Anniversaries of 2018

There are many high-profile names among the anniversary writers of 2018. These are people who left a bright mark in history, literature.

Anniversaries of the 18th century writers in 2018

Antioch D. Cantemir -one of the first diplomats, poets, satirists.8 Septemberhe turns310 years since birth (1708). The literature is known for having developed a syllabic system of versification.

Vasily Kirillovich Trediakovsky (Tredyakovsky)- an outstanding poet of the XVIII century., He was famous for the translation and improvement of the Russian language, syllabic-tonic system of addition of verses.March 5 - 305 years.

Mikhail Matveevich Kheraskov -09.10.2018 285 years oldengaged in versification, drama. He praised the Age of Enlightenment in Russia. He finished the period of classicism and went over to sentimentalism.

Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin(07/14/1743 -275) –outstanding state and public figure, writer and poet.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Anniversary writers of 2018, who lived in the XIX century.

Vladimir Konstantinovich Istomin06/18/2018 - 170 years old (born 1848).Writer and publisher of the magazine "Children's Leisure", where the works of L. Tolstoy, I. Zabelin were published.

Pavel Ivanovich Melnikov (Pechersky)- Date of Birth -11.11.11818, anniversary -200 years. Participated in ethnographic expeditions and left highly fictional notes.

IvanSergeevich Turgenev - 11/09/1818 -200 years since birtha classic of Russian prose, created masterpieces of unsurpassed mastery. He died in 1883. 03.09. -135 years since his death.

Evgeny Mikhailovich Feoklistov (date of birth - 04/26/1882 -190 l.)- Writer, prose writer, journalist, who worked in the "Contemporary" N. Nekrasov.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy -outstanding novelist-realist, philosopher, enlightener - born09.09.1828190anniversary In 2018, the anniversary of the writer and the most prominent things in his work:

  • 155 years since the beginning of the creation of "War and Peace";
  • 165 years old - Anna Karenina.

Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky (July 12, 1882 -190 years) —one of the greatest materialist philosophers, writer, encyclopedist, critic of literature, author of the novel “What to do?”.

Maxim Gorky (Alexey Peshkov)is one of the anniversary writers of the 2017-2018 school year. Was born03/28/1868 -150th anniversary.He wrote stories (“The Old Woman Izergil”, “Makar Chudra”, etc.,) a / b trilogy, novels (“The Life of Klim Samgin”, “Mother”), essays and articles.

Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova(pseudonym Alexander Andreevich Alexandrov) -September 28, 2018 - 235 years (born in 1783).Participant of the Patriotic War of 1812. The author of the memoir “The Cavalry Girl”, highly appreciated by A. S. Pushkin.

Kozma Petrovich Prutkov -collective pseudonym under which A. Tolstoy worked, br. Zhemchuzhnikovy, authors of satirical stories. Birthday -04.11.1803In 2018- 215 years old.

Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev -famous poet-philosopher, diplomat. Was born12/05/1803 -205 years.

Vladimir Alexandrovich Sollogub- An official who wrote prose, poems and plays for the theater, the creator of family memoirs. Was born08.20.1813 g. In 2018, celebrated205 years.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stankevich (born October 10, 1813) -205 years.He organized a circle of like-minded people under his own name, which included prominent writers, poets, and critics.

Konstantin M. Stanyukovich(30.03.1843 –175 years)- wrote fascinating stories about the life of sailors.

Gleb Ivanovich Uspensky (10/25/1843 -175 liters)- A writer who worked closely with Leo Tolstoy.

Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko (born on July 27, 1853) is 165 years old.Known for stories, journal articles, journalism.

Fedor Sologub (F.K. Teternikov)- symbolist poet, prose writer, playwright, author of articles on literature - born01.03.1863155 years.

Alexander Serafimovich (Popov) - 01/19/1863 -155 l.representative of the Soviet era, the author of the famous story of the Civil War "Iron Stream".

Valery Y. Bryusov(born December 13, 1873 -145 l.)- wrote poems and prose. He stood at the origins of symbolism, was its leader.

Arnold Hesse (04/16/1878 -140 years)- journalist, researcher of A.S. Pushkin.

Valery Y. Bryusov

2018: anniversaries of writers and poets of the XX century

150 years from the day of birth - Semen Solomonovich Yushkevich(1868)- A writer-emigrant, engaged in drama, a representative of the "Russian-Jewish literature."

140 - Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev (11/05/1878)- A prose writer and playwright, wrote articles for magazines and screenplays for films.

130 - Leonid Grossman (01/24/1888)- a famous literary critic, a writer who created books about Pushkin and Dostoevsky in the series “ZHZL”.

130 - Mikhail Osorgin (Ilyin) (10/19/1878)refers to emigre writers, wrote prose, essays, articles in magazines.

120 - Vasily IvanovichLebedev-Kumach (07.24.1898)among the writers and poets of the anniversary of 2018 stands out in that his poems were set to music. He is the author of poems "Holy War" and songs for Soviet films.

110 - Nikolay Nikolayevich Vorobiev (Bogayevsky, 11/21/1908)- writer and artist, wrote poems about the Don Cossacks.

110 - Boris Gorbatov (1908)refers to the pleiad of Soviet prose writers, wrote scripts.

110 - Ivan Efremov (1908)- A science fiction writer who was fond of space.

110 - Vitaly Zakrutkin (1908)- Russian prose writer, author of the story "Mother of Man."

110 - Nikolay Nosov (1908)- A classic of children's prose, wrote stories about Dunno.

