Benign tumor on skin

Cutaneous neoplasm - very diseasecommon. Separate malignant and benign tumors of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The latter, for the most part, do not change their character throughout their entire existence. However, in some cases, a benign tumor can increase. In a number of cases, neoplasms take on considerable dimensions.

Benign tumor on skin or subcutaneouscellulose can be in one form or another. Among the most common forms are cysts, warts, hemangiomas, keratoses, lipomas, lymphangiomas, ganglia, fibromas, atheromas.

Lipoma is a benign tumor on the skin,which in many cases is hereditary in nature. The prerequisites for the emergence of neoplasm are created during embryonic development. In the process of formation in the embryo of adipose tissue cell islands arise with a lack or a sharp slowing down of the metabolic processes. Sprouting linden (fat) is derived from these cells. As a rule, a benign tumor of this kind is single. In rare cases, multiple neoplasms develop.

In some cases, lipoma may develop inthe result of a trauma (bruise) or due to a constant irritation of a mechanical nature in any part of the body. As a rule, greens appear in the subcutaneous tissue of the neck, head, axillae, back. Usually lipomas are painless. However, in some cases, their proliferation leads to compression of the nerve endings and the appearance of pain.

Atheroma is also benignneoplasm. It arises as a result of blockage in the duct of the sebaceous gland. Inside the neoplasm is a pulpy content, which includes fatty substances and epithelial cells. The dimensions of the lesion may be different. Atheroma can develop on any part of the body covered with hair. However, most often, it develops on the head, back or face.

When the tumor is infected, there is redness, pain, fever, swelling. Suppuration of atheroma is accompanied by its softening.

Fibromas are formed from fibrous connectivetissues. When mixed with smooth muscle fibers, fibroids are formed. These tumors develop slowly, for many years. These tumors differ in dense consistency, a spherical shape.

Hemangioma is called a benign tumor,which is represented in the form of accumulation of blood vessels that have grown abnormally. This neoplasm is characterized by intensive growth. When they grow, the surrounding tissues are destroyed. Neoplasms of this species are dangerous when localized on the oral mucosa, around the eyes, on the auricles. In these cases, there are violations of the most important functions in the body. The development of hemangiomas is unpredictable. Of a small-sized neoplasm in the shortest possible time, a large neoplasm may develop which requires immediate intervention.

Benign neoplasm can developin different parts of the body, not only on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Many of them are asymptomatic for a long period of time. So, a benign brain tumor is localized in a certain part of it, not spreading beyond its limits. Neoplasms of this kind are characterized by slow growth. Manifestations of symptoms depend on the site of localization. As a rule, signs of benign neoplasm in such cases are epileptic seizures, headaches, auditory and visual disturbances.

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