Christmas tree in Crocus City 2018 - 2019

The Christmas tree in Crocus City 2018–2019 is a large-scale musical and circus performance. The famous Arabian tale is interpreted and will appear before the audience in the form of the production of “The Magic Lamp”. The show runs from December 21 to January 6.


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The familiar story about Aladdin and his genie is revealed in a different angle. Theater actors, circus performers, vocalists of metropolitan musicals will tell a good New Year parable. And of course, good triumphs over evil.

Original music, luxurious costumes, video projections - parents who came to the show with the children will not be bored: the skill of circus artists is fascinating, the plot lines are intriguing, the vocal numbers are chosen taking into account the interests of different age audiences.

Christmas tree in Crocus City 2018 - 2019

Tickets at the original price on the show "Magic Lamp" sold on the website and at the box office of City Hall or booked by phone. Tickets cost from 900 to 4500 rubles. Children under four years old can go through one ticket with an adult and sit on his lap. A coupon for a company gift is purchased separately.

Before submission

A half-hour entertainment program takes place before the start of the performance in the lobby.New Year's characters cheer Vegas City Hall viewers and set up to watch the performance. And in the "Residence of Santa Claus" everyone will be able to take pictures.

Reviews of past years

Spectators of circus performances of past years are delighted. New Year's performances "Kaleidoscope of Fantasies", "Alice", "Emerald City", "The Enchanted Prince", "AVIZZO" and others watched tens of thousands of young viewers.

The performance “Magic Lamp” filled with fantasy, mystery and magic will surely win the hearts of viewers.

In addition, the chamber hall is equipped with comfortable seats that are located amphitheater. Therefore, small viewers will perfectly see all the ups and downs of the plot from anywhere in the hall.

Crocus City - how to get there

The concert hall is located very close to the Myakinino metro station, and moreover with a convenient direct passage without going up. For those who arrive on a private car, there is a free parking available (above ground and underground).

There is a huge cinema, shops for every taste, a petting zoo, an ice rink, and restaurants on the territory of the shopping and entertainment center. So in a cozy complex you can spend all day. Crocus City Oceanarium is also located nearby.

Christmas tree in Crocus City 2018 - 2019

About the hall

Vegas City Hall is a multi-level concert hall that allows you to hold various events:

  • circus performances;
  • chamber, acoustic concerts;
  • colorful children's shows;
  • conferences;
  • master classes;
  • presentations.

The hall is located in an amphitheater in three levels, equipped with comfortable seating, equipped with large screens. Modern technologies allow to transmit the image in 4K resolution. High-quality lighting and sound equipment guarantees high-level events.

In the lobby free wi-fi, cozy lounge areas, bars. It goes without saying that the toilets, the wardrobe and the luggage room work. The premises are equipped with ramps for spectators with disabilities. On the third floor of the building works Vegas Hall Café with a fairly democratic menu.

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