Light dispels Darkness. We are children of the White World.
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The son told me this phrase, having worked only a year after graduation. Then, smiling indulgently at the experience he had received, I could not imagine that much later I would find a completely new for myself, a deep understanding of this basis of the whole world order, including human society. Yes, this is a private look, but the panorama that has opened is so amazing and real that I cannot help inviting everyone to share this surprise with me and discuss what they see. It will be about our health - or rather, about ill health.

I will not speak in detail about the obvious things - about how the world is split today, how the division of human society, of man and nature, of states and religions grows, how our consciousness rushes in search of support.

The most striking thing is that the same process of weakening and distorting bonds is observed at the level of human cells. Their walls (stratified into membranes), for various reasons, lost their "cornerstone" - a clear geometrical shape, and hence the possibility of forming reliable connections with each other.Disturbed metabolic processes - energy imbalance has become one of the main causes of the destruction of the body. Inevitably, the image of the total destruction of something of the WHOLE arises - as if invisible fastening threads break one after another, and before our eyes this whole begins to crumble into its component parts.

And yet everything necessary for our cleansing and healing is within ourselves. I would compare our body with an old museum alarm clock, in which everything somehow unwound and crumbled into details. If you shake, you can hear that, thank God, everything is inside, but how to assemble this pile of spare parts, so that the mechanism worked properly? Where to find that magic watchmaker? In a hurry, we are trying to fix the arrow, then glue the lid, then fix the leg. It looks nothing, and shake ...

I want to share my vision of what is still happening with all of us - it can become a support for many seekers, because it is reinforced by the experience of several years of dealing with their illnesses and their loved ones. I am deeply convinced that the only means that can improve a person today are UNDERSTANDING, CONSCIOUSNESS and ACCEPTANCE.To improve, by changing the view of yourself and your place in the overall picture of the world. The picture that is created in our CONSCIOUSNESS - it is for him that the global battle is on.



What is the root and basis of earthly life? We use the biblical metaphor - the evergreen Tree of Life. All forms of all life are a creature and analogue of this eternal tree, including our Solar System and its indivisible part - the living Man-Earth System. Here the key word is “system”, and the key concept for a complete and indivisible system is the connection of ALL WITH ALL. The ongoing process of BRINGING gives rise to such connections. Every branch - wherever it is - stores information about the WHOLE. The cells of our physical body are also “twigs” - they remember everything, about all the processes of birth, death and rebirth of mortal life. How many times has it been? Hard to say. It is important to understand the causes of destruction.

I will cite three statements that do not need to be proved - science confirms them, but everyone decides for himself the question of acceptance-rejection.

  1. Cosmic energy is polar THINKING energy (both light and dark). Cosmic Consciousness is the form of this energy.It can be both constructive and destructive. Units of consciousness - mental images.

  1. Our DNA and RNA have a speech-like structure. Gene information is speech-like analogue programs. The Word of Sound is the flow of real energy.

  1. Everything in the world has a wave nature, everything vibrates, everything radiates. The harmony of earthly life is limited to a certain range of vibrations in the radius of the solar spectrum. Low-frequency vibrations (long waves) destroy life. The upper limit of the range is mobile - the more spiritual a person is, the higher it is, the closer to white light. Direct sunlight carries positively charged energy.

I note that the whole negative works at low frequencies: negative thoughts and emotions, all pathologies of our physical body. The situation is complicated by the fact that we are everywhere surrounded by artificial low-frequency emitters, including electronic (household and industrial) devices.

The following are statements that follow logically from the previous ones:

  1. Collective MIND is the highest manifestation of the LIGHT creative mind. Earthly people endowed with it are the children of the White Light, placed in the range of vibrations of the solar spectrum.Our natural, primary essence, stored at the gene level - is light, kind. “Darkening” of a person suppresses vibrations of Life, black color is not provided in the solar palette, it irrevocably ABSORBES all radiations.

  1. Genetic codes of “god-likeness” of a person, recorded in the form of speech-like programs, are strongly distorted by external influence. As a result, our consciousness is distorted, divided: we have lost the holistic perception, we are confused in concepts, points of view, drowning in disputes, rushing around in search of truth and do not trust anyone.

  1. Since everything in our world is Consciousness, it is obvious that the creative forces of NAD cosmos consciously and aggressively oppose destructive forces. And if the Creator creates something WHOLE, collecting, concentrating the energy of the White Light, the energy of eternal SPEECH, enclosed in a bright word, the Destroyer follows, using the negative energy of chaos. His goal is to loosen the created structure, distort connections, deprive of water, break apart and eventually disperse the smallest particles of light in outer space. Our Consciousness is the arena of this battle. And only because salvation is in UNDERSTANDING of the universal mechanisms of destruction of the Whole.



