Elizaveta Listova: biography, family, activities

Listova Elizaveta Leonidovna - well-knownRussian TV presenter and journalist. For most viewers, she is familiar by the programs of NTV channels, "Russia", TV-6 and TVS. Having worked on television for more than two decades, Listova continues to improve her professional skills and regularly releases new projects.

Elizabeth Leaf

Family journalist

Elizaveta Leonidovna Listova, whose biographywill be considered in this publication, was born in Moscow on December 30, 1971. Tatiana's mother worked as a theater expert, Pope Leonid as an engineer. Parents Listovoy divorced, later his father went to Germany, where he began to study music. After the dissolution of the marriage, Lisa's mother married the leading TV program "The View" of journalist Vladimir Mukusev, soon the half-sister Darya was born to the girl. Elizabeth's great-grandfather was the famous Soviet composer, People's Artist of the RSFSR Konstantin Yakovlevich Listov, who composed music for such popular songs in the Soviet era as "Sevastopol Waltz", "In the Dugout", "In the Park Chair", "Dumka", etc.

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Studying at the institute and coming to television

After graduation, Lisa decided to follow in the footstepsmother and entered the theater department of GITIS, which graduated in 1994. Leader Listova at the Institute was a well-known theater critic and theater critic Natalia Krymova. Studying in the last year, the girl got a job in the magazine "The Art of Cinema", where she got acquainted with the director and publicist Pyotr Shepotinnik. It was he who invited Elizabeth Listov to the television. In 1994 she began to work as a correspondent in the new authorial television program Shepotinnik "Kinescope", dedicated to domestic and world cinema. The program, broadcast on TV-6, was the first step for Elizabeth in her journalistic career. Having come into contact with the correspondent activity, Listova realized that she would continue to do it.

Elizabeth the leaf of the Soviet empire

Cooperation with NTV

In 1995 he came to the capital NTV channelElizaveta Listova. The biography of the journalist of this period is connected with her collaboration with the popular program of Leonid Parfyonov "The other day. Non-political news. " After 2 years, Listov is taken to the newscasts "Today" and "Itogi". A young journalist covered the news of culture, later she was instructed to do a number of reports about the Black Sea Fleet. After working on NTV until April 2001, Listova was forced to leave the television channel together with her colleagues, in connection with the change of his leadership.

Career of the leading news programs

Without work, a young journalist does not sit for longit was necessary, in June 2001, it was approved as a TV presenter of daily news on the TV-6 channel. The work on the air in many respects differed from what Lisa had to do before that time, so she had to make a lot of efforts in order to learn a new kind of activity. She got it easily, and soon she turned into a star of the blue screen, which they began to recognize on the street. In the summer of 2002, the host began to cover the daily news on the recently created TVS channel. Unfortunately, it lasted only a year, and after its closure, Listova was forced to look for a new job. In the early summer of 2003, fate brought her to the TV channel Russia. From that moment Elizabeth Leonidovna had to discover another talent.

leaf Elizabeth films

Working as a documentary filmmaker

The management of the channel has long been nurturing the idea ofthe creation of a series of documentary films about the history of Russia in the period of its existence in the USSR. Listovoy proposed to become the author of this project. The correspondent, who does not have the experience of creating documentaries, was not afraid of responsibility and agreed. Work on the cycle began in the fall of 2003 and completely devoured Listov. At first her co-author was Alexey Kundulukov, who had known her since the time of work with Parfenov. The project was decided to give the name "Soviet Empire". Within its framework for 6 and a half years 11 documentary films were created that tell viewers about the symbols of the communist era.

In the spring of 2004, on the air of the Russian TV channelappeared the first film of the cycle - "Hotel" Moscow ", dedicated to the history of the construction of the capital's proletarian hotel, designed for a thousand guests. The film turned out to be unusually colorful and filled with unknown facts. It was made using poly screens and computer graphics. Narration in the frame was personally led by Elizaveta Listova. "The Soviet Empire" got a great start, and the audience began to wait for the next films of the cycle with interest. Subsequently, films were produced under the name "Bratsk hydro-power plant", "Vysotki", "Motherland", "Canals", "Sochi", "Ostankino", "Icebreaker", "Metro", "Khrushchev", "People's car". The cycle became an expensive mega-project using previously classified information, rare chronicles, virtual reconstructions and expert comments.

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The success of the film works of Leaf

Once in several months she airedRussia a new series of "Soviet Empire" Listova Elizabeth. Films created by a journalist and TV presenter caused heated discussions in the society, because they covered topics that no one had developed before it. To gather the necessary information, Listova and her assistants had to spend a lot of time in the archives, to study long-forgotten documents, to understand construction norms and rules. It took a lot of time for this whole routine, but the result of such work was terrific: every series of the documentary series was screened by millions of TV viewers, and to Listova began to be treated like a professional with a capital letter.

Further career

In parallel with work on the "Soviet Empire"Listova Elizaveta Leonidovna made reports for the weekly news and analysis TV show "News of the Week". In 2010, the journalist and TV presenter returns to NTV, where she works as a correspondent in Vadim Takmenev's program "Central Television" and the author of the documentary program "Profession - reporter". In addition, Listova creates her own documentary films. In 2016, she presented to the TV viewers a film "Sevastopol Waltz", which tells of the heroic defense of Sevastopol from the Germans during the Great Patriotic War. The film Elizaveta Leonidovna named in honor of the song of the same name by her famous great-grandfather-composer.

Elizabeth the Leaf Family

The personal life of the correspondent

Starting to work as a TV presenter in the newsprograms, began to attract Elizaveta Listova to her person. The family and the personal life of the TV presenter are interested in Russian viewers no less than her professional career. Listova reluctantly gives interviews, does not participate in public events and does not get into scandalous situations, so her name is difficult to meet in the secular chronicle. Nevertheless, some information about the personal life of the journalist and the presenter falls into the media.

In 2004, Listova married a well-knownRussian correspondent Yevgeny Revenko. She met her husband when she worked as a journalist in the Parthenon program "The Other Day". For many years young people were just friends and colleagues at work. The novel between them broke out at a time when Listova, after the closure of the TVS, came to the Russia channel and started creating a documentary cycle called "The Soviet Empire". This time in Elizabeth's life was very difficult, because she had to master an unfamiliar past for her, and Eugene became a reliable support for her. In 2005, the daughter of Vera was born to a young couple. After the birth of the child, Listova did not stay long in the decree and very quickly returned to work in order to continue the creation of documentary cycles. To the surprise of colleagues and viewers, Elizabeth successfully managed to combine career with raising a small child. Her films were aired strictly according to the previously planned schedule.

leaf Elizabeth is leonid

The Significance of Work in the Life of Leaf

Correspondent Elizaveta Listova, whose photoyou can see in this article - a real professional in his field. She does not represent her life without her favorite work and is happy with what she could achieve in life. Having received a diploma of a theater expert, Elizabeth was not afraid to go on an unfamiliar path for her and thoroughly study the profession of the correspondent. Today on the account of Listovoy work in many television projects and she is not going to stop there. It is possible that in the near future the correspondent will please the Russian viewer with his participation in new programs.

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