Florarium do it yourself

June 25, 2011

Florarium do it yourselfA home-made florarium will decorate any interior, because these mini-gardens can be placed anywhere - on furniture, on walls, on the floor, or in the form of suspended structures. Florarium is a composition made up of special plants, dried flowers, moss and various decorative elements of the type of beautiful stones, pebbles, sand, beads, shells and other details. All these elements are placed in a specific order in a special glass form or in a glass goblet. Now florariums are fashionable decoration and are placed both at home and in offices. The attractiveness of the florarium, besides its compact size and attractive appearance, lies in the fact that it can be easily made with your own hands.

In order to make an unusual composition of natural ingredients at home, it is necessary to prepare a transparent glass flask or a vase, a large glass can also be suitable. The shape of a vase for florarium can be very different: round, square, oval, trapezoidal or polygonal.You will also need live plants specifically designed for growing mini-gardens. It can be phytonia, miniature violets or synpoly, orchids, azaleas, bromeliads, arrowroot, ivy, ferns, cyclamens, various succulents or diphenbachia. Any plants with small leaves and a compact form will do. We also need moss and decorative elements to choose from. It is better to combine several types of jewelry for florarium, for example, rounded pebbles and glass beads, or seashells and dried flowers. In this case, the florarium will look very elegant and attractive.

Florarium do it yourself

  • before making florarium, it is necessary to determine the location of the mini-garden, its composition depends on it. If the florarium will be placed in the center of the table or shelf, then its details should be distributed approximately equally, and the largest elements will be located in the middle of the composition. With wall-mounted florariums, large and tall elements and plants are placed at the back, closer to the wall, and smaller elements are placed at the front.
  • how to make florarium

  • Then they prepare all the elements of florarium: they disinfect and wash them if necessary.This is necessary to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, leading to the death of plants. Soil for disembarkation must be ignited in the oven, stones are washed with boiling water, and the shells treated with alcohol.
  • After disinfection you can start planting. In the prepared vase with their own hands they fill the soil with a layer of 5 centimeters and place all the plants in their places. Then they are dropped in the soil, lightly tamped and placed moss on top of the ground to give a smooth background to the composition.
  • Then, shells, pebbles, beads, pebbles, decorative snags and other decorative elements are laid in artistic order. Pay special attention to stones: they should stand out in color and shade other elements without blocking them.
  • After completing the composition and placing the main accents, it is necessary to expose the light above the florarium. To do this, above the vase with the composition place a small lamp in the form of a cover. Thus, the plants are provided with the necessary light, and the florarium itself stands out in the interior.

If desired, the vase for florarium can be further decorated with acrylic paint, varnish or other decorative elements to be glued on the outside.It is only necessary to observe moderation and not to turn the florarium with a collection of bright colors and variegated textures. On average, the preparation of florarium takes from 20 to 30 minutes, subject to the availability of all the necessary components.

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