Calculation of old-age pension in 2018

This year in Russia among the pensioners will be about one and a half to two million people. Since in 2018 the number of pensioners, in comparison with previous years, has increased, the legislature decided to carry out a series of reforms, thanks to which the state will be able to raise the amount of monthly old-age benefits to 15 thousand rubles.

With the increase in benefits, the age increases, allowing a person to retire in old age. Thus, a bill has already been approved, in which it is proposed to gradually increase the retirement age of men from 60 to 65 years by 2028, and women from 55 to 63 years by 2034.

Who is entitled to old-age pension

In 2018, the retirement age for men is 60 years, for women - 55 years. The pensioner can receive government payments at the time of retirement, if he has work experience. According to the future reform, the government intends to raise the smallest indicator of work experience from eight to fifteen years. Pension balls will be taken into account when determining the amount of payments.In order for a person to be able to receive benefits when they reach a certain age, the lowest number of points must be at least 6.6.

Criteria for calculating the amount of pension

When calculating the old-age pension in 2018, the following criteria are taken as a basis:

  • salary amount;
  • years of work;
  • retirement time;
  • retirement balls.

The amount of payments will be influenced by mandatory (conducted in February) and additional (conducted in April) indexation. In addition, the retirees' fixed benefit may increase if the pensioner is 80 years old, in the event of his disability or if he worked in the High North.

How to calculate a pension on an online calculator

To find out now what benefits you will receive, you can use the online calculator to calculate your pension in 2018. The calculator itself can be found on the site

After filling in all the fields, you should have something like this:

pension calculation calculator

By clicking the calculate button, you will receive an approximate amount of your future payments:

how to calculate a pension

The formula by which the calculation of the pension is not perfect. Every year there are various changes.So, an example of calculating a pension in 2018 can be obtained if we consider these indicators:

  • fixed benefits established for all who retire;
  • This year a new term is in effect - a personal coefficient depending on the size of insurance payments, which is deducted by the employer;
  • bonuses for hard work. They are counted for each year that was worked out on top of the regulated minimum work experience.

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