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A computer program is a set of certainrules and instructions that are needed to perform actions on electronic computing devices. Typically, these applications can be divided into binary and source code.

computer program is

Every day, PC users usethe capabilities of programs that help document documents, perform mathematical calculations, and process images. But not all applications help, some can harm. This is a phenomenon such as computer virus programs, which are used by cybercriminals to carry out illegal actions.

Applications with which people work dailyto achieve common goals, called application software. A system software, in turn, characterized in that it is on a level above and forms an environment in which applications run.

Important differences between application and system programs

These applications differ in the nature of the interaction with the user of the computer.

With applied programs, a person works directly. This is all sorts of text editors, games, websites and browsers.

computer virus programs

System applications are driver packages and,in fact, the operating system of the PC. This is the code that helps to organize the interaction between a person and a computing device, and also develops an environment for the correct installation and execution of application software.

Signs of software separation

Also, the programs are divided into target platforms and operating systems.

Applications can perform a different set ofinstructions, but programs are created for certain hardware. Therefore, they are called target platforms. Among the most popular platforms are x64, IA64, x86, Itanium, ARM and others.

Among operating systems, too, it is customary to allocatetarget, because each OS forms its own environment for the correct operation of the software. It is very important that application programs can work only under a certain system. Among the most famous OS are the following: Ubuntu Linux, OpenBSD, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD and SuSe Linux.

Creation of computer programs

Writing computer programs involvesFormation of source code in a specific programming language. But this stage is only the first in a link of events. After writing the code, the application must be compiled, debugged, tested and distributed.

use of computer programs

Before the programming language appearedAssembler, at the dawn of the development of a computer, the source code was machine-readable with mandatory indication of instruction numbers. Programming greatly simplified the process of creating software. It is no longer necessary to mention numeric instruction numbers, you can simply replace them with symbolic notations that make the process of reading and debugging the source code much easier.

A computer program is a set of instructions, andthe emergence of higher-level programming languages ​​made it possible to translate the process of creating software into a department of specialists, now called programmers or software developers.

During the last century personal computerswidely spread, and conventional programming has become a real software development industry, which simultaneously employs various specialists in its processes. And the training of true programming professionals is provided by modern institutions of higher education.

A new level of the industry in software development

With the advent of the worldwide Internet and itspopularization of the industry, directly related to the creation of computer programs, was able to significantly change, because the process of selling software was much simplified and accelerated. There were first electronic instant payment systems and websites that could become full-fledged applications in the near future.

creation of computer programs

Legal use of computer programsis somewhat infringed on the part of companies that deal with the illegal distribution of software. Over time, there were different ways to combat the decentralized distribution of copies of programs. Modern technologies have made it possible to distribute responsibility for the distribution of software between all users who have used an illegal product. Therefore, the search and punishment of the perpetrators is almost an unreal process.

Computer Training Programs

Training is a process that requires fullintegration of computer technologies. A computer program is a great way to speed up or simply organize an educational process. Therefore, in many educational institutions, modern software technologies based on PCs are actively being introduced, which are intended for the transfer of scientific materials to students. Also with the help of software it is possible to control the degree of mastering by students of knowledge.

as computer programs are called

Training computer programs could take a key place in the world of information technology. This is a logical continuation of the process of computerization of the educational process.

Educational computer programs solve a number of educational problems. They can check the level of skills, knowledge and skills of students, their inclination, ability and motivation.

The tasks that learning applications solve

Programs that record psycho-physiological indicators (level of concentration, reaction speed), help determine the level of efficiency of students.

There is also software thatrecords and analyzes data related to the assimilation of curriculum material. This group of applications includes programs that simplify the process of managing the schedule of educational activities. For example, such software helps in time to change the pace and direction of the student. In general, such applications support and implement the main components of computer training.

computer training programs

As for the third group of training applications,then the computer program in it is an addition that adapts the material, dividing it into levels of complexity, preparing dynamic illustrations, independent and laboratory works.

The effectiveness of computer training applications is determined by the following factors: availability, unambiguousness, simplicity of presentation, consistency, accuracy, validity of input data.


Now you know what are called computer programs designed to maintain the operability of the operating system and direct contact with the user.

A computer application is an organizeda set of program instructions that ensure the correct functioning and performance of user-defined tasks. In the modern world, we work with them every day, even without noticing it.

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