Epiphany Frost 2018

For Russians, Epiphany Frost is a special period of winter. Already many are accustomed to associate them with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. What the weather will actually be in 2018, and weather forecasters know whether severe frosts are waiting for us.


When do Epiphany frosts begin

As the long-term experience of observing the weather shows, in January most often severe frosts begin by the middle of the month. For many centuries they have indeed been associated with one of the most important holidays of Christianity - Baptism, which is celebrated on the nineteenth of January.

According to meteorologists, this binding to the date does not have any scientific basis, for the hard frosts in January do take place, but there is no guarantee that they will start on January 19th.

Specialists who study folk traditions explain this fact by the fact that in ancient times people associated any unusual natural events with God's will or religious holidays. Since in the middle of January, when frosts happen, the closest holiday is Baptism, then frosts have been called Epiphany.

Moreover, if the frosts begin before the nineteenth, they are still called Epiphany, but with the word early. Late frosts with the same name also occur, but in the region of 23.01-25.01.

December frosts, which are not uncommon from January 20 to January 27, can also be safely called Christmas, for on these days the Catholic Christmas falls.

Epiphany Frost 2018

Thus, frosts are not determined by religious holidays, but to a greater degree by the presence of an anticyclone in one or another period of time.

The fact that Epiphany frosts have a purely religious peg is evidenced by the fact that there are still frosts:

  • Nikopol;
  • Timofeevskie;
  • Sretenskie.

How long do frosts last for baptism

Experts of the "celestial office" do not cease to say that the weather is turbulent, so it is impossible to predict in advance how many frosts will begin and how many days there will be. It depends on the specific weather situation at a particular point in time. As the statistics of recent years shows, even thaws are not uncommon on this day.

But the question of whether the baptismal frost in 2018, they will certainly answer in the affirmative. This is explained very simply - in mid-January, an anticyclone is established over most of Russia, which is characterized by high atmospheric pressure and great frosts.

According to the statistics of the Hydrometeorological Center, it is possible to trace what the weather of January 19-25 was in different years:

Years / day 19.01 21.01 25.01
2015 -4 ° C -16 ° C -2 ° C
2016 -12 ° C -15 ° C -22 ° C
2017 -10 ° C 0 ° C -23 ° C

This table once again confirms that the weather is random and changeable along with the air currents in the atmosphere. Long-term forecast has a certain degree of probability. You can not determine in advance:

  • cooling force;
  • real date;
  • duration

Each year, frosts have different dynamics and the possible variation is several days.

Epiphany signs

As for the weather, our ancestors were very observant. Here and weather phenomena they associated with various events. They considered:

  • A full moon will surely cause a large flood and abundant melt water flows. Thawing of snow will happen so fast that it’s fit to make boots. The roads will be full of mud and melt water for a very long time.
  • Even in antiquity, it was believed that if there would be a new moon on a holiday, then similar weather would last throughout January.

Epiphany frosts 2018. When do they begin, how long do they last

Some signs also concerned life:

  • It was believed that the melted water from the Epiphany snow cured of ailments, so the snow was collected and stored in basements.
  • It used to be believed that if you draw water from the consecrated font and spray it with it during washing, then the laundry will become extremely snow-white.
  • Old people say that earlier in the villages, the animals were given Epiphany snow so that they would grow healthy and strong. The same thing was done with the bird. They believed that from this they earlier began to rush.
  • In the villages, they still believe that if the snow falls tightly to the fence, then the next crop will rot by half, and if it lies down with some clearance from the fence, then the reserves will last for a whole year.
  • If there is a starry sky for a holiday, there will be a lot of berries and nuts in the forest, a lot of peas in the garden, and many lambs in the shed.
  • Many people are sure that if there is a blizzard, then spring will come late. The snow will melt before Easter itself and the frosts will be all spring.
  • There is a useful omen for hunters. If 19.01 dogs bark all night long - this is to the abundance of forest game.
  • For our ancestors, a rich harvest was a guarantee of a comfortable existence. They believed that the flakes of snow to an excellent harvest, but a clear sky - meant crop failure.
  • As for fertility, people were especially attentive. It has been observed that the warm Epiphany weather is to abundant rye and a shortage of wheat.

Why signs do not work

Some people have noticed that many signs that have lived for many years, for some reason, do not work now. There are many explanations for this. One of them is associated with the transition to the Gregorian calendar. That is, all the old signs are focused on the dates of the Julian calendar, therefore they do not work in real numbers of the calendar.

Another explanation is related to climate change. Previously, people lived mainly in rural areas and were closely associated with nature. Now most of the population lives in cities where industry is developing at full speed. So she makes the ecological situation completely different from previous years. What is the global warming and destruction of the ozone layer of our planet?

Summing up, we can say that the frosts in January, of course, remained, but you should not tie them to the calendar. Frost can come in early January and then it can be called Christmas. Chill can come as instantly as a thaw, so it is almost impossible to predict how long and how many days the weather will be good.

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