Fashionable manicure in 2018

Manicure is one of the areas of beauty that you can use to change your image and mood every day. Or, if you resort to persistent gel polish, then once or twice a month.

In a short period of time, you can try on the image of a fatal seductress, covering your nails with scarlet varnish, be a street-style star, make a manicure in a minimalist style, and show a commitment to the classics, making a strict French manicure.

In such an abundance of styles and options, it does not take long to become confused, and besides, the fashion for one or another nail design is very fleeting. For example, complex acrylic painting is a thing of the past; in 2018, minimalistic designs, abstraction and visual effects came to replace it.

We will also encounter this year's painting, but in this genre everything is simple, concise, rather schematic than highly artistic. So that you can easily choose a fashionable manicure 2018, we offer you 9 trendy, non-dull ideas of nail design.

The most vivid and juicy ideas with combinations of colors and techniques are perfect for the summer of 2018; more discreet, pastel designs and art will be relevant all year.


manicure 2018

Of all the symbols and signs, it was the hearts that became one of the main trends in nail art in 2018. Neat hearts on several nails can be painted with varnish or acrylic, or you can choose ready-made stickers (stickers) for nails.

The laconic “hearty” design using black and neutral beige lacquer looks best. Hearts in black are drawn on a light base in the middle, or closer to the tip of the nail. Choose a light base in the tone of your skin - gray-beige, pale pink, coffee. Black lacquer can be left glossy, but a matte finish is also worth it. In this case, the manicure will look softer.

In addition, in 2018, you can safely combine hearts with other symbols and geometric shapes - circles, dots, triangles, stripes and zigzags.

All nails - different varnish

fashion ideas manicure

Multi-colored nails - one of the most original and beautiful trends of this year. Be careful, this is not about bright combinations of the most unexpected colors, but about carefully designed pastel combinations.

For a fashionable manicure, you can choose different shades of the same color, from dark to light, or different colors, but equally light and light.The most relevant pastel colors in 2018 will be gray-blue, lilac, cream and coffee beige, soft pink and gray. These colors can be combined with each other, creating an individual, unique design.

Use 3 or 4 shades at once: 2 colors are a standard combination, 5 is overkill. Such a gentle manicure, if desired, can be supplemented with rhinestones, or add one or two textures to different colors. For example, use 2 glossy colors and one lacquer with glitter, holographic or matte effect.

Foil strips

fashionable manicure colors in 2018

Foil in the nail art is used for a long time. In the trend is still mirror and "metal" nails. This effect is achieved thanks to the finest nail foil. In 2018, the leaders of nail design propose using foil in a new format: strips of foil are in fashion.

Thin metal stripes can be arranged in a chaotic manner on one or two nails, depict zigzags or cross. Thicker strips are better to use on one nail, and one or two thin ones can be glued on each nail. You can imitate French manicure with shiny stripes, or lay out a nail hole with foil - both options look very stylish.

Manicurists advise you to choose vertical stripes for long and medium nails, and not to use thin horizontal stripes on short wide nails. The best option for any length and shape of the nail will be a zigzag pattern.

Abstract geometry

fashion manicure for short

Another actual "striped" design, but in this case, the stripes are painted with varnish or acrylic. The principle is the same as with the foil, although the picture gives more room for action than stickers. So, the drawn stripes on the nail can be very much, and they collectively resemble artistic shading.

The fashion is also minimal design: you can draw chaotic thin stripes; This design looks especially good in simple avant-garde colors: white, black, very pale pink or blue. Also, stripes can be used to depict complex geometric shapes: several triangles, “herringbone” sprouting from one another, crossed triangles, arrows, parallel straight lines, etc.

Plant images

the most fashionable nail design

A pleasant surprise for lovers of complex, painted manicure - an artistic approach to the nails in 2018 is relevant. Fashion for lush peonies, roses, painting for Khokhloma, etc.It has faded far into the background, this year simple realistic images are in fashion.

On the nail you can draw a blade of grass, a sprig of lavender, olive, willow in their natural form. In fact - just a stick with leaves. Drawing can be both color and more natural, and black, schematic.

Such a modest design only at first glance seems trivial. In fact, a laconic mural looks very stylish and trendy, and most importantly, it fits any style of clothing and any event. As an idea for painting, choose plants with a simple, elegant leaf or flower: tulip, crocus, tropical vines and sheets of ficus.

Monophonic manicure

Trendy nail design 2018

In all the variety of designs, you can easily forget about the fact that it will never definitely go out of fashion - a one-colored manicure. Actual colors change from year to year, but the coating without design and patterns remains in the trend always. In 2018, boldly paint your nails with one color and do not doubt the right choice.

For fashionable manicure 2018, choose discreet, soft shades, pastel colors, dull colors. The best idea for everyday manicure is to choose one of the following trend colors:

  • Gray-blue or gray-blue;
  • pink beige and any nude shades in skin tone;
  • light blue denim;
  • sky blue and light turquoise;
  • purple and lavender;
  • the muffled color of a pink peony;
  • white (ideal for tanned or dark skin);
  • black (glossy and matte);
  • dark shades of burgundy, lilac, berry colors.

nail fashion manicure in 2018

Choosing a monophonic manicure, be sure to decorate with your fingers a few rings, both with ordinary and various rings for phalanxes. The lighter and simpler the color of nails, the more abundant you can decorate your hands.

Nail polish

Elegant Indian painting, which every summer women cover their hands and palms, in 2018 will be a fashionable theme for manicure. Complex ornate patterns that carry not only aesthetic beauty, but also a certain sacred meaning, look great on the nail.

fashion manicure novelties

Going on vacation, or succumbing to a light summer mood, be sure to make yourself a manicure in Indian style. There are no restrictions in this direction. Mehendi pattern can decorate one or two nails, but you can paint and everything. The best imitation of mehendi on the arm looks best: apply a neutral beige base and make the painting brown or black acrylic.

The painting will look impressive and bright black on a white background, or vice versa.Also in 2018, it is worth trying a colorful mehendi: black painting on a colored background with an ombre effect or with watercolor stains.

Watercolor manicure

manicure 2018 fashion trends

Beautiful trend for those who like abstraction and juicy, multi-colored manicure. In 2018, the effect of water-based paint spreading in water or on paper will be in fashion. Application technique gives a variety of results.

With the use of two colors - basics and "watercolors" - you can get the effect of a stone with streaks, and if you add a few bright colors to the manicure, you get an elegant and non-trivial design. If you are inclined to the first option, then complement your trendy manicure with rhinestones or a strip of foil.

Maximum gloss

fashion manicure 2018 photos

The ideal manicure for the cold season - coating with glitter. Use varnishes and coatings with glitter, or special "rubbing", powders and shimmer with colored radiant particles. Brilliant manicure is equally good for both holidays and every day.

Feel free to cover all your nails with sparkles, or decorate with 1-3 sparkling nail polish. It looks very impressive combination of different types and colors of the chimmer: large, small, frosted "sugar".

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