Casco insurance, what is it?

casco what is it

At the present time, buying a car inmotor show, you can hear the offer to issue Casco. What it is? Under Avtokasko is understood the vehicle insurance against the risks of "Theft" and "Ugon".

Tariffs for the insurance product are establishedindividually. When signing a contract it is important to read the insurance rules, it will help to understand what cases are insurance. In order to choose the best insurance conditions, you need to contact a consultant for Casco. What this is, what it is necessary for and how to behave in the event of an insured event, the manager will certainly explain.

What factors influence the final value of the contract?insurance hull insurance

The cost of the Casco policy depends on the typevehicle, year of manufacture, availability of anti-theft equipment and the number of drivers who will drive the car. Age and driver's experience of each driver significantly affect the policy of Casco. The insurance premium depends on the vehicle storage option at night, an incremental factor is applied if the car is stored near the house, in a parking lot or in a cooperative garage. Also, the value of the contract depends on the choice of insurance compensation in the event of an insured event: repair at the station or payment in cash (by calculation). Lower the cost can be at the expense of the franchise.

Casco car on credit

Often, buying a new vehiclein the showroom, people are forced to conclude a contract with Casco. Without calculating financial opportunities, many are asking the question: "Is it possible to include Casco's value on credit?". Of course, yes, but this option is not very convenient. For a year there will be a substantial overpayment. In this case, it is better to consider installment of the insurance premium, dividing the payment into three or four installments.

car hullCasco - what is it and what needs to be known?

It is necessary to remember that the policy is validOnly in the territory of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. The insured under the contract can be any interested person on the basis of the power of attorney. Insurance covers both domestic and foreign vehicles, without significant damage. The age of the vehicle should be no more than 6-10 years, depending on the type of vehicle. However, there are restrictions. Insurance companies accept vehicles older than 10 years, subject to registration of the vehicle on credit or leasing. Unfortunately, a car that participates in competitions can not be insured under this program.

The program "50/50 Casco"

What is it, how profitable is the programand who can conclude a contract on preferential terms? In fact, not all can use this program. First, there are age limits. Secondly, the option of payment of insurance compensation excludes the possibility to receive cash on the calculation. About the other pitfalls of the policy "50/50" can be found in the insurance company. All the nuances you clearly do not tell, you can learn them by carefully studying the rules of insurance.

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