Do I need an air ionizer in the nursery?

July 6, 2018

First of all, it should be noted that the presence in the air of negatively charged ions is not only favorable, but a necessary factor for humans. It is proved that the content of such ions in the air of most apartments is significantly below the norm. The reason for this could be the use of climate technology, for example, an air conditioner or the same air purifier. Passing through their filters, the air is almost completely deprived of ions. Maintenance of air conditioners in Kiev from and obtaining professional recommendations for creating a healthy atmosphere in your home will relieve you of unnecessary prejudices regarding climate devices.

Do I need an air ionizer in the nursery?

Air ionization

The cause of deionization is the abundance of synthetic materials in the interior - they attract charged particles to themselves. In such conditions, the human body begins to experience symptoms similar to the symptoms of oxygen starvation. Without the use of an air ionizer, this situation cannot be corrected.

Where did the talk come about that the use of ionizers is not only not useful, but also harmful? The basis for them were studies conducted in the 70s of the last century. It was proved in their course: in spite of the fact that only negative ions are useful for a person, there must be positive quantities in the air in a certain amount.

An ionizer such as the Chizhevsky chandelier, which produces only negatively charged particles, is now recognized as unsafe. But after all, air ionizers have emerged that are capable of producing an optimal combination of positive and negative ions. They are completely safe to use, and it is they that must be purchased for the baby’s room. The effect of their application will be obvious to parents.

Нужен ли ионизатор воздуха в детской?

The child becomes more calm and cheerful, begins to eat well and sleep well. If this is a child of school age, his ability to concentrate attention and perseverance increases, which has a positive effect on school success. The presence of an ionizer is an excellent prevention of allergic conditions, which is especially important in infancy, when such conditions are usually first manifested.

Another negative aspect of the use of ionizers - the release of ozone in the process of their work. But this is typical for outdated models. Modern bipolar ionizers do not emit ozone - to make sure of this, you need to familiarize yourself with the certificates for it before purchasing the device.

Нужен ли ионизатор воздуха в детской?

An ionizer can be just as useful as a cleaner and humidifier. And parents can be sure that the most modern achievements and developments in the field of climate technology are on guard for the health of their child.

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