110 - Boris Polevoy (Kampov, 03/17/1908) -Prose writer of the Soviet era, wrote "The Story of a Real Man."

100 - Boris Zakhoder (09.09 1918)- children's writer, created scripts for films, was engaged in translations.

100/10 —Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn -realist writer, dissident, author of the works: “One Day by Ivan Denisovich”, “Matryonin Dvor”, “GULAG Archipelago”, etc. Nobel Prize winner (1970). In 2018, 11.12. performed100 years from the day of birth(1918), and 03.09. -10 years from the date of death(2008).

90 - Petr Lukich Proskurin (01.22.1928)- wrote prose, is known as the author of works on moral themes, about the relationship of people with each other.

90 - Boris Ivanov (02/25/1928)- journalist and writer, was a member of the group that established the A. Bely Prize.

90 - Valentin Pikul (July 13, 1928) -Russian writer, author of historical novels.

90 - Chingiz Aitmatov(12.12.1928) - Kyrgyz and Russian prose writer, author of short stories and novels about the life of ordinary people.

80 - Vladimir Kazakov (1938)- a follower of Russian avant-garde (futurism) in poetry.

80 - Vladimir Vysotsky (01/25/1938) -poet, musician, actor, performer of his own songs. Among writers and poets, whose anniversaries are celebrated in 2018, is notable for the fact that in addition to the poetic field, he became famous as an actor.

80 - George Weiner (02/10/1938)- One of the brothers of the famous duet, who created several detective novels, was engaged in writing scripts to k / f, journalism.

80 - Lyudmila Petrushevskaya (05/26/1938)engaged in literature, drama, sings excellent.

80 - Venedikt Erofeev (10/24/1938)- poet, famous poem "Moscow-Petushki."

80 - Arkady Khaite (12/25/1938)- Russian satirist, wrote theater plays and screenplays.

70 - Mikhail Zadornov (07.21.1948)- an outstanding satirist, humorist, playwright of our time, the author of essays, travel notes, humoresque, plays.

Mikhail Zadornov

Intermediate Anniversary Dates

145Mikhail Mikhailovich Prishvin(1873)- the famous Russian prose writer, ethnographer, created several works for children (“Pantry of the Sun”), wrote a lot about the nature of the Russian North.

135 - Fedor Gladkov (1883)- Soviet prose writer, supporter of the classical soc. realism.

135 - Demian Bedny (Efim Alekseevich Pridvorov, April 13, 1883)- Soviet poet, revolutionary, publicist.

115 - Alexander Alfredovich Beck (01/03/1903)- Soviet writer who created the novel "New Appointment".

115 - Tamara Gabbe (1903)- prose writer, translator, collector of folklore, etc. She wrote a lot for children.

105 - Sergey Mikhalkov (03/13/1913)- children's poet, author of the Russian National Anthem.

105 - Victor Sergeevich Rozov (08.21.1913)- a famous playwright of the Soviet period, author of 20 plays and screenplays for films (“The Cranes Are Flying”).

105 - Victor Dragunsky (12/01/1913)the classic of children's literature, the author of "Deniskin Stories".

95 - Gregory Baklanov (Friedman) was born in 1923. - A representative of the "lieutenant prose," wrote prose and screenplays.

95 - Rasul Gamzatov (09/08/1923) - famous Russian, Dagestan poet, essayist and public figure.

95/5 - Yuri Danilovich Goncharov (1923-2013)- A writer, entered the literature as the author of military prose, then became a countryman.

55 - Alexey Varlamov (06/23/1963)- writes prose and journalism, explores the history of literature of Russia of the XX century.

Alexey Varlamov

Foreign writers of the year 2018

230 - Lord George Gordon Byron (01.22.1788)- English romantic poet, famous in Europe for "grim egoism." Inspirer A.S. Pushkin, who wrote the first works in a romantic spirit.

200/170 - Emily Bronte (07/30/1818)- Poetess and writer from Foggy Albion, a representative of the famous literary family of Bronte, became famous thanks to the novel “The Thunderstorm Pass”.She died at 30 years 19.12.1848

190 - Jules Verne (February 8, 1882)- traveler, navigator, French writer, creator of classic adventure novels ("Children of Captain Grant").

170 - Hans Hoffman (07/27/1848)- a writer, poet, teacher from Germany, the creator of many novels, novels (“Little Tsakhes”), had a wide range of interests.

120 - Erich Maria Remarque (06/22/1889)- German prose writer of the 20th century, author of the novel No Change on the Western Front, which is considered to be the best among the writings of the “lost generation”.

235 - Stendal (01.23.1783)- the famous French novelist, the author of several psychological novels (“Red and Black”), was engaged in fiction, wrote books about the architecture of Italy.

215 - Prosper Merimee (09/28/1803)- French, wrote prose and translated, including from the Russian language, was a master of the short story (“Matteo de Falcone”), was interested in history.

195 - Maurice Sand (06/30/1823)- The son of the famous French writer Aurora Dudevan (George Sand), poet and painter.

175 - Henry James (04/15/1843)- American novelist, most of his life lived in Britain, the author of 20 novels, 112 stories, 12 plays.

135 - Franz Kafka (07/03/1883)- an outstanding German writer of Austro-Hungarian origin,widely known throughout the world due to unusual works, saturated with fear, absurdity, causing the reader a sense of anxiety.

115 - George Orwell (06/25/1903)- British, writer, publicist, creator of iconic anti-utopian novels (“1984”). The author of the term "cold war."

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