Creative photo wallpaper in the interior: 35 interesting topics

Photo wallpaper in the interiorhave become today the necessary focus of the apartment. They are bright, high-quality and create a special look of the room. Photowall-paper became known after reorganization, with their help they tried to make the design of the room unique and individual.

Of course, at that time there was no such chic choice as today, and only three options were offered for buyers: birch grove, pine forest, mountains.

But, despite this, the wallpapers were very popular. Today their choice is unlimited, you can order your image or choose one of the many offered.

Pros and cons of photo wallpapers

How nice to be on the beach. And if you recreate a piece of paradise at home? This is why the wallpapers are so attractive - they help to make your dreams come true and create an interior in which you can relax your soul.

In addition to the attractiveness of the positive qualities of the photo wallpaper in the interior is their durability.Thanks to modern technology, the picture does not fade and remains very bright and colorful for a very long time. They produce photo wallpapers both on plain paper and on self-adhesive ones, so choosing a more convenient option is not difficult.

But there are also disadvantages of photo wallpapers. The wall should be perfectly smooth and even, then there will be no defects in the picture. And it is quite hard to stick on wallpapers, it is necessary to ensure that there are no joints and displacements. In addition, if the quality of the material was not very high, then over time the wallpaper will have to glue.

 Types of photo wallpapers

Wall mural is primarily distinguished by the material from which they are made. Paper-based wallpapers are less resistant, while textile-based are durable and durable.

The front surface of the material also differs. Today, make glossy, matte and structured wallpaper. But if everything is clear with the first two types, what is structured wallpaper? First of all, they perfectly imitate various materials, which helps to create an absolutely unique three-dimensional image.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Photo wallpaper in the interior. Do they have secrets?

Do you have a small room? Wall mural with perspective, that is, with an image that goes into the distance will help to significantly increase the space. With such drawings, the room seems just huge.

Wall-paper can be pasted both on all wall, and on its part. With this technique, you divide the room into different zones. In order to highlight an image you can decorate it with moldings, wooden beams, cord or any other ways. This is how popular fake windows are created, from which a stunning view opens.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

You can make a little joke and purchase wallpaper with painted bookcases, a fireplace or a wine cellar. Just make sure that they are very realistic and then you will definitely surprise your guests, and eventually you will believe in their naturalness.

Great combination of black and white and a bright accent. For example, put a red table against the background of the Eiffel Tower or place a green armchair next to the black and white birches.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Photo wallpaper in the interiorliving room

Most often, wallpapers are used in the interior of the living room. This is due to the fact that in this room they spend a lot of time.For most people, the living room has long become the main room in an apartment, it gathers guests, meets with relatives. Photowall-paper helps to create a special atmosphere in the room and adjust it to the desired mode. It is best to place the image in the seating area, that is, next to the sofa. Wall mural help create the right mood. Which image is best for the living room?

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Modern style perfectly highlighted urban wallpaper. You can complement the design solution with the help of natural stone, metal. A modern soft sofas, glass tables and chrome accessories will help complete the interior.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Hollywood chic and glamor can be obtained with the help of gorgeous images of movie stars, heroes of famous films. This design is perfect for young people who love to party and will gather in this room the whole company.

Creativeinterior wallpaperscan imitate luxury paintings or Mediterranean fresco in order to emphasize the classic, Italian or French style. Resting next to the great works of famous artists, you will feel like a real aristocrat.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

In order for your living room to breathe freshness, was easy and interesting, use wallpaper with a picture of nature. Such landscapes also visually expand the space. Most often, the flora is reflected in eco-style.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Photo wallpaper in the interior

How to decorate the kitchen?

The kitchen is the most important room in the apartment. It symbolizes the family hearth and comfort, so they try to decorate it more often. Unfortunately, in most apartments, the kitchen has a fairly modest size. In this case, it is better to avoid large photo wallpapers, and confine yourself to a small image. Pictures of fruits, vegetables, various dishes will look great. They cause appetite and contribute to the development of culinary talents.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

Photowall-paper in an interior with the spilled liquid painted on them smartly look. Such a picture will add dynamics and brightness to your kitchen.

For the kitchen is better to use washable wallpaper - matte or glossy vinyl. Satin wallpapers are also great to wash. Wall mural is easy to clean, often simply using a damp cloth without special tools.

Create a magical kingdom for your baby

Every parent wants to create a fairy tale for their child.This can not help better mural used in the interior. With their help, you will open for your son a magical country with courageous super-heroes, luxury cars and terrible dragons, and the girl will feel like a real princess if a beautiful castle appears in her room surrounded by amazing flowers.

Photo wallpaper in the interior

For kids, it's better to choose neutral wallpapers, bright colors do not particularly attract them. For more adults, photo wallpapers with favorite cartoon characters will be perfect, and schoolchildren will appreciate the pictures of animals that they themselves can choose. Do not draw bright images of the wall next to the desktop, they will distract the child from the workflow.

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