Fircon Concrete Fence

A fence is a fence or mini garden fence. Shtaketniki are mostly not long. Before you start building you need to know about the types of materials that are used in the production of picket fence. For example:

  • Wood is a traditional and natural material for the manufacture of picket fence and is increasingly being used because of its environmentally friendly composition and accessibility. For the production of wooden shtaketnikov applied larch or pine. These trees have strength and resistance to rot and fire. Such a fence does not require special care. It is enough to paint it once a year. Dismantling a wooden shtaketnik is carried out according to certain rules: - before hammering in nails, they should be dipped in drying oil; - for shtaketnik used certain nails with an average diameter; - it is important to process shtaketniki with special means for protection against moisture.
  • Horizontal shtaketnik - 3 - 4 boards that are grafted to a wooden post.Such a fence is also called a “ranch”.
  • PVC fence picket adds home beauty and solidity. Such a shtaketnik is made of a polymer that has thermo-plasticity and strength. Such material has a number of advantages as: they do not lend themselves to decomposition and do not absorb moisture; does not demand additional expenses for paint and is practical in use; meets all indicators of reliability and can withstand high loads; can become elements of protection and decor; can be installed by hand, since the work does not require any experience and skills; has a variety of options and design; resistant to frost, sunlight and fire; cheap price.
  • Metal fence has the form of steel strips coated with polymer. Metal shtaketniki have gaps between the strips. Metal shtaketnik fit into any design. It can act as a decorative fence, because it has different colors and texture. It has a different height.
  • The evroshtaketnik is the pro-thinned out strip made of galvanized iron. Additionally can be painted with paint in powder form.Such a shtaketnik has practicality and demand.
  • Sheet of corrugated flooring combined the quality of metal and wood. The main advantage is considered durability and resistance to breakage. Profiled - sheets of steel coated with a special polymer and has resistance to mechanical stress. Double installation of corrugated flooring gives good sound insulation. Protects against dust and dirt. In addition, has many different colors.

  • detailed instructions

    Like any construction, the construction of the fence must begin with calculations and markings. When installing a fence around the site, it is necessary to remove snags and roots, branches, and garbage in advance. The markup must be done with a building tape or rope. The distance between each support should be 2.5 meters. Also in advance it is necessary to determine the location of the gate.

    The second stage after marking you need to purchase all the necessary arsenal of building materials. If the planned construction of a high fence, then you need to use metal pipes for support. Also at this stage it is necessary to prepare all the necessary equipment and tools. These include construction roulette, pencil, hammer, nails, screw and screwdriver, shovel, mall.

    Further, in the third stage, it is necessary to lubricate the tips of the pipes to support tar.The side that enters the ground is smeared. Such work is carried out to protect the rotting structure. At the second end you need to make a plug to prevent water or snow from getting inside. For pillars a hole is dug up to one meter. Sprinkle gravel on the bottom. This is done to ensure that the pillar does not fall out in winter. Each support at the edges is poured with concrete.

    In the fourth stage, you need to fix the transverse lags. But you need to mount after solidification of poured concrete. Lags can be made of wood or metal. Fix logs need galvanized screws. After fixing, you need to paint the logs with a waterproof paint. Connect lags need to butt to the posts.

    The next step is to mount the picket fence. First you need to make a template. The length of the slats must match the distance between the fence. Then each shtaketinka grafted on the rails.

    The last step is to paint the built fence. For painting only high-quality paint and brush are used. In many cases, wooden shtaketniki waterproof lacquer or stain. Stain is applied with a spray. And the varnish is applied with a brush.

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