European Games 2019

The European Games of 2019 is a large-scale sporting event that will bring together the best athletes of the continent. The competition is held every four years and will be just the second event held under the auspices of the EOC. According to the regulations, all European countries except the Vatican have the right to participate in it. Despite the short history, the European games won a huge audience, and millions of fans are eagerly awaiting the start of this fascinating tournament.

Where will pass?

The venue for the second European Games of 2019 was the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The President of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, declared his readiness to accept the first such event in history, but in 2014 a large amount of finances was invested in the preparation for the World Hockey Championship. There was no money left in the budget to create a suitable infrastructure for the new grand event, so the idea to accept the 2015 European Games was abandoned. Then the competition was successfully held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

European Games: Athletics

Initially, the Netherlands was chosen as the venue for the EI-2019, but for financial reasons the country refused the honorary right. As a result, the following countries nominated themselves:

  • Great Britain (Glasgow);
  • Russia (Kazan and Sochi);
  • Belarus (Minsk);
  • Poland (Poznan);
  • Turkey (Istanbul).

After the doping scandal in the Russian sport, the application of Kazan and Sochi was rejected. Of the remaining candidates, EOK officials chose Minsk as the most suitable city for such a grand event. The National Olympic Committee of Belarus expressed gratitude for the confidence and assured the world community that the 2019 European Games will be held at the highest level.

European Games in Baku

Approximately 50 countries will speak at the tournament, and the total number of athletes will exceed 4,000. During the competition, which will be held from 20 to 30 June 2019, 189 sets of medals will be played. The main arena of the event will be Dynamo Stadium. Reconstruction of the arena has been going on since 2012, and according to the authorities, it will end on the eve of the games. The arena will be able to boast of modern infrastructure, including updated seats, treadmills, athletics sectors.

Competitive disciplines

At the European Games of the year in question, the number of represented sports will increase significantly. If in Baku medals were played out only in 20 disciplines, in Minsk athletes will try their strength in 30 kinds. Most of them are included in the Olympic program, while the games themselves are the stage of preparation for Tokyo 2020.

The list of disciplines where the best athletes of Europe will perform include:

  • boxing;
  • fight;
  • swimming;
  • volleyball;
  • badminton;
  • cycling;
  • fencing;
  • gymnastics;
  • water polo;
  • table tennis;
  • basketball (3x3 format), etc.

Competitions in athletics will take Dynamo stadium. At the velodrome, which is part of the "Minsk Arena", there will be races on the track and badminton matches. In the Minsk Arena itself, viewers will be able to see competitions in gymnastics, acrobatics, and trampolining. Boxing fights are scheduled in the UK “Uruchye”, and road cycling will be held on the streets of Minsk and at the “Palova Arena”. Fans of wrestling should visit the Chizhovka Arena, and those who wish to cheer on the rowers can enjoy the water channel in Zaslavl.

Logo of the European Games in Minsk

The motto was the slogan "Bright You" ("Bright You"). In the abbreviation, it is denoted as BY, which coincides with the international abbreviation of Belarus. The competition logo was approved in the summer of 2017.It depicts a fern - a flower, bringing happiness and good fortune according to popular beliefs of Belarusians. Under development is the mascot of games. As expected, it will be presented in early 2018.

Does Belarus need European games?

Note that the attitude to the event in Belarus is far from the most unambiguous. According to preliminary estimates of experts, the cost of preparing sports facilities for the tournament will cost $ 50 million, and the cost of law enforcement, transportation and accommodation of athletes will exceed $ 10 million. These funds were not included in the country's budget, and they will have to be sought out by raising taxes or new borrowing.

Lukashenko holds a meeting on the European Games

Despite the assurances of the authorities that all expenses will be repaid due to the increase in tourist flow and income from television broadcasts, many still do not believe in the profitability of the project. The main reasons for holding the European Games of 2019 in Minsk, independent experts believe:

  • pre-election PR (elections are scheduled for 2020 in Belarus);
  • improving the image of Lukashenko in the eyes of the world community;
  • foreign policy propaganda of the country's achievements.

At the same time, a number of public figures urges not to mix sport with politics and just enjoy the tournament. During the games in Minsk, an amazing holiday atmosphere will surely be created, and besides the competitions, guests of the event will be able to see unique sights, buy souvenirs and take part in mass festivities. Do not miss the grand sporting event, which will be held from 20 to 30 June.

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