Floor screed with expanded clay

Today, a large variety of building materials can be found on the market, which allow repair work quickly, efficiently and with less labor costs. However, due to such a large choice, potential buyers do not know all the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Therefore, before choosing, it is necessary to carefully examine all properties and parameters.

Screed floor with expanded clay - one of the most popular construction work today. The main component used in this case is expanded clay, which is a baked clay. It has a light weight, excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Also, it should be noted, and its environmental friendliness, as expanded clay is made only from natural materials.

In view of the qualities described above, this screed is most often used to make any elevation. Then the floor will let air through, perfectly withstand sudden changes in temperature, be resistant to frost or heat, and so on.It is especially possible to allocate its durability as by this indicator it is clearly superior to ordinary concrete mixes.

This mixture can also be used not only for the construction of any elevations, but for ordinary screed. Floor screed today can be carried out using several methods. The most widely used today is a wet concrete screed, but it has many drawbacks. First of all, it is too long a period of drying, a high probability of the appearance of various cracks and irregularities.

If you want to do the finishing work (laying tile, parquet, and so on), then you will additionally need to finish the alignment. Accordingly, this affects the high costs, which ultimately turns the repair into an expensive pleasure. It will be much more profitable to use semi-dry mixtures, which are becoming more and more popular every year.

For its installation uses a special technology that allows you to get the best result. This is a perfectly flat surface, high service life and ease of the process itself.Finishing work can be started in 12 hours, and this does not affect the result. In other words, all the advantages and benefits are obvious, which you must take advantage of.

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