Fashionable swimwear spring-summer 2018

Although the beach season of 2018 is still quite far away, one wants to dream of a warm sea, a gentle summer sun and fashionable stylish images of the upcoming summer. Unlike fashionistas, who are just starting to think about what fashionable swimsuits should be purchased for the summer of 2018, well-known designers already know exactly what will be in trend.

Analyzing the shows of the most famous brands, such as: Victoria’s Secret, Beach Bunny, Gottex, Charmante, Bianca Coletti and others, we can say with confidence that in the next season the models will be fashionable and relevant:

Fashionable swimwear for 2018Fashionable swimsuit models for the summer of 2018Swimwear from couturier spring-summer 2018Outrageous swimsuit 2018

Crop top swimwear

The trend of 2018 will be unusual croc-top swimwear combining a fashionable top of the original cut and melt. The highlight of these models is exactly the upper part, in the design of which this year are relevant:

  • asymmetry;
  • frills and flounces;
  • lacing and strings;
  • embroidery and applique.

Depending on individual preferences and features of their figure, women of fashion can easily choose for the beach image both monophonic and printed models of Crop-top swimsuits.You can get a stylish bow for a beach party or a walk along the shore by adding a wrap-up beach skirt.

Swimsuit ktop-top summer 2018Swimsuit with a top summer 2018Swimsuit with a fashionable top for 2018Beautiful swimsuit for the summer of 2018

Fashionable suspenders

Braces more than once could be seen on fashion catwalks in 2017. Now this fashion trend has reached the beach fashion. The 8th Continent, Prey Swim by Audrina Patridge, Hot As Hell and Hammock were offered to complement the summer look with braces. We offer to evaluate how spectacular will be the images of girls who will pay attention in the new season to the trends offered by designers, and make a choice in favor of swimsuits with suspenders.

Swimsuit with suspenders fashion 2018Braces for a swimsuit summer 2018Spectacular swimsuit 2018

It is worth noting that a fashion accessory can be matched to the swimsuit or be a contrast element of the image.

Stylish Halters

Fashionable in the past season, the Holters will not lose their relevance in 2018. The reason for the love of many girls for this type of swimsuit is obvious, because the special shape of the collar very favorably emphasizes the beauty of the female breast and opens shoulders for a beautiful bronze tan.

In 2018, couturiers recommend purchasing models that combine the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2018 season, namely:

  • high waist;
  • top with a holter;
  • strings and lacing;
  • bright cheerful prnity;
  • ethnic motives.
Swimsuit-halter summer 2018Swimsuit with a halter for 2018The best swimsuits in 2018Swimwear with a 2018 halter model

Classic bikini

An ideal choice for slender young girls who want to take a luxurious bronze tan with them.

In 2018, when choosing mini-bikinis for the summer, remember that laconic and too minimalistic models are not relevant, fashionable swimsuits should have a highlight:

  • fringe;
  • tassels;
  • ruches
  • frills;
  • creative decor handmade.

The upcoming summer returns to fashion thong. But fashionable will be models with high waists, intricate interweaving, belts and other bright design solutions.

Bikini 2018Fashionable bikini summer of 2018Mini-bikini for 2018Stylish models bikini spring-summer 2018

Elegant Monokini

Do not like to feel too naked? You think that the basis of feminine attractiveness is grace and mystery of the image - choose spectacular and at the same time feminine monokini.

In 2018, asymmetrical models of the most open piecework swimsuits will be popular, as well as monokinis with openwork cuts, revealing the beauty of the female figure.

Monokini Fashion 2018Fashionable monokini spring-summer 2018Monokini for 2018Black Monokini Summer 2018

Piece Swimsuits 2018

You are planning an active holiday for the summer of 2018 or are choosing fashionable swimsuits to visit the pool - pay attention to the piecework models presented in our review.

No matter how popular bikinis, closed swimsuits never go out of fashion, because they allow you to emphasize the dignity of the figure, effectively hiding some of its drawbacks. In the upcoming season, women can opt for options such as:

  • retro style;
  • elegant classics in black, blue, yellow or red;
  • bright models with creative prints;
  • deep cleavage;
  • spectacular asymmetry.
Luxury swimwear 2018One-piece swimwear spring-summer 2018Piece swimsuit 2018

High Waist Models

High-waisted swimsuits will be trendy again. These swimsuits can be recommended to owners of narrow waist, as well as tall girls.

For women of size +, classic mid-rise swimming trunks are more suitable, since the high waist draws attention to itself and can accentuate extra centimeters in the abdominal area.

An excellent alternative to the classic version of high swimsuits can be a model with open sidewalls. Retro style and models decorated with wide belts with massive buckles are always relevant.

Swimsuits with high melting summer 2018Fashionable high swimsuits for 2018Swimsuit with high melting couture summer 2018Fashionable swimwear spring-summer 2018

Strips and lacing

Please note that regardless of the model, there are swimsuits in the photo, decorated with lacing and stylish narrow stripes - this is a new trend that dictates the fashion for the summer of 2018!

Stylish bikini and monokini, spectacular halters and crop tops will not do in the coming season without trendy stripes and ties.

Lacing swimsuit - fashion 2018Swimsuit with trendy stripes summer 2018New models swimsuits 2018Swimwear for slender girls fashion 2018

Sporty swimwear

Love sports and plan to try extreme types of recreation this year, or just think that such a swimsuit perfectly emphasizes the dignity of your figure - we offer a selection of the most fashionable models from Duskii, Aqua Blu and Beach Bunny.

Along with the separate and classic closed options in the style of sport, in 2018 closed swimsuits with short or long sleeves will be popular, which you can appreciate in the photo.

Swimsuit in sports style summer 2018Fashionable sports swimsuits 2018Swimsuit in the sports style spring-summer 2018Sports models of swimsuits for 2018

Stylish Tankini

Tankini swimsuit consists of classic swimming trunks, thongs or shorts and an original T-shirt. If last season were fashionable fitting tankini, then this year also relevant models of free cut.

These swimsuits are very fond of owners of lush and expectant mothers. But this does not mean that takini can not wear a slim girl. In Europe, such models are most often ordered by adolescents, because they are ways not only to conceal some of the shortcomings, but also perfectly highlight all the advantages of a female figure.

Tankini fashion 2018Fashionable Tankini Summer 2018Swimwear with T-shirt Summer 2018Trendy Tankini Spring-Summer 2018

Beach chic

Fashion for creative scenarios of celebrations and youth parties will continue in 2018, which means that along with a classic swimsuit for a pool, outdoor activities and sunbathing, you should look for a fashionable and luxurious option in which you can flash at a beach party.

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