There is one turning point in all this confusion - no, not even two points that can inspire and inspire faith in restoration.

First, if the battle goes on in Consciousness, then you need to operate with images. We are thinking about fear and death, and we, in response, about the joy of eternal life. Earth is our home, it is the territory of the White Light. Darkness, blackness, all negativity are uninvited guests, and we are still able to point them to the threshold!

When there is a lot of light in people, that very concentration of light energy sets in to reunite the branch with the WHOLE - the Tree of Life. And then a powerful stream of maternal trunk energy will simply sweep away everything alien, restore damaged bonds, cleanse and heal damaged flesh.

Today, everyone has an idea that we are not only a physical body. “Energy”, “soul”, “strength of spirit”, “inner voice” - all these concepts speak about the presence of something else, invisible, but having real power. I will use the analogy with the “shifted” picture - when we see a forked silhouette. One of them is our energy twin, the power frame for a dense body. Once he was directly connected with the Creator, energized every physical organ and was protected from any destruction, from decay. I would compare this double with a ray of the Sun.How many of us on Earth are billions? So, billions of rays must be indivisibly connected to their source.

Another question is that although the physical twin is the same Consciousness, it still refracts and distorts light in its dense, concentrated (crystalline) form. In order for a transparent crystal to shine with all facets, it must be complete, structured according to a given pattern, not clouded with alien layers. This is possible only in the indissoluble unity of twins - energy and dense, in other words: Spirit and Flesh. All our diseases, both mental and physical, are caused only by a violation of this connection, of this unity.

It is difficult to talk about the connection of such different formations - the visible and invisible. Interestingly, the information mediator between them is water (70% of our flesh) - a substance with an unusually fluid, unsolved science form, having the same crystalline basis.

We seem to be accustomed to the idea that in our earthly world it is INEVITABLE the neighborhood of its two beginnings - positive and negative. It is not true! In cosmic (extraterrestrial) chaos, somewhere outside our solar system, energy can exist in any of its manifestations.But here, in our created world, everything is created holistically and indivisibly with such maternal Love, that only she, motherly Love, is the only driving energy of Life, its source and its protection. OUR native images are Love, Goodness, Harmony with the World, eternal Youth, the Joy of Creative Life. Everything connected with Fear, Hatred, Violence, Death - these are FOREIGN images of destruction imposed on us. The fact that once light Consciousness of a person, for reasons unknown to us, turned out to be distorted by dark destructive energy that breached the Earth’s protective shell is a tragedy not only for man, but also for God, whose particle lies in each of us.

The tragedy of the situation is that at the level of the Subconscious we live in a light dimension, and at the level of Consciousness are too distorted to restore our integrity. We cannot understand the internal contradictions and accept them as a reflection of the whole “unfair” world order.

And the rays of light, they have not gone anywhere, they are inside each, but the clouded edges of a “dense” crystal interfere - light is not visible not only to others, often we ourselves simply do not suspect about its existence inside, and even more about its fantastic possibilities.On the imaginary Tree of Life we ​​take away the role of flowers and fruits, pleasing the eye, but as a result going to fertilize the soil, while our native, the role assigned from above - to be an ETERNAL GREEN crown, to serve the GREAT LIGHT, processing its energy for the benefit of everything living and emerging.



The second important point and is associated with this nascent. With every child a stream of light is poured onto the Earth. We, adults, unconsciously shut off this source, preparing children for a “harsh” life in a distorted society. Understanding this makes it a different way to evaluate the role of the Mother, which forms the CONSCIOUSNESS of the child. Wasn’t this about the coming of Christ in the form of a baby? In a mysterious way, it is this question — the formation of a new Consciousness, in which God has united with man — is bypassed in the pages of the Gospel. I think that here lies a certain mystery that is still awaiting its discovery, as well as the question of the true causes of the fanatical extermination of the followers of Christian doctrine over the centuries. Does human history know other examples of this kind of rejection of positive ideas? One thing is clear that the image of the “new” person (with God inside) was not only alien to the established way of life of those in power, he brought dramatic changes for the entire human community.In this sense, the image of the Savior is still waiting for its deep interpretation, today it is also limited to our "conditional" perception.

