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Anatomy of the beautiful.

The beautiful seemed unattainable and incomprehensible, concreted into a gray gloomy box, set just on the road of change, left to be torn radiant and windy.


The delightful brightness of the sun caresses the eyes, it hurts to look, but it is pleasant to see. Heat spreads through the streets, accelerates molecules, melts fat, heats and inflates the rate of a chemical reaction. Having finally realized his inconsistency with his own expectations, Yu sat in the shade of a blossoming linden to reflect on the beauty.

Being a typical representative of his time, Yu absorbed and spewed with the same speed changing only the direction of the flow, like a water pipe, which imagines itself the owner of water.

The beautiful was Yu's enticing passion, giving him a reason to sit in the shade and touch his back to perfection, which does not reveal to his eyes the secret of his growth. “You don’t need to be better,” the phrase in Y.’s head constantly spun.“You don't need to be better,” the linden replied to him, rustling the leaves, scattering it with fragrances beyond the reach of the pastry imagination. Yu's consciousness was filled with an infinite number of soap bubbles that burst at the moment projections appeared on them.


The beautiful seemed unattainable and incomprehensible, concreted into a gray gloomy box, set just on the road of change, left to be torn radiant and windy.


You saw yourself like that, in the form of a large skyscraper lined with black glass, absorbing heat without a trace, eagerly expanding from the heat and caress of a radiant looking to kill you at the first opportunity.

A large concrete box with a black surface in which shadows and projections are visible, which can be felt by touch and in which you can see yourself, but only during the day. at night, the shadow of the sky covered Yu completely with her divine palm. “No need to be better,” repeated Yu aloud.


What would the world be like if this phrase were a law for everyone?

Gradually sagging deeper into the ground, the skyscraper You as if the black marble coffin of Memphis plunged

camping in Styx, taking with him all the heat absorbed by him, which he accepted, which changed his structure, forced him inside to draw in the blinds and turn on the cooling.

So much warmth and attention the black skyscraper could not endure, like a man, the skyscraper is black. Someone will blow on you and you will stand, but it will become cooler. You will constantly stand in the windy path, you will be blown away by molecules, time and the wind in space will dissolve you, your integrity will be broken forever.

Radiant glances at you and you warm up, boil, thaw, but are you ready to pay for heat energy?

He will use you as a receptacle of his power, which will expand you or drain, changing your essence.

And nowhere to go from this.


Sitting under the linden Yu felt the cyclical nature of what is happening around.

Cyclicity does not get better or worse, it is just cyclical.

Day - night, birth - death, winter - summer.

So why we decided that in this cyclicity we can change something? Closed by the influence of radiant and windy, matter begins to rot (unless of course you are not in a museum or in a mausoleum). It’s just a matter of time, cyclicality cannot be fooled, it “doesn’t need to be better,” it just is. This strange feeling of the water passing through the pipes Yu could notto name for himself, skipping through the cyclical nature of Yu, he tried to change her too. Vodokanal blocked the water, the cycle ended. The pipes are changing.

Yu looked at the linden under which he sat. The cycle will soon replace it as a pipe, and the heavy black skyscraper will be blown and collapsed by the wind, burned by the sun, until it is transformed from what it was created, and then a new cycle will begin. “You don't need to be better,” muttered Yu, and went on to write to the beautician. And it is beautiful!

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