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What does the dreamer dream about? Ride, psychological analysis:

The Trip — The trip, no matter how ordinary or unusual it is, is the central event of many dreams. When interpreting a dream about a trip, you should ask questions about fellow travelers, goals and obstacles. Fellow travelers can be both your friends and strangers. As a rule, fellow travelers either help or hinder progress towards their intended goal. Their impact on the trip should be interpreted metaphorically - as a symbol of the impact of these people on your life.

If you are traveling alone, this can tell you how you see your personal growth and advancement in life. In a dream, the purpose of the trip sometimes seems incomprehensible, it seems to be hidden by fog. There is a feeling that you are simply moving without a clear understanding of the purpose or route of the trip. Dreams of this nature often reveal those feelings and thoughts that in life accompany the directions or goals of your path.Trip - If it seems that the trip has no end or destination, you should think about the desire hidden away in you for some time to leave the current habitat.

To see a trip in a dream - If the purpose of the destination is clearly marked, the right step towards understanding the meaning of sleep is to determine what this goal means to you. Obstacles can be in a certain relationship with fellow travelers or arise by themselves (as symbols). In the latter case, it is necessary to take into account how they are overcome, and what resources, including the help of others, are used.

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Dreamed a trip to what:

A trip - you are riding a bicycle in a dream - some minor external circumstance will badly affect your affairs; It is possible that the disease will join many of your troubles. If you are traveling by car, you are driving slowly - the results of work will not give you satisfaction; the conversation with business partners that you are facing will not be pleasant, but this conversation cannot be avoided - it will be necessary to somehow correct the situation.You travel by car and drive fast - your business is in danger; you are planning a sharp turn — don't make it; you want a change - do not rush.

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What does it mean if you dream about a trip:

You had a dream Trip to what it is. Any trip in a dream is productive in decoding, since every step that leads us towards understanding ourselves and the world in which we live can be reflected in a dream in its way. In everyday speech, we use various idioms for greater understanding. We are talking about the black and white stripes of life, about being in prostration and so on. All these moments are absolutely unique and are reflected in dreams as a kind of photographs. Their images reflect what we feel, show whether there are obstacles to the goal and what are the possible options for our actions. So any end of the trip - arrival home, cover, landing, and so on - means the successful achievement of the goal. The difficult journey left behind means that we have overcome the difficulties and obstacles of the past. And the obstacles waiting for us ahead are aware of possible difficulties. It is possible that we create these difficulties ourselves.Very important is our own attitude towards life. “The turn around the corner during the trip shows that we accepted the need to change direction.” Or even made the main decision. If on the way we avoided an accident, then we are able to control our impulses. Stopping and then restarting movement suggests a conflict between laziness and impulse. Traffic congestion means that we are being held back or we are being held back from moving forward. The traffic jam must be handled with care, as, most likely, in reality, some kind of stop is necessary. All departures (from the airport, from the station, the wharf, etc.) used to be considered harbingers of death. But now interpreted as news of a new venture. We leave the old life in order to undertake something new. When in reality someone leaves us, we can also dream of departure and the associated feelings of bitterness. In certain circumstances, the desire, but the impossibility to leave, suggests that no more work is needed. To know in a dream about the time of departure means that we are aware of some temporary restriction within the limits of everyday life.The destination, when it becomes obvious, gives some ideas about our life goals. Our certain hopes and ideals may not correspond to those in the subconscious — our intrinsic motivation may differ significantly from our outward behavior — and dreams will illuminate this discrepancy. Driving in a dream is tightly tied to our basic motives, desires and needs. If we do it ourselves, then we are under control. If we feel very uncomfortable when the other is leading - we do not trust this person and we don’t want to depend on him. If someone else takes control, we become passive. If we overtake the vehicle ahead, we will succeed, however, in a competitive manner. If we are overtaken, we feel that someone is doing better. That is, in dreams we are reflected exactly the same as we are in real life. Our impulses, aggression, fears and doubts - everything is manifested in the style of the trip. The engine is a sexual rush or an instinctive attitude, a basic motivation. If we see ourselves as passengers, it means we are floating according to the will of circumstances, and we do not have a concrete way to move forward.If we ourselves carry passengers, then by carelessness we took responsibility for other people. Traveling with someone in a dream will demonstrate your relationship with that person in life.

Road. The road in a dream suggests our own way forward. Like any vehicle personifies the body of the dreamer, so the road determines his path. Interferences on the road will mean difficulties on the chosen path. Turns, bends of the road and intersections will suggest a change in direction, and dead ends will be hopeless situations. If in a dream a certain length of the road is lit, then this should be understood as a certain period of time or a certain effort. The road to the mountain suggests over effort, down the mountain - loss of control. Traffic accidents and troubles are related to sexuality or self-perception; perhaps we are not careful and are not sure that our accompaniment is good enough. Trouble can impersonate a conflict with someone, and a collision with another vehicle means not being subject to our emotions.

Transport.The type of transport will show exactly how we progress and cope with certain circumstances in life. Once about how we lead our lives in a dream, she told only the horse. Now, a car, a plane, a train, and so on have come to the fore. A vehicle appearing in a dream is often aligned with our perception of ourselves. For example, we can drive the most ordinary and simple machine model or Rolls-Royce. (One dreamer said that he had a dream about Rolls-Royce, which he, however, considered a Volkswagen beetle). The image of the vehicle - conveys either our physical condition, or what we represent as individuals. If the dreamer is driving, then he probably feels that he is in control of his fate. If the dreamer is a passenger, then he may feel that others are trying to control his life. If the dreamer is with friends, he is aware of a common goal. If he goes with strangers, he should think about his attitude to public affairs.

