Alien 5: Awakening - 2019 film

  • Original project name: Alien: Awakening
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Premiere: during 2019 (in the world)
  • Genre: horror, science fiction, thriller, adventure
  • Producer: Ridley Scott ("Alien", "Blade Runner", "Gladiator", "Martian")
  • Producer: Ridley Scott
  • Cast: Numi Rapas (rumors), Michael Fassbender (rumors), etc.

In 2019, the film “Alien 5: Awakening” will be released. At this time, the premiere is expected of a new chapter in the story of space researchers, facing a deadly alien danger in the form of bloodthirsty monsters. The original project name is Alien: Awakening. So far he has it, but it is likely that they will change it closer to the release, as it was with the same “Testament”.

Alien: Paradise Lost

In 1979, Ridley Scott released his second full-length film, which is forever in the history of cinema. The slogan of the picture “In space, no one will hear your scream” is still so scary, and the tape itself still looks great against the background of modern blockbusters and imitators of Alien himself.


Build on the history of Space Jockeys, Engineers and alien researchers a whole cinematic universe Ridley Scott did not want to personally, but this matter was charged to James Cameron, who shot a continuation of the original film called "Aliens." After that there were two more: one - directed by David Fincher, the second - Jean-Pierre Jeanne.

Today it is considered that only “Alien” and “Aliens” can be watched, as they say, forever, although the third and fourth parts are quite watchable, and this is despite the fact that the author of “Fight Club” himself is not at all delighted with your former involvement in this franchise.

Until a certain point the film remained quadrology. Of course, there was also his encounter with the Predator, but for obvious reasons, we do not take this fact into account. Then Ridley Scott wished to return to the Alien cinema series, but he definitely came in from afar. His Prometheus gave more questions than answers, so many who, with all due respect to the master, would like someone else to take up the development of the Aliens universe. Such a person was found, and they became Neil Blomkamp ("District number 9", "Robot named Chappi", "Elysium: Paradise is not on Earth").

The recognized South African director (let him not be the director of the level of Ridley Scott) for a long time developed the fifth part of "Alien." Of course, as a true fan of the series, he would like to ignore the existence of the third and fourth chapters and continue the story exactly from the point where Cameron’s “Aliens” was the end. But the influence of the author of “Blade Runner” in the film industry turned out to be much larger, so at a certain stage of production, the producers switched to the ideas of Ridley Scott.

This is understandable: Sir Ridley has planned to shoot several sequels in the future. He started from the sequel of his “Prometheus”, which was originally called “Paradise Lost”, but then changed its name to “Testament”.

Both projects were designed to expand the world and smoothly lead the viewer to the events of the original fantastic horror film.

Now it is known that this whole thing will not be limited. Ridley Scott in the future plans to withdraw "Awakening", the events of which will occur between "Prometheus" and "Testament." Thus, as you can see, a whole trilogy of prequels is planned, after which, according to the author of the Gladiator himself, another one will be put into production.Both of them will lead the viewer exactly to the moment from which the whole story began in the distant 1979 - to the “Alien”.

In one of his interviews, Scott let it slip: "If the" Testament "will be a success with the audience, then we will release the next film, and then another 3". If everything goes as planned, then the first Alien will receive 6 prequels, the action in which will unfold before the events of the very first film of 1979, including the part Awakening.

Film director

Directing a new chapter in the series about "Alien", of course, will be Ridley Scott.

Ridley Scott

The Awakening will be simultaneously a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to the Testament. This is called interquel. Such a term refers to films, in which the action takes place between the events of films that have already appeared on the big screen.

The British master, who had forever inscribed his name in the history of cinema, now, as you can see, simply shoots at his pleasure. Let many do not share his enthusiasm, in particular when watching the next cinema works of the maestro, at the same time, one can not exclude the fact that, in general, everything is pretty organic in the end.If Ridley Scott has succeeded in anything, it’s in the visual solution of his films. At least there are no complaints about this part of his work. But the plot in the history and its outcome is already a matter of taste for everyone.

As for “Awakening”, the winner of the Cannes Film Festival prize for “Best Debut”, received by him for his film “Duelists”, says, he says, he already has a ready-made project script in his hands. It remains only to remove the events captured in it on the video and show it all on the big screen. If everything goes well, then after the chapter entitled Awakening, Ridley Scott will be happy to begin the development of a new trilogy, the events of which will continue everything that was previously shown in the Testament.



Since the events of “Awakening” develop after “Prometheus”, but even before what happened in “Testament”, this gives us every reason to believe that we will eventually see the long-awaited return of those actors on the appearance of which again, it seemed, we already no longer expected when viewing “Alien.”

So, on the set of Awakening will certainly be involved:

  • Numi Rapas (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”)
  • Michael Fassbender (Shame, Steve Jobs, X-Men: First Class).

As we all remember, their heroes in the end of "Prometheus" went to the planet of the Creators in search of answers to the questions why they once ignored the education of the human race, which they themselves had created. Recall, their characters were called Elizabeth Shaw (archaeologist) and David (robot android), respectively.

Story line

The plot of the film can be easily determined in advance. Archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and David the Android robot are heading toward the Creators planet. Here, in their homeland, they are trying to find answers to eternal questions. And although the robot is not so interesting people who, however, it serves, but the man is extremely interested, why the Engineers, they are Cosmic jockeys, visited the Earth in the distant past to put the beginning of humanity on this planet, and then moved away from their original plan.

But in one of the Empire's interviews, Ridley Scott hinted that the evolution of the Alien was “almost over”, and in “Awakening” the main focus would be not on xenomorphs, but on another story about artificial intelligence. Thus, we are talking about the robot-android David played by Michael Fassbender and what kind of world he can create on a new planet, if he can act without restrictions and external instructions.Perhaps, on a free planet, a robot with artificial intelligence will create its own Xenomorph empire.

Additional comments by the director also suggest an idea of ​​the possible return of the Engineer's ship. This means that in fact their race is not destroyed - they will see what happened in Paradise and will want to take revenge on David.

The director also made it clear that the film will again touch upon the subject of the arrogance of a man who is so confident in his own high purpose that he sometimes dares to play God and create his own kind of people of the “second kind”, but often forgets that they sometimes superior to their creator. Such comments once again confirm the version that David could become the central actor of Awakening. But in the Universe of Space Jockeys and Xenomorphs, there are most likely many more questions to be answered.

The ending of “Awakening” should smoothly lead the viewer to those events with which he was already acquainted after watching the “Testament”.

Movie release date

The release date of the film “Alien: Awakening” is in 2019.No specific data regarding the release of the new chapter in the Alien film series yet.

I want to believe that this part of the cinema franchise will be much more informative and, finally, shed light on the same unfortunate act of the Engineers. It will be scary, it will be interesting, it will be beautiful. We look forward to the "Awakening" in the series of films about "Alien", on which fans have high hopes.

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