Dream to Me, Beautiful Bird!

We all have dreams. Colorful and bright, black and white, calm, pleasant. In the process of sleep, we can even experience hunger, fear, burst of energy. We talk in a dream, or we are silent, we can sing in a dream, we can give out na, who in real life are not even familiar to us.

If we translate this into the language of cinema, then allDream views occur in different ways. Someone gets meaningless shorts, seconds on 3 or 4, which in the morning can neither be understood nor remembered exactly what the messages of the unconscious were about. Someone, probably lovers of various lingering serials, get long dreams, about 20 minutes, with a twisted plot, with a sequel in a week.

Human curiosity has no boundaries. To know what was predicted by this or that dream, to correctly explain it, to see all the signs, is a task that is solved by more than one generation of people. The number of dream books is growing every day. Themes of dreams, their plots, repeatability and coincidence are objects for study.

The theme of birds that we see in a dream isa great place. Apparently because in real life birds accompany us everywhere. Can you remember at least one day without mentioning birds? Telecasts, broadcasts, prints, the Internet - they everywhere will find a place.

Literally,why birds sing. Pictures with the most beautiful and ugliest representatives of this class of wildlife. And the subjects about the interference of birds in human activity and modern methods of protection from birds - on instruments and .

But how to explain the appearance of birds in our dreams? The interpretations given by the dream books can be divided into several groups. If a bird of prey, a falcon or a hawk is shot, this is a real danger that can come from our opponents. To kill a bird of prey in a dream, to shoot at it means, in the opinion of the interpreters of dreams, overcoming obstacles, to victory over circumstances.

A beautiful bird with amazingly beautiful plumagepredicts a quick and happy marriage for a woman or a girl. A dream where birds fly - to prosperity and luck, to the expectation of better days. Joyful news is borne by white birds from your sleep.

To hear in a dream the singing of birds, to hear themecho in the forest more often - unfortunately, warns us about the impossibility or inability to solve some current task, a problem. Perhaps you need to change something in yourself and return with new strength to the task.

If you dreamed of a small, ordinary-looking bird, you can not worry. Contrary to its non-virile plumage, this dream says that peace and peace will come to your family.

Dreams, especially good ones, raise the mood,make people look at things differently. However, to dwell on the subjects of night travel and run to the dream book is not worth it, first, there are a lot of dream books, and secondly, practically everyone has his own interpretation of what he saw, heard, felt.

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