Choosing interior doors

How to choose interior doors


Choosing interior doors: Gathering behind the interior door you need to take care that you do not have to go again. Only this time with a return and claims. To avoid such an outcome of events will allow the correct approach to the choice of the door. It consists in relying on a number of criteria that help determine where the quality is, and where the door is of poor quality. About how to choose the interior door in today's article.

Criteria for choosing a quality interior door

Choosing interior doors should be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Interior door material. It is better to choose interior doors made of natural materials such as solid wood and natural veneer.
  2. Door surface. Choose a door with a perfectly flat, smooth and well polished surface - a sign of quality. No less low requirements for the varnish coating of the door. It must be harmless to humans and resistant to mechanical damage (chips, scratches).A good varnish can not lose its properties for 10 or even more years. You can check the quality of varnish right on the spot - just lightly swiping it with your fingernail. On a good, durable varnish will not remain any traces. On a cheap lacquer, a trace will appear, or worse, peel off a small fragment.
  3. Door color. The color of the quality door is clean, uniform and at the same time has no stains and blotches. This criterion plays a significant role when choosing a door, since many manufacturers tint their product. This allows you to hide the defects of the door and its poor-quality processing. At the exit, the deceived buyer sees only the dingy tone of the door.
  4. Design elements on the door. Choosing a door, you need to pay attention to the joints of the baguette, grilles and frames. They should have a maximum fit. Gaps, overlaps, cracks, inaccurate junction details - all this should not be. The junctions of top-bottom racks are also relevant. In addition, you need to remember that the door panel should be made only from MDF. About any cheap construction chipboard and can be no question.
  5. Door geometry. In the question of the geometric parameters of the door you need to be as demanding as possible. Going behind the door you need to take a tape measure and measure the distance of the canvas diagonally (from corner to corner). They should be completely similar. A difference of no more than 1 mm is allowed. To understand, many manufacturers make products for which this difference reaches 5-10 mm. Also, do not forget about the quality of wood drying. It also greatly affects the geometry of the door. This can be seen by visual inspection of the end of the door. The door with bad drying comes with a noticeable "eight".
  6. Door glass. First, quality glass is made in Belgium and Italy, and not in Turkey or China. Its origin can be requested on site. Second, when choosing a door you need to pay attention to whether there are dirty grease stains on its glass. If there is, then such a door should not be taken, because with all the desire to clean these stains at home will not work. And finally, on high-quality doors, glass is fixed using high-quality silicone sealants and gaskets. You can also check this on the spot - you need to gently shake the door.The sound of glass rattling will show its low-quality fasteners.
  7. Standard door accessories. With the advent of the XXI century, all specialists began to repeat in one voice: “Today’s doors should be completed only with an L-jamb and an L-box, allowing their adjustment during installation. And the majority of sensible citizens agree with them. That's just it remains unheard by the manufacturers. In their policy of saving the presence of a more expensive L-trim is not included. A buyer picking a door on this criteria, as a rule, does not focus his attention. A similar situation is with the door frames. Not always they can detect the seal.
  8. Door leaf finish. You should pay attention to the fact that the quality and color characteristics of the canvas, box and casing should be completely similar.

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