Cartoon "Shrek 5" 2019

The big green ogre, from which both adults and children from all over the world are having fun, will return to the cinema screens again. The cartoon “Shrek 5 ″ in 2019 will go to tear down the serious cashier in all cinemas. Perhaps there is no one who would not hear about him. The green good-natured physiognomy of Shrek is familiar to all. And when the fifth part comes out, the character will once again delight the viewer with his adventures.


A country: USA
Genre: comedy, family, fantasy
Producer: Chris Melendry
Release date: 2019

Earlier it was reported that the cartoon "Shrek Forever" (fourth part) will be the final franchise. The first part came out in 2001. Shrek literally grew generation. The fourth film has collected at the box office more than 752 million dollars worldwide. Farewell to the beloved character for many years, it has become touching. But Dream Works studio made a new decision - to continue the franchise, rethink it. Therefore, we are waiting for a new story, surely no less fascinating than the past adventures of the ogre.

Cartoon "Shrek 5" 2019

What will be the cartoon

Details about the plot of the new part yet.It is known that new characters will be introduced, who will have to continue their beloved story. But the main adventures of Donkey and Shrek were supposed to end with the fourth cartoon. Therefore, there is a possibility that they will appear simply as secondary characters. And to the forefront will be put forward new heroes who have yet to win their place in the heart of the viewer.

Who is involved in voice acting

No details about what the actors will be engaged in voice acting characters in the cartoon "Shrek 5", while also not. In the previous animated films were involved:

  • Eddie Murphy (Donkey).
  • Mike Myers (Shrek).
  • Cameron Diaz (Fiona).
  • And others.

In the cartoon there were many famous fairy-tale characters, and the very key story of Shrek and Princess Fiona is the inversion of “Beauty and the Beast”. Therefore, it is worth expecting that the comedic revision of famous fairy tales will continue in the fifth part of the well-loved franchise. On the adventures of which characters we go to watch a movie, it will be known closer to the beginning of full-fledged work on the cartoon. In the meantime, the project was only announced for 2019, without reference to the season.

Film crew

About the film crew, which is engaged in the production of the new "Shrek", we know a little more than about the cartoon in general. They are engaged in:

  • Chris Melendrend (director).
  • Michael McCullers (screenwriter).
  • William Steig (screenwriter).
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg (producer).

Cartoon "Shrek 5" 2019

Director Chris Melendrend put his hand to another animated hit of modernity - the cartoon "Despicable Me." He produced the story of Gru and the Minions. Michael McCullers worked on the excellent shooter cartoon “Boss-Milk Suit”, and previously worked on the Austin Powers series, in which the main role was played by Mike Myers, who voiced Shrek. And screenwriter William Steig has worked on all the previous four cartoons about the green giant. Such an impressive team makes it even harder to wait, when the information and the first videos on the fifth part of Shrek will appear online.

More news about the new Shrek

Talk about the fifth part of the “Shrek”, despite the fact that the history of the giant itself was over, went back in 2014. But they returned to the production of the cartoon only after DreamWorks studio was sold by NBCUniversal due to financial problems.

The creation of the cartoon was announced in 2016.Then it became known that the release is expected by 2019. Representatives of the studio did not give any details. It was not clear whether the voice actors would return to their roles, or what the cartoon would be about.

Then, in 2016, there was also news that the author of the famous “Austin Powers” ​​would be writing the script for the fifth “Shrek”. Later it became known that the producer of “Ugly Me” will direct the project. And even if information about the project is still not enough, it becomes one of the most expected for 2019 due to the popularity of the entire franchise. If the fifth part turns out to be a success, in the future we are still waiting for cartoons in this series. In the meantime, it remains to hope that the trailer and the cartoon itself in the future will not let the fans down!

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