Dostoevsky. "Idiot": read slowly

The role of F.M. Dostoevsky, his influence on the minds of his and subsequent generations is difficult to overestimate. Dostoevsky was a man with a complex character, while a deeply religious Orthodox Christian. The writer was often overwhelmed with passions, he struggled with them, he spent his time.

Dostoevsky's works can no doubt be attributed to such a rare phenomenon as literature with spiritual content.Dostoevsky idiot

Russian literature is generally distinguished by a deepapproach to life. This is not the love adventures of a handsome man from Paris and not the adventures of lucky guys for treasure. Russian classical literature almost always seeks answers to questions about the meaning of life, being of man.

The questions of life and death are in one way or another affected in almost every great work: from Pushkin's "Captain's Daughter" to Dostoevsky's "Demons."

One of the works that Dostoevsky wrote- "Idiot". What is this novel with such a strange name? About how a person comes to Russia, who, due to his illness, the world perceives a little differently than others, trying to see in everything only a good side. Undecided, clean, without hypocrisy, Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin finds himself in an ordinary noble family. In appearance, the family is quite ordinary, but serious passions are seething inside it.idiot dostoevsky short

Dostoevsky, whose "Idiot" is stillexcites the minds, and sometimes he could not cope with his vices. He was a gambler, an impatient, proud man. Therefore, the human experience that is scary angry or jealous to death, can not survive the insult or humiliation, it is well understood. After reading just one of several of his novel, you can see the whole spiritual world, the depth of his moral fall. It is all the more surprising that the author of these works is Dostoevsky. "Idiot" was written in two years (1867-1869). This is one of the early works of the writer.

It is believed that in Prince Myshkin he triedto depict Christ, if he was not God, there is no ideal man. Parallels are not absolute, but they do exist. Prince Myshkin at an age close to the age of Christ, he is also absolutely good, not evil, shrewd, like Christ. But still Christ has a certain power, because he is not just a very good person, but a God-man. Myshkin does not have this strength. What would happen to Christ if he were just a man? Many ask this question, and Dostoevsky ("The Idiot") tried to answer him in an artwork.the Dostoevsky idiot

One of the most popular films of recent years wasIt is based on the novel that Dostoevsky wrote. "Idiot" (the director retained the original name) is delivered with great love for the work. Much attention is paid to details. The text of the dialogues is reproduced almost verbatim, all the scenes from the book are present. The main goal of the creators of the film is to convey to our contemporaries the meaning of the great work written by FM Dostoyevsky. "Idiot" again became popular, people re-read long familiar or read new lines for themselves. This novel is not included in the standard school curriculum, so the summary is not popular. It is necessary to read completely such a novel as "The Idiot." Dostoevsky, whose summary of the works of which gives even less information than usual, should generally be read very slowly. He does not have adventure novels, but works that need to be read and considered.

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