Film To the Stars (2019)

The painting "To the stars" may be the main "dark horse" in the science fiction sector.

It seems that Quentin Tarantino’s future Star Wars and Star Trek can crush any competitor, but the problem is that their universes are studied far and wide, and the next parts are unlikely to reveal something truly new to the audience.

And the thriller “To the Stars” is quite capable of that.

The plot of the movie

The events of the film are developing in the future, when humanity is already confidently exploring the expanses of the solar system. Not sitting on the Earth, but sending, for example, missions to Neptune.

In one of these missions (just to Neptune) went to Clifford McBride - in search of an alien civilization. And disappeared without a trace.

Since then, 20 years have passed. Roy McBride, the son of Clifford, works as a military engineer and one day he finds out that the father that had perished is actually alive and hiding in the depths of space in an abandoned power station. As explained by the authorities, Clifford McBride - a threat to humanity.

In search of him send the ship, the team which, of course, consists of Roy.The head of the mission dies under mysterious circumstances, having managed to inform Roy that he should not trust anyone.

It is interesting to note that the scriptwriters describe the main character, Roy McBride, as "slightly autistic."

Film crew

to the stars movie 2019

"To the Stars" - a joint project of New Regency Pictures ("Survivor", "Assassin's Creed"), Keep Your Head ("Lost City Z"), Plan B ("Moonlight", "12 Years of Slavery"), MadRiver Pictures ( "Watergate") and RT Features.

The lead role in the harness belongs to the New Regency. Financing production of New Regency, Bona Film Group and 20th Century Fox. Fox will deliver thrillers all over the world with the exception of China, where Bona Film Group will show it.

The idea of ​​the film "To the Stars" director James Gray voiced in May 2016 at the Cannes Film Festival. He prefers to use the name of the painting in Latin - Ad Astra.

The same combination will show off on posters. For a long career, Gray took “Little Odessa”, “Yards”, “Lost City of Z”, “Fatal Passion” and other well-known tapes. Gray prepared the script for two with Ethan Gross (“Kleptomania”, the TV series “The Edge”).

movie to the stars release date

As for the producers of the tape, it is Gray himself, Dede Gardner (“12 years of slavery”), Anthony Katagas (“Three days to escape”), Jeremy Kleiner (“Pipets”), Rodrigo Teixeira (“Dear Francis”), Sophie Mas ("Mrs. America") and others.

For "Little Odessa" he was awarded the Silver Lion of the Venice Film Festival.

The cast of "K Star"

  • Brad Pitt (“Troy”, “Seven”) - Roy McBride. Pitt joined the project almost by accident - when Paramount put the continuation of the “War of the Worlds Z” suspended, the actor began looking for work. His participation is certainly a huge plus for the picture; he will make it recognizable to a mass audience.
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black, The Fugitive) - Clifford McBride. It is because of his father Roy will go to the edge of the solar system.
  • Ruth Negga ("Warcraft", "Living").

to the stars of 2019 actors

  • Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games).
  • Jamie Kennedy ("Scream").
  • John Finn ("Climber").
  • Kimberly Elise.
  • Greg Brik ("RED").
  • John Ortiz ("Gangster", "Redemption"), and others.

The characters that most of the listed artists play are not called.

James Gray has repeatedly tried to make Brad Pitt in his films, but before the new project, the stars still did not want to converge. For example, Pitt made a producer of "The Lost City of Z", but could not play in it - he was assigned the role that left Charlie Hannam.

Premiere date

James Gray began shooting the film in September 2017 (they took place in California), and in November he switched to post-production.The creators are not yet sharing frames and teasers, so it’s not possible to get an idea of ​​the video sequence.

However, there is no doubt that Gray, as usual, seriously approached the production - he knows how to make films quickly and relatively cheaply (by the standards of Hollywood). Fox has not yet disclosed the cost of creating a thriller, but the release date has already been announced - January 10, 2019.

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