We call children angels, the gift of God, knowing full well how dependent they are on any influence in their purity, openness and trust in the world. Here I will make a small digression and make a guess, which in our day no longer seems fantastic. Scientists have not yet found an answer to the question of why a human cell copied an animal's dying program, whereas, for example, the oak cell has lived for hundreds of years. It seems that at one time in the epoch of developed (and disappeared) civilizations, distorted consciousness motivated scientists to carry out genetic experiments with animals and man himself. I do not know what were the goals - the creation of an animal with the mind of a person, or a person with the inherent ability of an animal to bear offspring? In any case, it turned out what happened. The “new” people quickly multiplied and multiplied - and this can be called “Darwinian”. Thinking about these upheavals of human nature, created by God in his own image and likeness, you do not get tired to be amazed at the creative power of His Holy (LIGHT) Spirit - in spite of everything, it “germinated” even through the damaged nature!

In this context, we present today a kind of “genetic mix” in which at the cellular level there is a conflict between the genes of humans and animals. As an example, I will cite a hormone alien to the human body (protein)leptin- he is responsible for the formation of sexual functions. The consequences of its influence turned out to be (and continue to be) unpredictably destructive - among them, the direct dependence of cardiovascular diseases on the activity of this hormone.

How many generations had to be changed in order for the Consciousness of “transgenic” people to become ready for the perception of God's Bright Word? With the birth of Jesus Christ, the distorted person was given the opportunity to completely purify and restore the lost harmony - granted through children. This is one of the deep meanings of the New Testament. I would say this: since the Savior came, every child is a spiritualized living system adapted by Light Consciousness to survive in conditions separated from the Creator environment.

Adapted with love and hope of restoring connections. I think it was a conscious risk based on belief in the triumph of the feminine (maternal) Mind.Mother "sculpts" and forms the Consciousness of the child, and determines the future choice of life orientations. For me, in this very role, the depth of the image of the Virgin Mary, which is not fully realized, is hidden.



We are experiencing a truly crucial time - when reality in direct text screams to us about a dangerous line. And the children are already behind this line - they are ALREADY born with developmental pathologies, if they are born at all, I think you have heard about such a phenomenon as “stopping the development of the fetus”? Doctors shrug.

There, beyond this line, is our relationship with Nature. “Having fallen out” from the general connections with the maternal trunk, we are looking for the causes of natural disasters, trying to protect our lives, forgetting that everything in the created world lives according to the same laws and rhythms. And if, for example, the onset of edema of our body speaks about the disturbance of water balance and the need for urgent treatment, the planet’s body also frantically signals ill health. Only the treatment will consist in the elimination of everything alien - in this case a person falls under this definition: after all, in our Consciousness we have long been separated from the WHOLE. And the matter is not in the future terrible judgment, but in the global desynchronization of our darkened Consciousness and that Light One, whose energy created Earthly life.He has many names - Allah, Yahweh, Christ, Mohammed - but this is the One God, this is the White Light, this is the concentration of Good and Love. His hand is constantly extended to people, but, as the holy elders say, “there is nothing to grasp for” - the contact zone is severely distorted.

I think this time is akin to the time of the coming of Christ - this is the time of OPPORTUNITY.

To comprehend, to realize your indivisible unity with the ALL CREATED WORLD is not as easy as it seems. At first, I thought that there should be a certain critical mass of those who realized and enlightened - enough to recreate harmony on Earth: “What can a single person do? What is the degree of responsibility of everyone for what is happening? Why should I rush along with the uncontrollable (or controlled by someone?) Crowd to the obvious abyss? ”The desire to break free from this crowd, to accuse everyone of ignorance is so tempting and so understandable! But, alas, it is a grimace of the same "darkness". There is no single salvation - the whole secret is that I have to ACCEPT everyone as myself. Here is how American journalist Neal Donald Walsh writes about this:

«I am that which I am, -says the Lord. As a child I did not understand what it meant.Once, when I was already quite an adult, I, walking along with my mentor down the street, saw a drunkard on the sidewalk — a dirty, stinking, unshaven, with an unfinished bottle of wine in a weakened hand. He snored.

“That would be me if it were not for the mercy of God,” I whispered.

The master looked at me and objected:

- No. By the grace of God it is you. I did not understand, and the teacher explained:

“Whenever you see something in the outside world, do not separate yourself, but merge with it.” Become one with what you see. Become one with the world. Do not indulge in thoughts of separation. Look at this person and say: “Here I am drunk.” Look at the Hollywood star and say: "Here I am famous." Look at the grass and say: "Here I am - the grass." Just learn to see yourself in everything. Watch and say: "I am this." Practice this approach daily, and in a month your outlook on life will completely change.

And I followed his advice. Mentally, I constantly repeated these words. Looking at an object, I told myself:"I am that."Once during a walk, I tried to explain to my companion why I was so intently watching the surrounding objects. Obviously, there was something unusual in my expression, and the satellite asked me:

- What are you thinking about?

