Dismantling the old door

How to dismantle the door?

It is important to understand that the springs used when opening and closing the garage door support the entire weight of the garage door. This means that there is extreme stress in these springs and that any sudden and uncontrolled release of these springs is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries.
The first and most important step in eliminating the garage door is to relieve tension in the springs.

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Dismantling closers (if installed)
To remove the door closer completely you need to remove it and will no longer interfere, as soon as the door is fully opened, you can continue to work.
Fully open the door and lock it in this position with clips or locking pliers tightly fastened on the track to prevent the door from closing.
Now you can release the cables and remove the springs without any problems or danger.
Then remove the clips or locking pliers and slowly close the door.
We suggest that you place a wooden block under the door before closing it to prevent your fingers from entering. Now you can cancel the panels of your door, starting from the top panel.

REMOVAL Canopies
First of all, lock the door in the CLOSED position. You can use locks mounted on the door, or use clamps or locking pliers, as shown in Figure 1.
Then lock the spring shaft with the locking pliers leaning against the wall (column). Then insert one of the winding rods into one of the holes in the winding cone, DISCONNECT THE ART OF THE TOP, and unscrew the set screws that are there.

A WARNING! Once these screws are loosened, all spring tension will go to the winding; It is really important that this rod is very dense in order to avoid a sudden release of the spring.
Let the spring slowly unwind to you, and then insert another winding into the hole at the top. Take out the bottom only when the upper part is well inserted and firmly in hand.Continue this procedure until the spring is left by the spring. Repeat the same steps on the second spring, if necessary. Release the cables, and then remove the clips or fixing pliers.
Now you can remove the panels of your door, starting from the top.

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