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In this article, you will learn how to make a scratching post for cats with your own hands. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you with photos, useful tips and detailed explanations of the process. The master class will be quite simple, but in some moments you will have to tinker a bit. But the final result will be really impressive.

cat scratching
Homemade kogtetochka for cats will be no worse than the factory version. In addition, you can easily determine the desired height and parameters of the accessory, taking into account the characteristics of your pet, as well as your personal space. All materials listed in this step-by-step master class can be replaced by something similar - adjust the lesson to yourself, focusing on your own capabilities.

This homemade scratching post is perfect for an adult cat, a small kitten and even a cat with kittens. For babies, such claws can be a good way to develop their instincts.In addition, pets will not spoil your furniture.

cat scratching posts

What do we need?

  • wooden block bar
  • wood panel
  • sisal rope (or jute)
  • color cord
  • small rug
  • paint
  • Super glue

How to make kogtetochku?

First you need to make a markup on the back of the rug. To do this, cut a piece of carpet with a size of at least 40 × 40 (more is possible - it depends on the size of the cat). Determine the center of the rug. Mark up so that the size of the hole in the center is a couple of millimeters larger than the diameter of the post.

place for a column

Determine the height of the wooden post. The main thing is that it exceeds the length of your cat in an elongated state (think for what size your pet is when it stands on its hind legs and pulls out its front legs, stretching in one line).

Now we need to cut off another piece of carpet of the same size. Also at this stage, adjust the size of the wooden panel that will stand on the floor. It should be the same size as the floor mats.

The next step is to assemble a “sandwich”: a carpet, a wooden panel, a carpet, a column - in that order. Column fastened to the panel with nails or screws.Carpet glue on superglue. The bottom part is needed so that your floor does not scratch when moving this homemade scraper. The upper part is tedious so that your pet is comfortable and soft. Cats will not go to the wooden surface - they certainly need a carpet.


Next, we take a sisal rope and paint it to match the carpet (it is not necessary to do this, but for beauty it is desirable). The most important thing is that the paints are non-toxic. Begin to perform the winding. At the same time, we alternate the colored rope with the ordinary one. It is necessary to fix the winding with the help of a furniture stapler. To prevent the cat from catching the brackets, later hammer them into the wood as deep as possible.


That's all! As you can see, making a cat claw is easy enough. At least, the mechanism of assembly of an accessory is quite understandable. You have to spend time preparing all the materials, and the rest is a matter of a few minutes.

cat scratching post

You can make a scraper from the carpet of the same color that lies in your living room, or choose the color of the rope to match your furniture. In this regard, homemade scraps are much more convenient than finished ones. Cats such accessories seem attractive; as a rule, they quickly get used to them.

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