Examination of Mathematics in 2018

Pupils who go to grade 11 in the 2017-2018 school year, it's time to think about what profession they want to tie their lives with, and accordingly, what subjects they plan to take in the framework of the unified state exam.

In 2018, graduates will accurately pass the exam on the Russian language and mathematics. These two items will remain on the mandatory list, the expansion of which is a lively discussion.

This article will provide answers to such questions that concern 11th graders:

Examination of Mathematics in 2018

Levels of unified state examination in mathematics in 2018

At the moment, specific dates for the exam in mathematics have not yet been determined, but the time intervals for the USE in 2018 are known (data are presented approximately):

  • preliminary - from 03.22.18 to 04.13.18;
  • the main one is from 28.05.18 to 09.07.18;
  • additional - September 2018.

Just want to reassure parents and graduates - such a unified state examination, as mathematics in 2018, significant changes will not affect. Future students who dream of entering universities, as in 2017, at the stage of registration will be able to choose one of two proposed levels of difficulty:

  1. Base, sufficient for admission to specialties that do not require applicants to undergo tests on the subject of "Mathematics".
  2. Profilenecessary for those wishing to apply for a specialty, where "Mathematics" is one of the entrance exams.

Naturally, for the basic and core level the tasks will differ significantly and will require different levels of knowledge from students.

Answer form EGE math 2018

Basic work structure

The main task facing examiners is to determine the level of theoretical training of students, the availability of basic skills for graduates of schools to solve standard tasks, the ability of future students to apply the knowledge gained in mathematics lessons in everyday life.

Examination work includes only 1 level. In 180 minutes, students will have to solve 20 tasks of a basic level of complexity and enter the answer in the form, observing the rules for filling in the table attached to the task.

For the successful completion of the unified state examination in mathematics, students in grade 11 in 2018 will only need to score a minimum threshold of 12 points, which corresponds to an assessment of "3".

It is worth noting that graduates who pass on mathematics at a basic level do not have to face particularly difficult tasks. The short answer to the standard tasks will be:

  • whole numbers;
  • trailing decimals;
  • sequence of numbers.

The structure of the work level profile

Future students, whose classes had a mathematical profile, as well as graduates who chose a specialty for themselves, in which mathematics is a basic subject for admission, in 2018 will have to cope with a more complex task.

EGE profile level consists of 2 parts:

  1. Basic, the purpose of which is to check how the student owns the basic concepts of the subject and copes with the solution of standard mathematical problems. The block contains 8 tasks with a short answer.
  2. Profile, checking the level of proficiency in the topics of the advanced level program, the presence of non-standard thinking and the ability to apply this knowledge in different situations, combining methods of solving problems from different topics of mathematics. The block offers 4 tasks with a short answer and 7 tasks with a detailed one (a complete record of the decision and the justification of each action is required).

The proficiency examination is credited if the student scores at least 27 points.

What you need to know about the exam in mathematics

Over the past few years, the practice of conducting the Unified State Examination has given graduates a clear understanding that any options other than good basic knowledge of the subject are very risky. Every year there are those who wish to somewhat “simplify the task”, and as a result they simply lose their chances of entering this year, being removed from the audience for cheating.

Yes! With the exam really kicked out for such violations as:

  • conversations;
  • cheating;
  • attempts to help a neighbor or get help from someone;
  • noisy behavior that interferes with those present in the audience;
  • the use of any technical means (calculators, phones, etc.).

EGE how is the exam

By law, it is strictly forbidden to include teachers who read the subject in the commission that ensures the holding of a unified state exam in mathematics. And this means that even if you are lucky and the commission will be set up loyally, you should not expect any real help from the teachers present.

Important! Examinee has the right to leave the audience.But, the time of exit and return is strictly fixed, all drafts and cleanmen are deposited with members of the commission, and the accompanying person leaves with the audience leaving (always, except for those few minutes that everyone has the right to spend without prying eyes). restroom). If you notice that during this time you try to use the phone, calculator or cheat sheet, there will be trouble.

From all of the above, it is necessary to conclude that the only correct way to successfully pass the unified state examination in mathematics is to prepare for the exam in the 2017-2018 school year.

Preparing for the exam in mathematics

The main condition for the successful passing of the Unified State exam in mathematics is a stable mastering of the subject program throughout all years of study at a school, gymnasium or lyceum. Mathematics is one of those subjects that is almost impossible to learn in a year, if you have not previously received basic knowledge. If a student studied diligently, but he feels that there are certain topics in which he “floats”, then starting from 11, and even better from 10th grade, you need to think about purposeful preparation for the Unified State Exam.

Such options are possible:

  1. Group classes at school.
  2. Individual lessons with a tutor.
  3. Selfeducation.

For those who have chosen to pass the basic level and do not claim a high score on the exam, it may be enough and standard additional lessons organized for students in grade 11 in most schools. But it is important to understand that such a format will not help to identify problem areas, and, accordingly, and to fully fill the lack of knowledge.

Group preparation for the exam in mathematics

Tutor - ideal in two cases:

  1. The graduate aims at the highest possible score.
  2. There are serious gaps in knowledge that require an individual approach.

Unfortunately, the cost of the services of a professional teacher who has experience in preparing high school students for passing the EGE is not cheap, and classes with an inexperienced teacher may not give the desired result.

Self-education is an option for those who feel confident enough in algebra and in geometry. So graduates can be recommended:

  • familiarization with trial versions of tasks;
  • solving problems with the unified state examination of past years;
  • training in a variety of online benefits.

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