Embroidery: decorative seams


We offer you three non-standard design options for decorative seams. These are great ideas for those who like to do needlework and embroidery. They are useful for decorating a variety of things.

decorative stitch

If you do not have the ability to seal the product with a secret seam, replace it with one that will look beautiful. The seam may be an additional element of the decor, and not the fact that you want to hide.

Experienced seamstresses often decorate things using various decorative seams. Depending on the crafts themselves, they can be made large or small and elegant. As a rule, such seams are made with a contrast thread. Often it is intentionally made quite thick, visible.

Decorative seams are often used in the processing of linen and solid cotton fabrics. In addition, they fit perfectly into the work with felt and felt.

Decorative cross seams

This method is great for making wide seams. In addition, it can be used as a regular embroidery - just for decoration.

cross stitches

The execution of this seam is very simple. It looks like this.

cross stitches scheme

Particularly interesting are the seams with alternating threads of different shades.

Decorative seams using two-color threads

This is a very beautiful option that looks great both from the outside and from the wrong side.

two-color seam

Take a look at the diagram to see how it is executed. In fact, this is a seam from the previous version with an additional thread.

two-color seam scheme

Similar schemes can be used to decorate the corners of the name scarves.

Decorative twigs in the form of twigs

A win-win for decorating any product.

twigs stitches

At first glance, this embroidery seems to be difficult, but in fact it is very easy to perform. This scheme will help you.

stitches in the form of twigs scheme

stitches in the form of twigs scheme

This option looks very nice and the reverse side.

Choose any of the decorative seams and try to decorate any of your things with your own hands.

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