Drying of feet. Exercises for drying the body

Excessive fullness of the thighs and legs is a problem,which worries not only modern women, but also men of all ages. In order to achieve an excellent result, you need to collect will power into a fist. Drying the legs in combination with the right, balanced diet can lead to excellent health and weight reduction in the right area. The complex of exercises must be selected for each person individually.

drying feet

We get rid of fat deposits

It is very common thatlosing weight legs is no more effective exercise than the standard swings to the sides and forward. In this there is some sense, but not in the case if there are strong fat deposits. In order to effectively eliminate them, exercises that involve more vigorous movements will be required.

It is impossible to concentrate only on one problem zone, it is important to train the entire body. Drying the legs should be accompanied by exercises that will give an attractive look to the figure.

The main task is not just to give your legsA sporty look, but also get rid of the accumulated fatty layers. Complex exercises with proper and regular execution will give an excellent result in a short time.

drying feet for girls

Regular classes:

  • Three days a week it is necessary to dedicate a cardio complex of training to the hips and legs.
  • Other two days will require the performance of strength exercises, in order to tone the rest of the muscles.

Drying of legs and buttocks implies except for trainingalso proper nutrition. In a time when you will lose weight in problem areas, try to avoid eating fatty foods and carbohydrates. If you follow the caloric intake, then the result will appear much faster than you expect.

Cardio-exhalations for the hip and leg area

To perform a complex of trainingskipping rope and any cardio. The first thing that you will need to do is to warm up. Muscles always need to be cooked. After warming up on the simulator, you can already begin jumping rope. Drying your feet will give a positive result only if, during the exercise, you will be laid out to the maximum.

What does the training consist of:

  • Running on a rope on two legs 100 jumps.
  • 50 sit-ups (tighten the stomach, straighten, feet are parallel to each other).
  • We return to the cardio and give the muscles a little rest, perform 5 minutes of exercise on it with medium intensity.
  • Another 100 jumps on the rope.
  • 50 twists on the press.

Ideal time for training -this is one hour. However, it is impossible to overstrain immediately. Start gradually, increasing each time. As you can see, drying your feet is not so easy, because it requires the presence of willpower. But no one said that it would be easy.

Simple leg exercises

drying legs and buttocks for girls

Normal strength exercises also give an excellent effect in a short time. They will need a special rubber band and dumbbells weighing at least 6 kg (over time, you need to bring it to 12 kg).

Before proceeding to the power loads, do notforget that you need to stretch your legs. Excellent jumping rope (at least 300) or simple running for 10-15 minutes is great. After the warm-up, you can already begin to exercise with dumbbells.

We squat with dumbbells weighing 6-12 kg

Exercises for drying the body must beintensive, especially when it comes to giving the proper kind of hips. For this, simple sit-ups with dumbbells are perfect. You can start with a weight of 6 kg, gradually increasing it.

To start squats, you need to straightenback and properly draw in the belly. Make sure that your heels do not come off the floor. Squats should be done slowly in order to achieve greater effect. Three approaches 12 times - the best option for a beginner, then the intensity increases.

It is important that between the approaches rest is no more than 30-40 seconds.

Exercise with a barbell

exercises for drying the body

Before lifting the bar, be sure toconsult your trainer. He must choose the optimal load depending on your weight and sex. After that, do slow squats with the bar in your hands. This is a very effective exercise, which gives the calf muscles the proper shape.

Exercise "Plie"

Stand up in such a way that your legs are onshoulder width. The feet must be turned so that the socks are looking in different directions. We keep the dumbbells in front of us and slowly go down to the squat until the hips are in a position parallel to the floor. Bend the pelvis in any case impossible, otherwise the sense of the exercise simply will not be.

Three sets of 12 repetitions are the optimal load intensity. If you feel how the internal muscles work, then everything is right.

Excess volume of muscle mass

drying feet at home

Very often both in men and in women's legscan look complete not for the reason that fat deposits have accumulated in this area. The reason may be large muscles and heavy bones. Drying of legs and hips in this case should contain a special set of training.

A popular mistake is refusal of strength exercises. This strategy is incorrect because it will not lead to a decrease in volume in the legs and thighs.

