BMW 3-series 2018


Traditionally, BMW's car stands out for its individual, memorable design, and the 2018 BMW 3 Series G20 2018 got its attractive appearance.

Exterior BMW 3-series 2018

The designers of the company managed to form it through the following solutions:

  • use of three-volume classic layout;
  • the use of traditionally elongated hood for this series;
  • increased two-section grille;
  • a multi-stage front bumper with a narrow lower air intake, in which LED fog lights are mounted;
  • flat contour dual LED head optics with integrated running lights;
  • the use of an elongated wheelbase, allowing you to move the car interior back;
  • formed short overhangs, giving dynamism;
  • large round wheel arches;
  • aerodynamic shape of exterior mirrors;
  • smooth transition of the roof line to the rear of the car;
  • multi-stage rear bumper with two lower longitudinal lines;
  • installation of the combined rear LED lights, widely spaced on the stern of the body.

Rear bumper BMW 3-series 2018

In general, the design of the G20 turned out to be quite harmonious and attractive with highly pronounced dynamism.


Salon 2018 new BMW 3-series is characterized by high-quality materials used for decoration and stylish design. The decoration used a large number of soft plastic, chrome-plated elements and carbon black glossy surfaces, which is intended to emphasize the premium status of the car.

The laconic design of the dashboard, together with the multifunctional steering wheel and the anatomical driver's seat with lumbar support, form high ergonomic qualities and create comfortable conditions when driving.

BMW 3-series 2018 interior

To create an additional comfort inside the sedan, new materials for seals were used, carpet was used on the floor, additional insulation was made, LED interior lighting was installed with a choice of colors.

It should also be noted a sufficiently large number inside the cabin of various compartments and niches for storing useful things during the trip.

2018 BMW 3-series dashboardInterior of new BMW 3-seriesSalon BMW 3 Series 2018

Technical parameters and equipment

The overall dimensions of the new BMW 3-series model range for 2017-2018 will increase in comparison with the previous generation and will be:

  • length - 4.64 m (+2.5 cm);
  • width - 2.03 m;
  • height - 1.43 (+2.0 cm);
  • wheelbase - 2.97 m (+16 cm).

As a power unit for the new car will be offered a large selection of diesel and gasoline versions. Currently aware of the following motors (Table 1):

No. p / p

A type

Number of cylinders

Volume (l)

Power (HP)



























The engine of the new BMW 3 Series

There are two transmissions for the transmission: six-speed manual and eight-band automatic Steptronic.

For the acquisition of the 2018 BMW 3-Series G20 as standard equipment will be available:

  1. active cruise control with the ability to stop;
  2. full color projection display;
  3. speed limit sensor;
  4. contactless trunk opening;
  5. 9 airbags;
  6. LED optics;
  7. Rain sensor;
  8. electric front seats;
  9. leather steering wheel;
  10. keyless start of the motor.

new BMW 3-series 2018 sedan

Already in the basic version of the BMW 3-series systems will be installed:

  • markup tracking;
  • warning of a possible collision;
  • warning of hitting a pedestrian with the possibility of braking;
  • road marking;
  • parking assistance;
  • circular view;
  • navigation;
  • help with rebuilding;
  • high beam control;
  • ABS;
  • ASC;
  • speakerphone.

The German company will provide the final information on the configuration options, as well as on the available additional options for BMW 3 Series vehicles, before accepting applications for a novelty.

Updated model BMW 3-series 2018 sedan

Start of sales and possible cost

BMW plans to hold a presentation of the new model at one of the auto shows, which will be held in the winter of next year. The German concern plans to start production and sales of the G20 model in the early spring of 2018.

The appearance of the new version of the 3 series in Russia should be expected not earlier than the end of 2018. The company has not yet announced information on the cost of the car, but given the large number of changes in the new product, we can assume that it will be higher than the cost of a similar model of the BMW 3 Series, which is now sold at an initial price of 1 million 840 thousand rubles.

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