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At the beginning of 2018, for the 14th time in Moscow, one of the largest expositional events of the country dedicated to the climate equipment and industrial cold will take place. The exhibition “Climate World” every year expands its capabilities and scope, the number of participants and visitors is steadily growing, and 2018 will not be an exception.

The exhibition has long since earned an impeccable reputation, becoming the largest of all the activities of this area in Russia and Eastern Europe.


The schedule and schedule of the event has already been fully developed by the organizers and presented to the public, so they can be found not only on the official website:

  • The first stage - installation of expositions - will take place from February 24 to February 26.
  • The official opening of the Climate World exhibition is scheduled for February 27, the first day of the operation of all squares and exhibition halls. The official opening will begin at 11-00 and will continue until 13-00.
  • Days of work - from February 27 to March 2 (10-00 - 18-00).
  • Events dedicated to completion are scheduled for March 2.

The venue traditionally remains Expocentre Fairgrounds at Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment 14. The World of Climate 2018 exhibition will operate in Pavilion 2 in the exhibition halls number 1, 2, 3 4 and 8, as well as in the reception hall.

Exhibition World Climate RF

Since the dates have already been announced, nonresident visitors and participants should worry about their place of residence as early as possible, since during the exhibition in areas located close to the Expocentre there is a shortage of rooms in hotels and hostels, or their prices rise sharply. Therefore, for non-resident or foreign participants and visitors there is a sense in early booking.


Since the overwhelming number of guests and visitors are professionals in the climatic, construction and finishing market, this makes it possible to find consumers and increase sales of products and technologies that are relevant to the immediate topic.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to get acquainted with wholesale suppliers, to determine the reputation of certain companies and projects on the All-Russian and international market, to learn the main topics and recent trends in specialized areas, as well as to find out the structure of consumer demand.

Stand with air conditioning

The main thematic areas:

  • air conditioning (air conditioners, VRF-systems, fans, etc.);
  • heating and energy-saving technologies (heating systems, heaters, heat pumps, smart home, etc.);
  • water supply and sanitation;
  • control systems for indoor air parameters (ionization, humidification, low humidity, clean room systems);
  • industrial cold and cryotechnologies (refrigerated cabinets, industrial refrigerators and cooling systems, cryogenic equipment, refrigerated warehouses, etc.);
  • finishing, building materials and installation techniques;
  • dispatching remote systems and automation;
  • consumables and tools;
  • regulatory and permitting documentation;
  • auditing, consulting services, training.


Topics in 2018 were supplemented with new directions, which promises great prospects and knowledge after visiting the World of Climate exhibition

Exhibition Program

The Climate World in 2018 will be as diversely represented by events as in previous years. The organizer - the company "Euroexpro" took care of a multi-level program that is of interest both for participants and guests of the exhibition halls.

To this end, starting from February 27, the Business Program starts, which includes:

  • conferences;
  • master classes;
  • panel discussions;
  • technology workshops;
  • presentations;
  • meeting of the Council in the field of energy conservation;
  • scientific and practical conferences;
  • School of Young Scientists;
  • thematic discussions.


All the events of the Business Program will be broadcast online via the Internet, so even those who are unable to come to Expocentre will be able to listen to the conference or workshop of interest.

A detailed schedule of events can be found on the official website of the World of Climate exhibition.


Visitors who are already interested in the opportunity to visit Climate World in 2018 can use the service of getting free tickets on the official website of the exhibition. To do this, do the following:

  • enter the site and select the section "Free tickets and online registration";
  • enter the necessary data in the registration form;
  • specify your email address where you should send an electronic ticket;
  • print it out;
  • contact the registration desk near the entrance to the Expocentre exhibition hall and exchange a ticket for a visitor badge.

During the exhibition, each visitor will discover new technologies, prospects and directions in work, will be able to get contacts of business partners, evaluate the directions and approach to the business of competing enterprises, and will also be able to expand the potential customer base.

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