Gifts to the woman for the New 2018

Choosing a New Year's gift for a woman is not easy. It is important to guess and please. Therefore, the search for a gift can be started right now. In this list of gift ideas for sure there is what you need.

  • Named Hollywood star - every woman dreams of becoming famous at heart.
  • Glossy magazine with her photo on the cover.
  • Chocolate card "Happy New Year 2018!"
  • A luxurious plaid with sleeves is an unusual gift for cozy winter evenings around the Christmas tree.
  • Personalized tea set "For the most charming and hospitable."
  • Portrait from the photo “Lady in Pearls”.Gifts, New Year, woman, girl
  • An apron with the funny inscription "Ideal Woman".
  • Bathrobe with a personalized embroidery - for warmth and comfort.
  • A set of aroma candles of fancy shape is a creative gift for a woman for the New 2018 year.
  • A set of decorative pillows with her favorite photos.
  • A set of white napkins with personalized embroidery.
  • The magic ball of answers to the most important questions - will be something to do on holidays at the Christmas tree.
  • Personalized poster on the wall with her photo and text from the congratulator.
  • Golden Oscar "For the best female role" in the New Year's comedy.
  • Florarium with an exquisite live flower is an unusual gift for a woman in the middle of winter.
  • Portrait on canvas by her photos.
  • A set of glasses and a carafe in the form of a female figure "From haute couture."
  • Nominal jewelry box and a pair of jewelry - for those who are deeply in love.
  • A mug with a heart at the bottom will remind you of the New Year holiday all the coming year.
  • Award nominal statuette "The First Beauty of the Universe" is an interesting gift and a win-win.
  • Prize set "Good and Beautiful" for the New 2018: in the set is a stylish key chain, pen, mirror and postcard.
  • Personal water ball with snowflakes and its photo behind the glass.
  • Royal bedding set embroidered in gold.
  • A set of jewelry with precious stones resembling sparkling snow.
  • The nominal medal “World Champion in Shopping” is an original gift for a woman for the New Year.
  • Name map of conquering the world with a ticket to a warm country.
  • Cosmetic bag with the author's greeting text will enchant any fashionista.Gifts, New Year, woman, girl
  • Gift set of scarves "Perfection" for warm walks in the winter evenings.
  • Gift set of dishes with hearts - hot tea in a mug takes the shape of a heart.
  • Personal diary with a pen for entries in the New 2018.
  • The original wall clock with her name or photo on the dial is an unusual gift with a hint that time is a jewel.
  • Decorative organizer for decorations in the form of a tree.
  • Leather named purse-clutch "Style and elegance."
  • Personal diary with ticking clock "Time is running!"
  • Notebook with a cover imitating a glossy magazine with her photo.
  • Gift set: designer headphones and a silk scarf in the same style - a creative gift for a female music lover.
  • Set of women's panties with original inscriptions.
  • The lamp New Year's with nominal engraving.
  • Photomosaic as a gift to the woman for New 2018.
  • A puzzle from her favorite photo.
  • Tasty help "For women's happiness" - a jar of sweet candy-pills.
  • Monopod for selfie her favorite.
  • Named wall calendar for her in 2018.
  • Personal diary "Business woman".
  • The engraved wine box is an exquisite Christmas tree gift for a woman.
  • Watch from a vinyl record - for the one that loves music and discos.
  • Laser comb for the owner of a chic hairstyle.
  • Cookies with predictions for the New Year.
  • Pocket humidifier with care for her health.
  • The personalized flower vase with the first New Year's bouquet of fresh flowers is an original gift for the New Year, and most importantly, an unexpected one.
  • Personal Order "Best hostess."
  • Your message with New Year's wishes, rolled up and sealed in a bottle with sand - a creative gift for a woman for the New Year.Gifts, New Year, woman, girl
  • Gift set of honey "Nectar of Love" for your favorite sweet tooth.
  • Set for mulled wine - it's time to warm up on New Year's Eve.
  • Pop art portrait from her photos - glows and lights.
  • Nominal thermomug "Happy New Year 2018!"
  • Silver-colored walnuts with predictions inside.
  • Luminous flower in a pot - in addition to the multi-colored garlands and tinsel.
  • A bouquet of her favorite candies.
  • Bright pillow with her name.
  • The “Tree of Happiness” souvenir - place a woman under the Christmas tree.
  • Hand mirror in an expensive frame "My light, mirror, say ..."
  • Mug-mixer plus expensive tea in the gift basket.
  • Suspension "Sundial" - a reminder of the warm sun.
  • A unique collage board from her favorite photo.
  • Tiered jewelry box.
  • A set of decorative pillowcases with her name.
  • Crystal basket with flowers, shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow.
  • A simulator for the muscles of the face and neck - when else she is going to buy it, and here is a gift!
  • A set of chocolates with predictions.
  • Pavloposadsky scarf for Russian women.
  • Certificate for a star from the sky - a creative gift for a woman for the New 2018 year.
  • Orenburg downy shawl in gift wrapping.
  • Bright suitcase and tour package.
  • Poster-collage of her funny photos in the New Year's design.
  • Name plate on the wall with the author's wish for the New Year.
  • Mug with a compartment for cookies at the bottom.
  • Female portrait from the photo before and after.
  • Cozy mug in knitted clothes.
  • Bright mittens with eyes "Funny Crank."
  • An article about her in the New Year's edition of the newspaper.
  • Gift set "Women's things": a pocket mirror, an elegant key chain and a hook for a bag.
  • Set for nails "Star".
  • Massager-beautician charges and rejuvenates with the help of negative ions.
  • Big gift set “Everything that she loves”: sweets, scarf, hat, mittens.
  • A set of exquisite hand-made soaps in a beautiful basket.
  • Wish tree for New 2018 in frame.
  • Set of christmas balls with her photos.
  • Set for the preparation of natural coffee "Coffee."
  • Photo album.
  • Personal book "New Year's fairy tale about her."Gifts, New Year, woman, girl
  • A set of photo cards in gift wrapping.
  • Honey with gold in a glass jar.
  • A book with a dedication for a serious lady.
  • Wristwatches with a dial from her photo.
  • Light photopicture with a romantic photo.
  • Akvaferma for the one that misses the cottage in cold winter.
  • Set for spices "Cute cats".
  • Gold mug for golden women.
  • Gift set "Goose in apples": goose pate, rosemary crackers and French wine, dried apples.

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