Fleece hat. How to sew?

Fleece - a popular fabric, which is used for making sports suits, light jackets, children's clothing. Now the fashion includes the production of soft toys from this material.


However, fleece cloth is quite newinvention. It was created in 1979 in the United States of America. This material is an artificial likeness of sheep's wool. The fabric is light enough, soft. It well passes air and excludes occurrence of a hotbed effect.

how to sew a fleece hat

The material is practical enough - it is capable ofto withstand prolonged stretching, does not deform when washing or ironing. Produce a fleece made of the finest nylon. It is first woven in a special way on machine tools. And then, with small needles, they pull out small loops to soften the fabric.

What do you need?

A beginner seamstress can easily sew a beautiful fashionable hat from fleece for spring days. To do this, you need to buy a piece of cloth no larger than 30 centimeters, preferably two colors.

fleece hat

Then prepare a sewing machine, scissors, a sheet of paper, a marker for the fabric and thread, in the color of the product. How to sew a fleece hat with your own hands? Now tell.

The first stage: making patterns

To do this, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the headand, dividing the number by 2, get the size of the cap on the bottom of the product. Then measure the nose to the base of the skull. This value is also divided into two. Get the height of the cap. Then we proceed as follows:

  1. On paper, postpone the first value, then divide this segment into two.
  2. Afterwards from the point, we lay the perpendicular line along the dimensions of the second magnitude.
  3. The resulting triangle is connected by arc-like lines.

A pattern for the hat is ready. Now we carry it to the cloth.

fleece hats pictures

The pattern should be made in two fabric details or four, if there is a desire to make a double-sided cap.

Sewing products

It is necessary first to impose two identical partsthe products from the wrong side to the outside and sew them along the side cuts. Then double the bottom of the cap. Then flash it. Fleece hat made with your own hands! It can be worn on cool spring days.

Fleece cap with lapel and double layer

The basic pattern is made similar to the first cap described above. Only the number of parts must be four. In addition, a separate detail of the lapel is also made.

To do this, from the fleece cut out a rectangle width6 centimeters of two kinds of prepared fabric. Sew all the parts of the top layer. Then the same is done with the bottom layer. The lapel is made by joining along the length of two color pieces of fabric. And then, having tucked the top layer down by 0.5 cm, sew the lapel to the basic details of the cap. Carefully seal the back seam. Everything, the product is ready.

Sewing a fleece hat from a circle shape

This model is done this way:

  1. On a tissue measure a circle with a diameter equal to the diameter of the head plus 2 cm for shrinkage.
  2. Then, two diametric lines are drawn perpendicular to each other.
  3. Along each of them spend two more segments. They form equilateral triangles with a base of two centimeters. There should be four.
  4. Sew the triangles along the sides from the wrong side. After these actions the dome should form. This is the base of the cap.
  5. Make a doorway at the bottom of the product by 2 cm, stitch.

A fleece cap on the basis of a circle is ready.

fleece hats pictures

For a double layer it is necessary to make two round details. And then:

  1. Sew all triangles.
  2. The next step is to sew both parts together.
  3. Fold the outer side of the face to each other. After sewing along the edge of the product, leaving the uncoated area - 2-3 centimeters.
  4. Unscrew the cap on the front side, gently sew the place unbreakable.

Everything, the thing is ready. This fleece hat is also interesting because it can be worn from either side. It is best to use a contrasting fabric color when sewing such a fleece cap. For example, black and red or blue and yellow.

We decorate products

Fleece hats (photo of some presented in the article) can be both female and male models, and maybe unisex.

fleece hat

At tailoring for the girl it is necessary to adda product of rhinestones, beads, embroidery or flowers from fabric. On the man's fleece hat is allowed the presence of labels, inscriptions. Baby hats can be decorated with funny horns, ears or drawings. A set of fleece hats can be sewn mittens and socks.


A fleece hat made by your hands,be sure to become your favorite headdress. After all, she sits comfortably on her head, does not squeeze, does not slip. Cleans from wind and cold air. In this case, the material is light enough and pleasant to the touch.

In addition to the cap, fleece can be sewn on its ownlight suit on a baby or a blanket on a chair or sofa. Such material is of different density. Therefore, working with him, you can combine different types of it for tailoring original things. Working with fleece is easy and pleasant. He gives in to any method of sewing - whether hand or machine.

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