An airplane, an airliner, a helicopter — all of these flying machines suggest a quick and easy ride, but with some attention to detail.And the interpretation of such a trip is this: you can establish a new sexual relationship. A pilot or pilot is an idealized image of either the Male Principle or the Essence (see Introduction).

A bicycle implies youth, freedom, and possibly the first shoots of sexual awareness.

Cruise. In sea voyages it all depends on the type of craft that appeared in a dream. Kayak involves an emotional trip, which is undertaken in splendid isolation. The yacht is the same trip, but with a consistent style, while a large ship promises in real life the emergence of new horizons in the company of other people. Everything that happens in a dream with boats is also a reflection of our real life, and therefore have a certain value and being aground, and mooring, and stopping in the fog. To make a long voyage is a kind of escape into the sea, which involves parting with friends and family. Landing means the end of the project, successful or not. Being late to the ship suggests that we have not paid enough attention to detail in our daily life.Any narrow river or channel returns us to the moment of birth. A ship is usually mistaken for femininity because of its capriciousness. And in the rowboat all symbolism of the trip on the River Styx after death is concluded. This is a renunciation of selfish desires. After this, we can be reborn for a better life. Or is it a way of life.

The bus (see also letter A) and the bus trip in a dream are associated with that part of our life where we have to deal with other people. Perhaps we have a common goal with them. The problem with the schedule, being late for the bus, too early to arrive, being late for the transfer - all this means that we cannot control our life and perhaps we should reconsider our plans for the future. To sit on the wrong bus, to go in the wrong direction — to face conflicting desires, and we need to listen to our own intuition. This is usually a warning about an incorrect action. Inability to pay for travel - we do not have enough resources to start something. It may be that we paid insufficient attention to detail.

The car, the cart, the cart, the chariot (see also by the initial letters) reflect the dreamer himself, first of all his physical body, and the dreamer's attitude to life.Therefore, if something is wrong with the machine, it is aware of the problem. For example, if the engine does not work correctly, then we are not able to take enough energy to progress. If the ignition does not work - you need to start a certain project. Any part of the machine has its own meaning. The rear wheels can mean the dreamer's support system, the steering wheel means how he controls his life, and so on. Too many people in a car feel overwhelmed with responsibility and responsibility. A truck in a dream has the same meaning as a car, except that impulses and ambitions will be associated more with our work and how we relate to the fundamentals of business and the world in general.

Motorcycle and moped - a symbol of male youth and zeal. In dreams, it is an image of independent behavior, and often a symbol of the sexual act. But it can also be a symbol of freedom.

The train means the social behavior of the dreamer, his relationship with other people and attitude to himself. The engine will assume that we feel outdated, whereas a modern electric train may suggest speed and self-sufficiency.Getting on the train means that we have successfully forced external circumstances to act to our advantage in order to achieve a certain goal. Being late for a train shows that we do not have enough resources to continue to move and succeed properly, either because we have forgotten something, or because we were not attentive enough. Or we fear that we will miss the opportunity. Equally, we may feel that external circumstances impose an element of control on us. Often the thought that we were late for the train, and then still had time for him or another, suggests that now we are better able to cope with our own resources. The dream of being late for the train, alternating with dreams that we still had time for it, shows that we are trying to properly dispose of their motivation. Get off the train at several stops before the destination - we are afraid of success in a particular project. It also means premature ejaculation. We seem uncontrollable. Get off the train before its departure - the dreamer changed his attitude to the situation in everyday life.Railway rails and tracks are important as ways by which we can reach our destination. Awareness of the direction in which the railways go can give us a cautious hint as to which direction we are going. Getting off the rail implies improper activity or lack of control. Reluctance to board the train - external circumstances affect us in an unfair way. Arriving at the station means that we have completed a certain part of our life trip and are ready for a new relationship with the world as a whole. The passenger car of the train shows various aspects of our life and our attitude towards them. For example, if the carriage is dirty, then we have to clear something in our life. If in our dreams we walk, it usually means that we are able to carry out part of our life journey on our own, without any help. Go for a walk - we can enjoy the process of recharging our batteries and clearing our minds.

The image of the trip becomes clearer when time passes and the end approaches. We are more aware that we will ever reach our final and final destination.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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I travel with my son on a bus in an unfamiliar city, go to the store, I choose and buy myself a new jacket. Then we go with him on a very rough terrain to the holiday village. Therefore, I am guided a little by the terrain, but my son is not. Then, taking a puppy and a kitten, we go back with big obstacles ...
Galina Ivanovna
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A bus ride in a good mood with former employees, one of them gave herring as a gift. And the second died long ago she asked ck. I didn’t even believe that I would soon be 70 years old. She said that I looked much older.
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we eat with the former wife in a new car she’s driving I understand that she knows how to drive and I ask when you had time to turn in the direction and learned to ride me only a week she replied that she needed to be able to
A comment

She rode on the train with her grandson, put him to bed and went to the station to pick up lilacs.Jumped up and hung in the air, narwhal lilac. At this time, the train started. I ran after him but did not have time.
A comment

Today my husband dreamed that we were going to the cemetery to bury me, although I’m going to live with them, I called all my relatives and invited them, we went and my husband says we’re alive, but I’m going and I know that you will die in a couple of days I really want to understand why this dream is very worried

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