Christmas trees for children 2018-2019 SPb

Very soon, a new mistress of the year, the Yellow Earthen Pig, will appear on our doorstep. This funny animal will surely enjoy the kids. Without a doubt, every child will want to touch with his own hands a funny totem. The most suitable place in the city on the Neva will be Christmas trees for children 2018-2019 SPb.


What prepared for children on the New Year holidays St. Petersburg

The poster of festive performances and Christmas trees in St. Petersburg is so rich that parents and children are completely at a loss every year. After all, I want to visit as many interesting performances as possible and participate in all sorts of contests and entertainment. On each New Year's holiday, St. Petersburg prepares an extensive program for toddlers. Themes, styles and genres of performances can satisfy the most capricious demands of the audience. As a rule, most of the performances are quite accessible to most residents of the city.

Christmas trees for children 2018-2019 SPb

There are completely free Christmas trees and views.It is noteworthy that among this variety there are performances and balls that take place in the luxurious interiors of Petersburg palaces. Not a small place in the New Year's premieres given to the youngest children. Most often for them, Christmas trees are held in early development centers, children's theaters and other cultural institutions.

Does not bypass the administration of the city and the young residents of St. Petersburg. For them, in numerous shopping and entertainment centers and recreation centers are held together with New Year trees and discos, where modern music sounds, and various entertainment events are held.

Every year the repertoire of Christmas trees and performances is becoming richer. No one is surprised that at such events the helpers of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are not snowmen with bunnies, but heroes of super new cartoons and even “aliens." Of course, kids on New Year's shows will see their favorite clowns, illusionists and magicians.

Practically all cultural institutions, recreation centers, clubs, centers of children's creativity will be opened for children. On the streets of the city there will be various events with games, sweepstakes, costumed performances.Most of them will be completely free. On them, the kids will be able to see their favorite characters from fairy tales, cartoon films. Round the trees, which are installed in all areas of the city, you can make round dances with Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and of course with a merry Pig - the mistress of 2019.

In general, our children will not be bored on the upcoming New Year holidays. It remains only to choose a place and a presentation in which the baby will not be bored and helpful.

The schedule of most activities is arranged so that the maximum number of children can attend the Christmas tree, the show and other fun.

Children's Christmas Billboard

The Nicholas Palace will open its doors for an interactive presentation of The Nutcracker. Before the show itself, an entertainment program will take place, where everyone can take part in various races and competitions. Professional animators will do everything to ensure that children are not bored. When choosing a place for their child, parents should take into account that this event is designed for kids under the age of ten years. The cost of a ticket to the "Tsar's Tree" is 3600 rubles.It provides for the passage of one of the parents, the child himself and a gift.

Elaginoostrovsky Dvorets will be the venue of the New Year's ball. Here the kids will be able to change into the costumes of the past and go to meet the empress herself. Before this, children will be taught good manners and asked to unravel the mystery that this palace holds. All who can pass this test will get into the next room of the palace, where they will teach not only etiquette, but also the dances themselves. Guys who have learned classical dance will be able to participate in the selection of the Queen and the King of the ball.

Christmas trees for children 2018-2019 SPb. Poster, schedule

The organizers believe that this event is better suited for children of grades 1-4. The cost of a pass ticket is about 2300 rubles. This price includes:

  • transfer:
  • excursion service;
  • costume rental;
  • direct participation in the event;
  • gift.

The Pulkovskaya Hotel (now PARK INN Hotel) is famous for being on Pulkovo Trees for the New Year holidays. This tradition already exists 15 years. Every year, a new presentation scenario is prepared, which every time literally captivates all those present.

Before the performance, an entertainment program is arranged in the hotel lobby, where children, in the presence of professional animators, participate in various contests and races. Here you can also use theatrical makeup and take pictures with the artists of the performance.

Last year, the presentation was called - "The history of Christmas-tree toys." It was told that one old toy had no place on the New Year tree, so it turned into a Monster who wants to spoil the New Year holiday and break the forest beauty. In the course of the performance, the kids, together with the artists, were looking for an answer on how to tame the old toy. The children took part in an exciting journey through the magical forest, solved riddles and helped the hosts to save the holiday. What will be the plot of the presentation in 2019 is still unknown. There is no doubt that the new show will also win the hearts of young viewers.

Presentation is usually calculated on children from four to eleven years. It is better to come to the show in your costume. For this you can get a gift personally from Santa Claus.

The cost of the holiday is approximately 1,100 rubles with a gift.For adults, the passage to the performance will cost 600 rubles.

Other performances for the New Year holidays

New Year's show on the water "Mission Odyssey" It will be held from 12/28/18 to 08/01/18 in the Water Sports Center "Neva Wave" at the metro: Prospekt Bolshevikov. At the performance you can see with your own eyes the Olympic champion in synchronized swimming and learn a lot of interesting things about ancient Greece. Famous acrobats and stuntmen take part in the performance. Children will be able to test their willpower and go on an exciting journey through ancient Hellas.
"New Year and Fixes" Presentation will be held in the Miller SEC. Kids using Lego cubes will bring the New Year around. The show is intended for children from three years. Ticket price 600 rubles.
Christmas tree "The newest year 2019" It will be held at the Lenfilm Film Studio. On the New Year's performance, children will be introduced to the art of shooting movies. Anyone can become a hero of the film about the New Year, which will be filmed right in front of children. After the film is mounted, the film will be handed over to children as a gift. Ticket price is 2100 rubles.
Masquerade ball at Sheremetyevo Palace At this event, children will be able to learn classical dances and attend a ball with Empress Elizabeth and her favorites. Ticket price 750 rubles.

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