separately. In particular, these are optional (additional) excursions, as well as travel by public transport, consular fees when opening a visa, meals. And, of course, do not forget about souvenirs for yourself and loved ones.

Accord tour: bus tours around Europe

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Immediately it is worth noting that the journey together withthis travel agency is not just a trip on the bus and several excursions. "Accord Tour" offers to explore the most colorful cities in Europe. And in each of them you will find an exciting excursion program.

In every country and city, the company hasown guide, which helps tourists to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the state. Here you will be told about the secrets of ancient cities, reduced to wine tastings, offer a walk through picturesque streets, give an opportunity to see different shows and concerts, and even, if possible, bring to a festival or a national holiday.

Prague, Paris, Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels, Dresden, Bucharest, Brasov, Karlovy Vary, Sofia, Belgrade - with the tourist company "Accord Tour" there is nothing impossible.

Now it's worth talking about some technicalmoments. The firm offers different tours - it can be both a two-day weekend, and an exciting two-week trip. Prices, by the way, depend on when exactly you order a tour - the closer to the date of departure, the more expensive the journey will be. There are routes that include night travel between cities - they are cheaper, but on the other hand, not every tourist well tolerates nights on the bus.

Most popular tours for lovers

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Of course, the company has other places in the reserve. Tours "Accord-tour" offer customers and unforgettable romantic trips. For example, you can completely immerse yourself in feelings for each other during the nine-day tour called "Love in Paris". You will see the most beautiful and vibrant cities of Belgium, Germany, Poland and, of course, the fairy-tale Paris.

Rest on the sea coast

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Beach holiday in a complex with sightseeing tourscities - this is another service that the company "Accord Tour" can offer. Bus travel can be interrupted by a small holiday on the seashore. For example, when buying a tour called "The freshness of the autumn dawn ..." you can not only go round the famous cities of Ukraine, but also spend four days in the resort of Nessebar, then resume your journey and explore Pomorie, Burgas, Istanbul, Varna.

In addition, the travel agency offers a full vacation on the beach - Sunny Beach Bulgaria, the luxury beaches of Montenegro and the eastern exotic of Turkey are waiting for everyone.

Bus Tours in Ukraine

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Traveling in Ukraine is another interestingoffer from the "Accord Tour". Lviv, for example, is an amazing tourist city with a rich history and traditions. You will have the opportunity to travel almost the entire country in a short time. Tourists can see the defense complex of Tustan in Truskavets, visit the Carpathians, look at the Shipop waterfall, see how the real cheese factory works, etc. After all, our own country is no less rich in wonders than the rest of Europe.

Search for fellow travelers

There is another interesting possibility thatoffers a travel company "Accord Tour". Bus tours and beach holidays are, of course, an incredible adventure. On the other hand, vacation alone can be less fun. That is why the travel company organized a system for the search of fellow travelers. Perhaps someone wants to go to the same countries as you - here you will be helped to meet, pick up a tour and discuss the details of the trip. And, in addition to a fabulous excursion, you will have the opportunity to make new friends.

Tourist firm "Accord-tour": customer reviews

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In fact, this travel agency isone of the most popular on the territory of Ukraine. Almost every city in the country has several of its intermediaries, which help tourists find the right vouchers. What do travelers like about this company? First of all, the organization is famous for its quality service. Agents will be happy to tell you about all the subtleties of tourism. All the necessary information can be obtained even through the Internet, as the official site of the company has lists of necessary documents, approximate additional costs and optional excursions.

In addition, tourists are always praised by the accompanyingstaff, as the employees of the company are educated, polite and pleasant in communication, and can always tell a lot of useful information about this or that place. Hotels selected by the travel agency "Accord Tour" are also always at a decent level. Buses are equipped with air conditioning and TVs, which are constantly showing films about the city that they are going to visit. Therefore, the tours of "Accord Tour" are not only interesting, but also comfortable.

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