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November 23, 2010
Useful crafts

Glass craftsMany homes have a few unnecessary glass cups or crystal glasses, throw them not worth it, because they can be used to make crafts from glass. Sometimes it is possible to use even the crockery, for example, a beautiful crystal glass without a leg. In this article, we offer to consider several original ideas of glass crafts, which use unnecessary glasses, glasses, wine glasses and glasses.

Idea one

If you like needlework, and in your house a lot of jewelry and or handmade flowers have accumulated, you can arrange an exhibition under glass from glassware and your handicrafts. This composition will look very original, and your creations will not become dusty. Products must be placed on the pads. They are also easy to do with your own hands. This requires a fabric, stuffing material, a cardboard circle, glue, a thread with a needle, and a bit of free time.

glass crafts with their own handsHaving made pads of suitable size and picking up glass products, you can start creating a mini-exhibition.Even if a leg is broken in wine glasses or glasses - it does not matter, here it is not needed.

Putting the handmade items on the pads, cover them with glasses and small beautiful jars and place them in artistic order. In addition to needlework, you can put your favorite photo or a beautiful pebble under glass. It is better if glassware of various shapes and sizes will be used for covering.

Second idea

broken glass craftsIf you have several glasses, vases and wine glasses of different shapes and sizes, then you can put them together and combine them into a single composition. To do this, you will need wire, silver paper, beads, glue and a needle.

Cut the paper over into narrowing strips, wind these strips onto the knitting needle, starting from the wider part, and after twisting, glue the tip. So we get oblong beads that can be painted in silver color. These beads are strung on a wire, alternating them with round beads.

We fix the wire with different beads on vases and glasses by wrapping around them and securing the tips with glue or transparent scotch tape.

Idea three

glass crafts with their own handsIf you are the owner of many glasses on the legs of different types, then you can try to make them a crystal chandelier.To secure the crystal, the legs of the glasses are passed between two metal or plastic rings (you can make them from very thick cardboard). If metal or plastic is used, then glasses are fixed with glue, and if cardboard is used, then the rings between the wine glasses can be fastened with a stapler. If there are many glasses, you can make a two-tier chandelier. Also, the chandelier can be decorated with pendants of their transparent beads. To the ceiling chandelier is hung with strong wire.

broken glass crafts

Fourth idea

Even if you have only one unnecessary glass, you can make a small night lamp out of it. To do this, they put a small candle in a metal sleeve in it, and cut a paper lampshade of the desired size and shape out of paper with their own hands. The lampshade is put on the glass so that the hole for air circulation remains on top. Both the lampshade and the foot of the glass can be decorated with beads, beads, rhinestones or wrapped with decorative wire. In this regard, you can take a glass with a broken off leg, glue it and decorate this place with the materials suggested above.

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