Decoupage Easter eggs

Posted by06.04.2017

Preparing for Easter is a pleasant affair. Pre-painting eggs can be made a small family tradition. It will only double the joy and good mood.

Easter eggs

You can make Easter eggs with your own hands in different ways. Someone prefers to decorate them with ready-made stickers, which are now full for every taste, someone transforms crafts with the help of bright dyes, someone sticks to the old old-fashioned way - paints with onion peel. We will tell you about another great method for decorating eggshells. Easter souvenir will look very elegant!

Easter eggs

Decoupage will come to the rescue. If you have never used this technique, do not worry - it's all very simple!
Future Easter eggs need to be pre-cooked and cooled. Now you need a plain paper napkin with a nice pattern. Cut out the elements that you like best. Transfer the picture with a brush (dip it in a paste or crude protein).The egg can be decorated in parts, if you can not cover it immediately from all sides. Remember the main thing: the transferred drawing will grab in 5-10 minutes (not earlier!).

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