Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how can you wash the dye from hair at home?

on 17.03.2016

Every year, fashion makes its own adjustments to the style of women's hairstyles, hair color and coloring methods. Women and girls who want to stay in trend should follow the new fashion trends. The main trends of the season include not only new original shades, but also unique variations based on the base color. What hair color will be relevant in the new season? This will tell a informative review.trendingmethods of dyeing hair with photos.

The main thing in the article

image-197280Fashionable hair color trends 2018

  • In the new season, famous stylists prefernatural blonde. Warm, soft shades of the "blond" palette are back in fashion.The most relevant shade is a golden blond with sand and beige tint.


  • Stylists recommend not to use whenhighlightingclearly highlighted bleached strands. They should be as if burned out in the sun, smoothly and naturally dissolve in the total volume of hair. Caramel, straw, golden, wheat and honey shades will refresh your usual image.


  • Pastel delicate rose quartz color is considered fashionable.trendingtint hair palette "blond." Looks impressive muted shade of "rose quartz" on a stylish haircut "elongated bean." Ideal for a short flirty haircut "squeak", creating an independent and bold image.


  • Platinum blond, as in the previous season does not go out of fashion. It is ideal for women of the cold winter subtype. Stylists recommend them to give preference in creating a beautiful image of a noble and elegant platinum color.


  • In 2018, deeper shades will be relevant, including various variations of the “dirty blond” with ashen or platinum accents. It is used to tint individual strands, combining a darker tone with a light one, due to which they effectively play with many-sided shades of colors.


  • A greater amount of beige undertones with a golden glow in the sun is a feature of the caramel blond. It is ideal for women who prefer to stay in trend, who will appreciate the richness of the palette and color depth.


  • For brunettes and brown-haired women are the most fashionable in 2018 cool blond shades of strands. In the trend of the season nutsubtonaand a light ombre, in which a dark blond smoothly flows into a light one. Bright fiery red in 2018 is less relevant, but the color of “red gold” was the opening of the season.
  • Relevant non-standard shade in toneespresso brownwith spectacular patches of caramel palette. Like "BrondeIt fits any skin. Caramel, Sponge Cake, Milk Chocolate and Spicyespresso- warm shades of brown, harmoniously combined with light beige highlights. As a result, the tonality of the warm gamut should be maximally preserved.

vybor-adriany-limy - kraska-dlya-volos-temnyy-kashtan-v-duete-s-medovymi-pryadyami

What hair color is better to choose?

Hair dye 2018 provides an opportunity to diversify the look or drastically change the image. The specialist will make the usual short or long haircut fashionable and stylish using hair dyes for 2018. According to the popularity rating lead sparingammonia-freepaints that do not harm the structure of curls. Leading positions occupied:

  • Kapousa seriesMagic.This paint is in demand not only for painting at home, but also used by salon craftsmen. This indicates a high quality product.



  • The second place was taken by the series.Wellacolor.The range of products is small, so it is mainly used for dyeing hair in dark colors and forcoloringblondes. In addition to harmlessness due to the absence of ammonia, paintWellacolorhas a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair growth. These advantages allowed this brand to become fashionable hair dye 2018.

Wella Color Touch Plus_pal

  • In third place topcream paintfrom the Italian manufacturerLondaprofessional. The composition includes a large number of lipids. Their presence allows you to perfectly paint and strengthen gray strands. This and other advantagescream paintcaused thatLondaprofessionaltook the lead.


How can you wash the paint off your hair at home?

If you do not want to contact the salon, you can independently adjust the hair color by washing off the paint. At home, apply high-quality professional wash or natural folk remedies.Many people prefer to use natural paint absorbents. The most effective popular recipe includes vegetable ingredients - olive, castor and sunflower oils:

  • It is necessary to mix the ingredients in equal proportions and heat them to a temperature comfortable for the skin.
  • A warm mask is applied to dry hair, then spread along the length of the strands.
  • A plastic cap is put on the head for 40-60 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo.



Modern drugs - hair washes can be picked up in cosmetic stores. The preparations do not contain harmful bleaching components and ammonia. This allows you to gently remove the paint without damaging the process.cortex, cuticle and preserving natural hair pigment. Mostclaimedmeans for delicate color adjustment: "LightRemakeColor"From"Company"(Italy),"Color"FromEstel(Russia), "ColorianneColorSystem»ManufacturerBrerel(Italy), "Backtrack"FromMitchel(SCHSHA).



Clear hair color for shine

A relatively new original method of care for curls, which is at the peak of popularity - colorless staining. According to the results, the effect resembles lamination, however, the product has the effect of standard paint. Therefore, it must be diluted and applied in an identical manner.