- Hmm. I think thatIthis,- I replied.

- You are? What do you mean?

Then I began to point to the surrounding objects, saying:

“I am this, and this, and that ...” But a friend interrupted me:

- No no. You are you.

“Not really,” I replied. - In the world of higher reality it is not. In our illusory world, I am the "I" and am here. But in the highest reality, I am I, I am this and I am that.

A friend looked at me extremely puzzled.

“No, really,” I insisted. - I am that ... that I am ...

And then a chill ran down my back. I suddenly imagined how God roams the world, pointing to objects, and says to the skeptical world:"I am what I am."

At that moment I gained freedom. ”

I don’t know if the understanding of universal UNITY at the level of collective Consciousness is achievable today? I am sure of one thing - it eliminates the feeling of loneliness, helps to "fit" into the real world; in this context, every creative action of each acquires a special meaning, for it benefits the WHOLE.

And yet - it definitely helps to get out of the game, started by the Destroyer with our fundamentally light Consciousness.



The secret of the One God, “in the image and likeness” of which man has been created, is hidden in the speech-like programs of genes that determine the fundamental life processes of our body. The reality is that these programs are highly distorted, but the possibility of their recovery is no less real! The tragic paradox is that the omnipotent Creator, having ALL for the purification and healing of his children, is today denied access to the management of these processes. And no matter how strange it may sound - we can, we MUST, by virtue of our special role on Earth, help God - it happens sometimes! It is necessary, as it were, to REPEAT the situation, rearrange the figures on the “chessboard” of your Consciousness - the heavenly forces will take care of the rest.

... Next, I will provide images that have helped me to understand something. They (these images) have arisen from the depths of the Subconscious - accept them as an illustration to what has been said.

About grinding

Consider the drawings of geometric bodies, called "platonic". The most complex figure is the dodecahedron, from which, relying on imagination, one can “pull out” all the others (and others of them), as the degree of multiplicity decreases, the octahedron, tetrahedron, and so on.The most complex multidimensional human organism is also split up into smaller and smaller parts until it reaches edges, corners, lines, points ... The more parts, the more difficult it is to imagine the reverse process that requires creative analysis. Obviously the main thing - you need to see the whole as a goal. Intermediate links "durazumeyutsya."

On the principle of branching

Pay attention to the fact that this principle of creation of Life is actively used by digital technologies in programming. It is impossible to “digitize” a person in full - too complex and multidimensional structure. But it is possible to act through Consciousness: to offer it for active use programmatically CONTROLLED models (anything) - today our whole life is intertwined with a digital web, and this is the tool of our “stratification” and “flattening”. This is a manipulation tool.

God does not sit at the keyboard - He creates images. Once, His earthly children were inseparably connected with Him - and invulnerable. Today it is easy for us to “calculate”, calculate, make the object a massive impact. Connections still decide everything - but these are OTHER connections.

About the energy frame

The most important physiological systems of our dense body — the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous — seemed to be created according to a single matrix, with the same principle of branching. This matrix is ​​the very energy frame that permeates our physical body - this is that “branch”, indivisibly connected with a source of bright energy. It is she who ideally provides the “fuel” for the flawless operation of all three systems, accumulates light energy in the energy centers and is a protection against destruction. The distortion of the given connections, the appearance of pathological ones led to an imbalance - the light energy in us is dissipated, but a lot of destructive energy, “carnal”, it is aggressive and uncontrollable by Consciousness, because it has a completely different nature.

If we manage to “collect”, as if concentrating in the rays, our inner light, its healing power will exceed all our expectations - and the next generation will be spared from alien genetic impurities.

About God-assigned light energy core

If we are talking about the unity and indivisibility of the entire solar system, it means that everything in it is built on the same principles. One of them -principle of branching and connections of everything with everything. The other isthe principle of building complete systems with an organizing core.This applies to the solar system, and to the atoms of chemical elements.

Since we are talking about the creative energy of white light, it plays the first violin: all organizing nuclei have a positive charge, rotate at a certain speed and in a certain direction (eastward). This rotation creates a gravitational force of attraction for all structures of the system, ensuring its integrity, indivisibility and protection.

In addition, the rotation speed is a regulator of all interaction reactions. For example, primary, not yet modified molecules, which give rise to all types of nucleic acids, are formed by nitrogen atoms with different numbers of electrons in the outer orbit and, accordingly, with different speeds of rotation of the nuclei. They are ready for the formation of chemical compounds according to a God-specified scheme. Within the framework of this scheme the negative energy of electrons was used.

