Fashionable manicure shellac 2019

Fashionable manicure shellac 2019 is an ode to delightful shades that conquer at first sight. Gentle powdery, natural bright - donated by nature itself, rich dark - developed by leading world colorists - many beautiful colors are included in the nail trends of the year.

But before we get acquainted with the main trends of shellac, let's go back in time and learn about the history of this incredible varnish.

Many years ago, a tradition was invented to paint nails and lips with one color. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the first hit of such a symbiosis of makeup and manicure was red. Today, make-up and nail art are not required to be combined, but this is not what will be discussed.

The fact is that this trend marked the beginning of the creation of a unique color coating for nails. It is the need to add lipstick with painted nails that made varnish a popular cosmetic product.

After a while, the women stopped arranging the ordinary lacquer: it flaked and peeled off on the third or fourth day, and, accordingly, constantly demanded renewal.The fashion industry did not stand aside, and for many years looking for a way out of the situation. Scientists have tirelessly worked on a particularly strong formula that would allow to wear a manicure for more than a week.

The appearance of gel polish in the beauty market was postponed due to the boom of accrued acrylic nails, which solved the problem of persistence. However, the fashion for artificial nails passed quickly: making acrylic manicure was long and harmful for the nail plate.

It was then that the time came for shellac - a unique coating with the best qualities of nail polish, but significantly superior to its durability. Today, most women resort to a shellac-based manicure to enjoy their perfect nails for a longer time.

And what exactly shades of shellac and techniques of nail art we will admire this year, you will learn from our fashion reports.

Pink dream

manicure shellac fashion trends

One of the main shades of the year is considered to be the softest pastel pink tone. He is a pink nyud, that is, flesh pink. This tone is well known to lovers of French manicure: it is this pink that is used as a base in a jacket.But in the near future, you can abandon the usual white border and confine yourself to a monochromatic coating.

It is better to complement the neutral tone with a beautiful playful accent - gel polish with a small number of small sparkles. Cover them with a separate nail, after applying a trendy pink nude as a base.

photo manicure shellac 2019

The beauty of this tone in its versatility. It is ideal for any special event, and will look good as a manicure "for every day." In addition, this color is suitable for any shape and length of nails.

Midnight sky

What we love shellac for is the variety of textures and effects. The manicure of gel polishes with glitter is the most appreciated - it is elegant and not dull, especially if glitter has a holographic property.

manicure for short nails shellac

Such coatings will be in trend in summer and in winter. Moreover, you can choose any color - both dark and almost white. The main thing is that the nails sparkle and shine like stars in the night sky.

When choosing shellac, look for those species that contain the maximum amount (density) of shiny particles. Only in this case the brilliance will be organic and uniform.

From three shades, and more

A multi-color manicure does not go out of fashion, collecting on one hand from three to five different tones of the same color. The classic of this genre is a sequence of as close as possible shades of pastel. Most often, preference is given to coffee, beige and pink colors.

manicure 2019 french shellac

In 2019, you can experiment and cover your nails with 4-5 shades of purple or violet color, and in the summer you can take a chance and make up your nails with a delicate cucumber-green shellac.

If you wish, you can paint your nails from dark to light (or vice versa), but stylists recommend not sticking to this order, and generally dilute the manicure with one nail with glitter.

All shades of green

As you know, green is a joy to the eyes. Therefore, nails, shellac coating of any shade of green, you just do not get bored for a while, while you wear your manicure. In addition, fashion this year does not limit your choice of color.

fashion design shellac manicure

Olive, deep emerald, dark color of tropical greenery or gentle tone of cucumber pulp - choose any, or combine several shades in one manicure at once.

Especially successful are green nails in combination with a tone accessory: a scarf, a small handbag, or elegant boat shoes.

Heavenly heaven

Another fashionable color of nails, which should definitely be realized in the performance of shellac - is blue. As in the case of green, the choice of colors is not limited.

fashion news shellac

At the end of winter and spring, pay attention to the light, but saturated shades of the sky-blue varnishes. In the summer, cover your nails with a light forget-me-not gel polish, or try a bright cornflower blue tone.

In the fall, you can choose a bright blue, or blue shellac - aquamarine or light blue with a matte top. In winter, opt for a cool gray-blue tone, or pastel blue, decorated with a scattering of silver sparkles.

Minimalism style nail art

the most fashionable manicure shellac 2019

A tiny heart in the corner of the nail, or a strict vertical strip in the middle? A triangle at the hole, or three consecutive points? Nail minimalist designs put you in front of a difficult choice, but in the end any decor looks great.

The concise design of nails based on a neutral color is especially good, so that practically any of the aforementioned monophonic manicures can be supplemented with simple geometric shapes.

Shellac is very malleable for artistic painting: with a brush or stick you can create a very fine work.

Color of passion

fashion shellac 2019

Speaking of the history of shellac, we have already mentioned the color red. To some extent, it began the era of gel polish. In 2019, the red color is still relevant, and a manicure in any of the fiery shades looks luxurious and expensive.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to paint your nails with the color of passion, be sure to complement the design with a fine painting, one shiny nail or even a pair of catchy rhinestones.

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