A universal colorless dye is used to enhance the effect of restoring the structure of the hair after dyeing or as a separate caring agent. Using together with coloring drugs allows you to permanently preserve the new color and aesthetic appearance of the curls.


The advantages of colorless paint:harmlessnesshypoallergenicand versatility. Do you want to grow hair of natural color, to obtain a cheap lamination effect or to strengthen hair? Colorless coloring - the ideal solution.

Henna staining at home

Henna - natural powder from crushed leaves of a bushlonsony. Dyes hair due to the content of tannins and dyes. The composition contains substances that positively affect the overall condition of the hair. Depending on their length, you will need 100-500 grams of powder.


Stages of the staining procedure:

  • The powder should be poured with hot water and brought to a thick consistency on the fire, stirring constantly. Cover and insist half an hour.
  • The hair is divided into four parts, then each of them is divided into small strands.The paint is applied in turn on each of the strands.
  • Henna is copiously applied to the roots. Scalp and comb the scalp.
  • Put on a shower cap, wrap the top with a towel and leave for 40-120 minutes.
  • After the procedure, you should wash your head with warm water without applying shampoo.


Hair coloring techniqueombreon dark and blond hair

The main difference of this staining method is a blurred or clearly defined horizontal border of color.Ombreit is performed from dark to light tone or vice versa - from light roots to darker tips. Fashionable light effectombreincludes several shades of different or identical colors.

The peculiarity of the technique, which has been at the peak of its popularity for several years, is that the contrast between shades should be pronounced and distinct. In 2018, the ombra staining does not lose its relevance, which is associated with the universality of technology.Ombresuitable for women aged and young girls and is used on any color and length of hair.


ombra on dark hair

Dark brown-haired women and brunettes are best suited to the effect of hair, slightly faded in the sun. Blondes can brighten the tips, giving them a stylish shade of silver, noble platinum or make them dark. Unique techniqueombreLooks particularly impressive on light brown hair and allows you to use a large range of colors.

Owners of black hair can lighten the tips of curls,tonedtheir coppery shades and achieve a flame effect. The colored tips look cool in silvery gray or ashy tones with a purple tint.

Ammonia-freegray paint

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity. The appearance of the inevitable process makes women ponder the question of how to get rid of unaesthetic gray hair as much as possible with the help of gentle colors? Funds that ammonia can 100% hide gray hair. Besides,ammonia-freethe paint does not penetrate the curl itself, due to which it is quickly washed off.


To solve the problem, manufacturers have developed a special formula using high-quality raw materials, which replaced ammonium. Every producer offering to consumersammonia freeThe paint that fills the gray hair, uses its own substitute ammonia component. They may be: wax, coconut oil, resin and other components of paints. This component penetrates into the hair, acting together with the other components.For example, a baking powder of fruit acid has the necessary properties.

Professional series of high-quality hair are popular for coloring gray hair.ammonia freehair colors from.Coloring pigments are harmless; environmentally friendly products allow pregnant women to use the paint safely. Excellent results showed special colors without ammonia fromLorealandRevlon.ProductsLorealprovides high-quality staining of the entire structure of hair that has undergone gray hair, providing multilateral protection of the curls. Qualitycream paintprotects the capillary structure of the hair, preventing the cross section.


3d hair dye

According to stylists, in 2018, an unusual hair color with a unique name - “blonet". In the new season, not brunettes and blondes will share the first place on the world's catwalks of beauty - the trendy color is coming to the modern sky of fashion “Brond"(Named fromblondandbrown).Bookingor 3D coloring is a complex technique, which is owned only by skilled craftsmen.

Many star hairdressers embodied this type of coloring.Its uniqueness is that the paint of this palette can not be purchased in the cosmetic departments of stores. Stylists combine shades of used paints on their own - from the golden blond that is relevant in the new season to brown. In 2018, you must carefully choose 3-4 shades of one color, the hair should look natural and maintain the effect of volume.

The essence of the process - strands stained in different colors should be wide and harmonize as much as possible with the natural color. In this case, the track strands left regrown around the roots. Stylish effect "blonet»Successfully obtained on the hair as a burning brunette, and blonde thanks to an unlimited range of colors used dyes.





Fashionable colors in 2018 do not drastically change the basic hair color. The task of stylists is to refresh the standard basic shades. The main trend of the season - shades are added to the hairstyle, which decorate and harmoniously complement the original tone of the hair, without sharp and contrasting transitions. Fashionable hair coloring techniques allow you to refresh your haircut, adding femininity and attractiveness to the image of girls and women.

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Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 85

Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 23

Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 38

Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 100

Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 55

Fashionable hair color in 2018. How to choose the right hair dye and how you can wash it off at home 76