Big belly. Reasons and solutions

If the large abdomen is not associated with pregnancy or serious diseases, then, most likely, it is a question of excess weight, when fat deposits form mostly in the abdomen.

A big belly is not that rare inNowadays. Fat deposits in this area are peculiar to both men and women. Sedentary lifestyle, overeating, improper mode of life and nutrition, poor-quality food such as fast food, a large amount of carbohydrates in the diet, stress, bad habits - all this leads to an annoying defect, which very much spoils the figure.

The big belly of women and men is not easyunaesthetic, but also dangerous to health. With this distribution of fat there is a risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension. Physicians have long concluded that health depends on the circumference of the waist. The risk group includes people whose waist circumference exceeds 82 centimeters for women and 94 centimeters for men.

Every owner of a big belly dreams of getting rid of him, but many lack the willpower to take and change his way of life.

In order to remove a large belly, aa complex of measures consisting of a balanced diet and exercise that should be selected individually, depending on age, constitution, concomitant diseases and the degree of obesity.

Very often people try to get rid of the stomachyourself. Many simply stop eating or exhausting themselves in the hall with exorbitant loads. As a result, the negative consequences of such efforts exceed the result.

It is impossible to remove only the stomach. It can only decrease on the background of a general weight loss, while all parts of the body lose weight. Begin to lose weight, no matter how banal it sounded, it is required from the therapist's and endocrinologist's office, as with weight loss it is necessary to take into account the general state of health, the presence of chronic diseases, the type of metabolism. With hormonal disorders and improper metabolism, the approach to the problem will be completely different.

The diet can only be controllednutritionist. If a diet suits one, it does not mean that it suits everyone. All people lose weight in different ways. In addition, diets remove weight due to dehydration and muscle tissue. To remove the fat is much more difficult and longer in time.

To lose weight can not do withoutphysical exercises. Only a qualified trainer can help you choose the right training mode. Here we need a comprehensive approach - dumping the total mass plus a set of exercises aimed at training not only the abdominal muscles, but others. And again for different people need different exercises and different loads when cardio. Experts do not have a common opinion, what kind of physical activity is more effective for getting rid of fat on the stomach. Some advocate for running, an exercise bike and swimming, others prefer exercises with weights. And again - everything is individual, different methods help different people. Most physiologists and fitness trainers agree that running and doing exercises to reduce the stomach at a slow pace gives more tangible results than in a fast one.

There is one general rule for everyone - classes shouldbe regular, otherwise there will be no result. Such a regime - a balanced low-calorie diet and exercise - must accompany the person always, otherwise the big belly will return back.

To lose weight and remove a large belly in men is much easier than for women. Physiology is such that a woman for weight loss needs to exert effort three times more than a man.

How strange it would seem, butthe formation of fat deposits on the stomach contributes to stress. This is due to the hormone cortisone, which is produced during stress. Cortisone along with adrenaline promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

To get rid of the stomach, you need to forget about bad habits, such as booze. In people who abuse alcohol, the value of the girth of the waist is greater than that of teetotalers.

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Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions Big belly. Reasons and solutions