Fireplaces and their properties

Fireplace stovesThere is a wide variety of boilers for home heating. But if a person wanted to create more comfort, then a stove-fireplace would be suitable for this purpose. You can make a fireplace on your own, but you will need a special powerful foundation for such a furnace. The best option is to purchase an autonomous stove with a long burning function. Order on this site stoves for the home can be according to their needs. Furnaces are made of cast iron or steel. Pig-iron are rather heavy, but they keep the temperature for a long time. Made of steel of much smaller weight than cast iron and cool quickly enough. In order to prolong the conservation of heat by a steel fireplace, it is lined with stone or ceramic tiles. Such furnaces are heated by firewood, but there are cast-iron options that are fueled by coal. Fireplaces are made with an open, closed and half-closed furnace. When closed, the door is equipped with special refractory glass. A prerequisite for the operation of the fireplace is the presence of a chimney in the house for the release of smoke and gases.Furnaces-fireplaces can work on the principle of air heating, as well as attached to pipes and radiators.

Water Circuit Furnaces

Water Circuit FurnacesThe need to use a water circuit arises when there are several rooms or rooms that need to be heated. It turns out that all rooms will be heated from one stove through pipes filled with hot water. This system is similar to central heating, which takes place in city apartments. In this case, the fireplace is selected according to the power of heat release so that it can heat the entire water circuit of all the rooms. In the heating system must be expansion tank. The contours of the closed type are sealed, in them the tank is installed anywhere. In open-view devices, the expansion tank is mounted at the highest point of the contour, usually in the attic. The dilator is used as a reservoir for the coolant, which expands as a result of heating. Pressure measuring devices must be embedded in the closed circuit. More information can be found on the link stove-fireplace with a water circuit.When choosing a device, you should pay attention to the presence of a long-burning function, since in its absence a constant need for fuel is created. And in the case of burnout, stopping the functioning of the furnace, there is a probability of freezing of the water circuit.

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