Garnet is a fruit of kings

A pomegranate is a fruit that has recently becomemore accessible. Now the delivery is faster, more reliable, it's easier to conclude contracts with suppliers. And we can enjoy this delicious fruit. It's hard to meet a man who does not like grenades. But is this southern fruit useful?

There are at least 10 reasons to drink its juice and just eat such a yummy.

So, garnet-fruit: the properties are surprising

  1. Protects against breast cancer. At least, so say scientists-Israelis. Pomegranate juice destroys cancer cells and does not interfere with healthy life. And also prevents the formation of "wrong" cells.
  2. Prevents lung cancer. Mice were sick less when pomegranate juice was included in their diet.
  3. Slows the development of prostate cancer. Sick rodents lived longer, rejoicing tasty juice.
  4. Restores the brain of newborns. After birth injury in newborns who were given juice, the condition improved more quickly.
  5. Protects against osteoarthritis. Several independent studies have shown that the probability of bone tissue degeneration is lower for juice drinkers.
  6. Cleans arteries. Yes, plaques can become smaller. And the new ones will be formed more slowly. Miracles create a grenade.
  7. Will allow to forget about Alzheimer's disease. Yes, but, paradoxically, the memory becomes better. And those who are still sick, the manifestations are much weaker.
  8. Reduces cholesterol. Regulates its different types in the direction of the correct proportion.
  9. Will help the heart by reducing systolic pressure.
  10. Will present beautiful teeth: yes - snow-white smiles, no - on the fly.

Garnet is a fruit that is repeatedly mentioned inThe Bible. Especially in the "Song of Songs", the hymn of love. However, there is information about the grenade in both the book of Kings and in Deuteronomy. In the latter case, grenades are mentioned to emphasize the abundance of land. Therefore, it is not for nothing that this fruit is a symbol of prosperity and luxury. And well known for a long time.

It seems that these arguments are enough to make it clear what fruit garnet is useful for.

The garnet's plus is also hisa small calorie content, namely 52 kcal. It is comparable to an apple or a pear. But how much more joy. And more time is spent on food, if you honestly get on a red seed, full of amazing, aromatic juice. That is, eating a pomegranate means meditating. Very relaxing. At least once a week, buy yourself a pomegranate, get yourself out and, for an hour by candlelight, eat one grain, thinking only of this southern fruit, forgetting all the little things that torment your soul.

And pomegranate juice will be perfect afterphysical activity. Of course, not concentrated, juice from the package should be diluted, adding 50% of the volume that is in the glass. And tasty, and drink will not want. This applies to those who suffer from high fever after illness. If the disease is associated with a gastrointestinal disorder and the stool is liquid, then you are also shown a grenade - it strengthens.

A pomegranate is a fruit with a history. It can be found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. In particular, the findings refer to the period of the reign of Hatshepsut, and in general a person is familiar with a garnet for at least 30 centuries. The Torah says a lot about this fruit. In Ancient Greece, he was a symbol of marriage. That's why the Persephone, kidnapped by the underground god, was forced to return to her husband (he gave her pomegranate seeds). In Greece, this fruit is very respected and eaten at weddings, and also placed near the iconostasis when they move to a new house.

In Japan, garnet is used in bonsai. His form is very suitable for this kind of art.

First wife of Henry the Eighth, CatherineAragon, had a coat of arms in the form of a grenade. The second wife, Anna Boleyn, ordered to embroider a coat of arms in the form of a dove, pecking grenade. However, this marriage ended in her death.

However, those who do not give pomegranate to pigeons, but eat it themselves, live longer. So eat and rejoice.

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