Child benefits from May 1, 2018: indexing, size

The policy of social protection of families with children in Russia is focused on supporting fertility. Different types of payments are periodically increased in accordance with changes in the economic situation in order to bring them to the appropriate level. The year 2018 was no exception, since on May 1, there was a widespread change in the size of children's allowances.

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Increase in child benefits

Most of the changes are related to the growth of the minimum wage, to which certain charges are tied. The procedure for their appointment is regulated by Law No. 81-FZ of 19.05.1995. This circumstance explains the fact that some types of benefits will change, and some will remain the same.

From May 1, 2018, these types of child benefits are indexed:

  • one-time sick pay for maternity leave;
  • monthly payments for child care up to the age of 1.5 years.

Payment for maternity leave

This amount is paid at one time, and directly depends on how the birth proceeded and how many children the woman gave birth to.The duration of the period under review is reflected in Article 10 of the Law No. 255-FZ of December 29, 2006:

  • general case (one child and no complications) - 140 days;
  • in the presence of complications - 156 days;
  • multiple pregnancies (regardless of the number of fetuses) - 194 days.

The exception to this rule is the birthless women or men who have adopted the baby. For them, the calculation of the period begins on the day of the official adoption and lasts 70 days, and in case more than one child is adopted, 110 days.

The accrual is carried out in the amount of 100% of the average wage for the last 2 years. At the request of the woman, the period may be shifted to an earlier one (for example, if she was also on maternity leave before this decree).

The maximum amount of these child benefits from May 1 will not change and will be 2,018 per day, the growth will affect only the minimum. The fact is that the minimum daily wage should not fall below the minimum wage (367 rubles, which is 55 rubles more than the previous level).

The minimum wage is taken into account when the experience of the mother does not exceed six months. Then the calculation is carried out using the minimum values, as in the previous case.

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Care benefits up to 1.5 years

Child benefits up to the age of 1.5 are conducted according to a similar scheme: for calculation, the average daily wage for the period in the last 2 years is displayed. But only 40% of this amount is taken. If there are several babies added to the family at once, then the amounts are plus with the upper limit of no more than 100% of the average daily wage. The maximum limit for a mother with one baby is 24,536 rubles, and he remains in the same amount.

Indexation will be carried out for the minimum child allowance and only in the case of the birth of the firstborn: the amount will be 4,462 thousand per month. But this positive change will affect only employed women, for the unemployed it will remain at the same level - 3.142 thousand.

In case of the appearance of the second child, the minimum wage will not be applied, so the child allowance will remain unchanged at the level of 6.245 thousand.

It is worth mentioning that the size of children's monthly payments up to 3 years has not been revised since 1994. At the moment it remains within 50 rubles. In April this year, during a speech in the State Duma, the Prime Minister announced the need to revise this amount in the coming months. Whether this will happen before the end of 2018 is not yet known.

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Unchanged types of assistance

The remaining types of assistance will remain in the same amounts as envisaged at the end of the first quarter of 2018. These include children's benefits:

  • for registration at an early date;
  • additional assistance to low-income families with children;
  • lump-sum child allowance at birth.

For registration up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

A prerequisite for receiving this one-time payment is registration with the antenatal clinic before the pregnancy of 12 weeks. This measure allows you to monitor the health of the pregnant woman and the condition of the fetus in the early stages, so from February 1, 2018 she is stimulated by payment in the amount of 628.47 rubles. according to art. 9 of the Law №81-ФЗ. The nearest indexation of this manual is planned in 2019.

Additional help for families in need

This assistance was introduced on January 1, 2018 in accordance with the Law No. 418-FZ of December 28, 2017. It is paid not to all families, but only to those in which the income for each member, regardless of age, is less than 1.5 of the subsistence minimum.

Parents can receive this money after completing the application and consideration by the relevant authorities. For the first child, the federal budget pays such money, and for subsequent funds come from the mother's capital.

One-time birth assistance

From February 1, 2018 to 2019, such a children's payment is 16.759 thousand. According to Art. 12.1 and art. 12.2 of the Law №81-ФЗ. This amount increases in the case of the birth of two, three or more babies at the same time, at the rate of 16.759 thousand each.

This law equates to the born and adopted or taken care of minor citizens of Russia. With the adoption of several people at once, this amount is also multiplied.

The minimum wage will not be affected by all the above-mentioned children's allowances; therefore, they will remain the same.

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Who will touch

From May 1, 2018, an increase in children's benefits will be felt by people whose average monthly income does not fall short of what has been set. Benefits for employed citizens will be automatically reviewed by employers, you do not need to write statements.

For those who will become parents in 2018, the necessary list of documents must be submitted at the place of work or to the Social Insurance Fund. All payments in this case will be charged with the increase.

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