Fashionable dresses for obese women in 2017

Today's fashion world is experiencing a real boom! Girls of magnificent forms finally got the opportunity to loudly declare themselves, creating incredible images. You no longer need to hide behind the overalls or pretend that you are not at all interested in social events. You can afford any clothes: jeans, tight skirts, cropped sweaters and, of course, luxurious dresses!

Today we will show you the mostfashion dresses 2017 for fullof women. In these models, you will feel like a queen, both in everyday situations and on any occasion.


fashion dresses 2017 for full girls

The main style of the season - A-silhouette - fortunately, goes to any figure! You should just avoid the extreme mini (which, in fact, very few people can recommend). Otherwise, there are many options. Tight dresses above the knee, midi-length, light dresses to the floor ... Any models extending downwards will make your silhouette very elegant and gently emphasize the femininity of the forms.

As for the waist, the accent may not be at all. If you still want a fitted dress, try to highlight the narrowest part of the body.Usually in the magnificent figures it is slightly higher than we used to think.

Delicate shades

fancy fashion dresses full

Contrary to the imposed opinion that full ladies should wear only “slimming” dark shades, you can afford gentle colors. In addition, this season they are very relevant! The main thing is not to complement the light tones of too visible texture or glitter. But the light materials of pastel shades - a great choice that does not hurt your gorgeous figure at all.

Breast accent

fashion dresses 2017 for full

The next trend will appeal to full-breasted beauties. The fact is that in the coming season, the designers made a special bet on the new Greek style. Traditional Empire dresses with a high breast line have been transformed into a variety of options. You will find a model with a high waist for any occasion: to work, to meet with friends, on a date, party or concert. In addition, as already mentioned, these dresses emphasize your natural waistline, which is actually located a little higher than usual.

It remains to consider only one nuance: the size of the breast. If you are not happy with its size and considerthat for your body you have a very small top, you can pick up such a dress, in which the bodice will be made of a lighter or textured material, as an option - with glitter, with volume drape.

If your breasts are bigger than you would like, pay attention to models with a dark laconic bodice made of smooth fabric.

Flower print

dresses 2017 for full

Actual floral print looks amazing on girls of feminine forms. We recommend, in particular, to pay attention to large prints with exotic flowers. Such a pattern is perfect, for example, for a summer dress. You can choose absolutely any fabric, even the thinnest, and the print will make the natural folds invisible. Only give preference not to tight, but to semi-adjacent styles.

Optical illusion

fashion evening dresses for the full

Another fashionable trick that will work perfectly in your outfits is the combined colors. Try on a dress whose central part contrasts with the side. This may be a black dress with a light or bright inset in the center. And maybe the opposite. The main thing is to understand the principle. The correct dress can simply “draw” for you the desired silhouette and attract attentionsurrounding to the most important thing.

Clear vertical

summer dresses for full

By analogy with the previous recommendation, we can derive another tip. It is more versatile. As you understand, vertical lines create the illusion of a more elongated silhouette. Everyone knows that the vertical strip and other similar prints are slim.

But in fact, you can use any elements of an elongated shape. V-shaped cuts, long decorations, thin scarves and even braids work for you! Complement the dress with a contrasting scarf that will be streamlined along the body with a concise narrow strip, and your image will play a completely new way!

Long sleeve

fashion dresses for obese women

Another hit this season - dresses with long sleeves. Designers offer similar models even for a wedding. This trend will be especially interesting for women who are adults and serious, for whom the dress code does not always allow them to open their arms. But even younger carefree girls can try for themselves the option of a dress with a sleeve. If this is a model in the floor, the solemnity of such a dress increases significantly. With this you can afford a neckline - and your amazing breasts will not create too frank image.The sexuality of the image will remain soft and elegant.

Maxi effect

fashion dresses for full photos

Since we already talked about dresses in the floor, it is worth noting that the length of the maxi in 2017 is very popular for all sizes. In the case when we are talking about mouth-watering shapes, maxi-styles also work on building a silhouette. In the same way as the vertical lines, long dresses help to stretch the silhouette and make the figure visually slimmer. And they demonstrate your femininity, that is, emphasize the best manifestation of your beautiful figure. What more could you want?

It is very pleasant that designers have finally paid attention to girls with sizes larger than model ones. Today’s world gives us all the many opportunities to be beautiful and to love ourselves. You can choose for yourself a truly perfect dress: in the store, online or to order.

The main thing is that the style really pleases you and helps you feel most beautiful, strong, purposeful, successful. And we will do everything to make it easier for you to find this very magic dress. Be inspired by illustrations and descriptions, look for your model in all stores, do not be afraid of new places and individual orders.

Stylish images and the brightest compliments from loved ones!

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