Perform all the exercises that were necessarylisted above, only with even greater intensity. Also do not forget about the workout on the rope. The contract must be done at least 3-4 cycles of exercises with an interval for rest not more than 30 seconds.

After you finish, go to bed early and rest. It is necessary to fix the result by half-hour run with average speed.

Other effective exercises for drying the body:

  • Bicycle riding.
  • Roller skating.

Proper nutrition

It is important to understand that the drying of the legs and buttocks forgirls - this is not losing weight. The main task is to rid the problem areas of subcutaneous fat, while maintaining muscle mass. It is for this reason that it is important to monitor diet and fluid intake.

Drying the legs for girls should be accompanied byreduction in the diet of foods that contain fats and carbohydrates, because they contribute to the formation of fatty layer. Forget about half-finished products and other harmful products - the less their consumption, the faster you will achieve the desired result.

The menu for the day must beso that protein predominates in it. An excellent option will be cooked meat (it contains very little fat), vegetables and fruits, dairy products (with low fat content). Eat as much as possible natural dietary products, then exercises for drying your feet will quickly bear fruit.

Drinking water

Water plays a very important role for the bodyrights. As you know, to maintain yourself toned, it is recommended that you consume at least two liters of fluid during the day. And if we are talking about the summer period of time, then more.

Drying the legs and buttocks for girls is not always givenit is easy because of the small consumption of liquid. The body is exhausted, and it just does not have enough energy to do the exercises. If you decide to get yourself in shape and work hard, then try to consume as much liquid as possible during the day. More water should be drunk in the morning, and in the evening - a little less.

The required amount of water per day during exercise and diet is three liters.

Drying your feet at home

The modern rhythm of life is often simply notallows you to allocate time to visit the gym. What to do if you want to lose weight from the buttocks and legs? Perform exercises at home. It will not take you much time. But the combination of a correct, balanced diet and regular classes will lead to the fact that you can quickly achieve an effective result.

Exercises for drying feet

In order to start studying at home, you will not need to purchase expensive simulators. It is enough to have comfortable clothes and a simple mat.

Some exercises:

  • We lay down on the rug, we have our hands under the buttocks. Strain the press and begin to raise your legs as high as possible (be sure to keep them straight). This exercise has a positive effect not only on the legs, but also pulls the muscles of other parts of the body.
  • Drying the legs for the girls will not be effective withoutstrength exercises. You can even execute them at home. To buy usual dumbbells, for the beginning the weight in 6 kg will approach, with the course of time it can be increased. With dumbbells, you can already do squats, plies and some other exercises. The result will be no worse than after visiting the gym.
  • There is no desire and opportunity to spend money onpurchase of rugs, special clothes for classes and dumbbells? Surely you have a skipping rope at home. It is this shell that can be safely called the most effective means for combating obesity in the hips and legs. Distribute the load for the whole day. For example, three times a day, perform 500 jumps at least. In time, increase this amount. The more you jump on the rope, the faster the result will be visible. And remember that with any training you need to adhere to a diet, without it you can not achieve anything.
  • Useful for the general condition of the body and weight reduction in the legs area daily jogging. Give this lesson 30 minutes in the morning or in the evening, and the result you can achieve even faster.
  • If the house has rollers or a bicycle, then joggingit is quite possible to exclude. While riding, leg muscles work very intensively, and for drying it is just what you need. Moreover, on roller skates you can ride as much pleasure as you like, combining pleasure with useful.

Summing up

drying of legs and thighs

Of course, drying your feet in a week is almost impossible. But within a month it is quite possible to achieve the desired result. Take the will into your fist and begin your studies now.

What do you need:

  • Doing every day, the intensity of training constantly increase.
  • Consume a minimum of three liters of water without gas per day.
  • Exclude from the diet of fats and carbohydrates, emphasis on proteins, fruits, vegetables and other natural products.

With the regular performance of the complex of training,the use of the right amount of fluid and proper nutrition, you can get rid of excess weight, not only in the legs and hips, but also throughout the body. After a month of this lifestyle you will feel much easier, the body will get the desired shape, and the legs will look exactly the way you always dreamed about it.

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