Some kind of global damage to the established order and given connections (cosmic catastrophe?) Led to the formation of a negatively charged ion cloud around each structure.In accordance with the principle “like attracts like”, the possibility of a controlled systemic influence on these structures with the help of negative energy has appeared.

It is not in vain that in the human subconscious everything positive is associated with the plus sign and white is the God-given parameters of Life, and all the negative, alien is with blackness and the minus sign. I repeat that direct sunlight carries positively charged energy.

About protein molecules

Proteins are not just the bricks of our flesh, our tissues, regulators and activators of life processes. This is a concentrated White Light. It is clear how important the "purity" of their given formulas. Violation, distortion of bonds at the stage of formation of protein molecules leads to the violation of their special properties, to the distortion of the most important chemical reactions with the release of energy and the formation of water - to a systemic failure of the whole "physics" of our body. Figuratively speaking, a person gradually “goes out” as he grows up, loses light energy.

The invisible destructive effect goes every second, imperceptibly and - inevitably. In addition, we ourselves have unconsciously created a habitat that enhances this effect many times over.I would compare it with the invisible web, in which we flounder, not understanding what is happening - the endless exhausting struggle for health does not work.

With age, our physical body literally loses support: 90% of older people suffer from joint diseases, muscle tissues (and this is the heart, vessels, valves, ligaments) and connective tissues with special properties (also performing mainly mechanical support functions) are damaged and it's the same weakening of ties ...

About temptations

We underestimate the dangers of actively developing the idea of ​​creating artificial intelligence. The developers are seduced by the illusion of control of the fantastic possibilities. But the reality is that the development process itself is already managed. The strategic goal of destruction is man as the creation of Light. Notice how totally the nodal structures of the physical body are damaged today in people and how the thought about the happy possibility of replacing its “imperfect” areas with artificial ones - managed and giving again unlimited possibilities - is introduced into Consciousness. If we consider that all the latest scientific developments are picked up by the military departments,plot development becomes predictable - and this plot is also guided by some force. The hook that catches the prey is vanity. If a person “fell away” from God, his Consciousness begins to create self-destructive illusions.

About the One God

For me to understand this image helped graphics - the usual closed circle on a white sheet of paper. This is the image of Consciousness and at the same time the image of the eternal circulation of Life. All in all, whole and indivisible.

In this circle, two connecting semicircles can be mentally distinguished. It turned out the Trinity - the whole and its two indivisible parts. The whole is Consciousness (COLLECTED KNOWLEDGE). Semicircles are Spirit and Word.

White Light, permeating the entire structure, gives a very important definition-additive to each word - LIGHT (transformed into HOLY).

The distortion of our Consciousness also distorts this image: we see an open circle, and since we are its similarity, we see ourselves as “separated” - we see God somewhere outside of us (if we see at all, and if we see it, it is also divided into parts). The cycle of life was interrupted - we firmly decided that it is finite. This is a loss of LINKS.

I remember how confused I was when I entered the church for the first time (it happened at a mature age), I did not know who to turn with prayer to the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity?

Someone from the holy elders compared humanity with a broken mirror. Intuitively remembering our lost god-likeness, we try to discern the whole in the fragments, but we see only fragments.

I also remembered the words that God created man for himself (from himself?), For joy - at first this thought pricked, and only later came the understanding that it could not be otherwise. Man is the realized desire of God to experience the fullness of being through the amazing union of Spirit, Soul and Flesh. And the fullness of being is a great joy that overwhelms the soul, it is love for everything created, it is freedom of creative energy. It turns out that our joy is His joy, and the closer we are to God, to His plan, the more free and powerful we become.

About the natural power of prayer

As the sound of the sea does not stop in the sea shell, so our Consciousness is in eternal SPEECH. When it is light, we hear a kind and gentle melody. This is exactly what is called the Word of God.This is the image of Christ - we can collectively gather it, purifying and gathering light and joy in ourselves, This is the decoding of the phrase "To live in Christ."

I recently read that the word “prayer” reflects an ancient rootmel / mol (meld / mold)with the meaning "soft, gentle." Related is the old Slavic wordyoung- young, gentle, soft. Proto-Slavic rootfretspeaks of harmony and harmony, that is, young is a person in a state of harmony and harmony (Spirit and Flesh). It turns out that the older we get, the more in our time.

Prayer with its special system, melodious sounding brings light energy, it is like OmocrapHe reassures a person, softens, returns to a forgotten natural state of harmony That is, the healing effect of a sincere prayer is not the “grace of God”, it is the result of our tuning, our approach to the vibrations of the White Light - they are healing for a man NATURALLY.

And the readiness to accept or not to accept the thought of God and the possibility of talking with Him speaks about how the inner Light is manifested in us.

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