Great Ustyug for the New Year 2018

If you want to return to childhood or organize a fairy tale for your children, go on New Year holidays to Veliky Ustyug. Thanks to entertainment, contests and concerts, you will not be bored at all. Holidays with Santa Claus will please not only the smallest, but also give unforgettable impressions to their parents. This city is ideal for family holidays, it is not without reason that thousands of Russians visit it.


What is great Great Ustyug

This town has preserved the Russian originality and has a lot of attractions that are not found in other regions of Russia. Ancient Orthodox churches, museums amaze with their provincial originality. Unique decorations of birch bark and silver give a special flavor to this place. Among the attractions that you should definitely visit, you can name:

  • Museum of Ethnography and Old Russian Art;
  • Cathedral yard;
  • factory "Veliky Ustyug patterns";
  • city ​​history museum;
  • ancient estates of famous merchants of the city;
  • toy museum.

Great Ustyug for the New Year 2018

Residence of Russian Santa Claus

The main attraction of the city is, of course - the estate of our Father Frost, this is no longer anywhere in Russia. This is a truly fabulous teram, to which there is no equal. Everyone is welcome here, from small to great. Everyone is waiting for surprises and surprises. Here you can feel like a fairy tale hero and remember the childhood years. Votchina located not far from the Sukhona river in a marvelous forest. Here are exciting excursions and entertainment. In the realm of the main winter character, you can even live. On the New Year holidays here are distributed gifts to everyone and you can even take a photo with a live Santa Claus. All year round there are shows that kids and adults like. On the New Year you can dance around not only with the famous grandfather, but with his granddaughter Snow Maiden, who constantly comes here for the holidays.

In the estate you can visit the Throne Room and for a few minutes feel yourself the ruler of winter, sitting on the throne of Santa Claus. You can also get acquainted with the "Book of good deeds." Anyone can explore the whole tower and find out that grandfather has his own office, an observatory and even a winter garden.

Not far from the Votchiny there is a workshop where you can see how the Christmas toys are made. In the museum you will be introduced to the decorations that this land is famous for. In the souvenir shop, everyone will find original souvenirs and products of folk art that will help preserve memories of their stay in Veliky Ustyug for many years. There is even Santa Claus Mail, from which you can send colorful greetings to your friends and family.

New Year in Veliky Ustyug

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in this wonderful city, then you can help with this special tours that are organized for the holidays. There are many of them. There are trips with a duration of 3-4 days of rest, and there are longer ones. The latter imply accommodation in comfortable hotels or in the rooms of the Demesne of Santa Claus. There are options where tourists lodge in cozy wooden cottages right in the forest.

New Year's tour lasting four days with arrival on 12/31/17 will include:

  • accommodation in comfortable luminaries of the land with everything you need;
  • Three meals a day;
  • celebration of the New Year (banquet);
  • excursion program with a visit to the main attractions of the city;
  • outdoor picnic with kebabs and wine tasting;
  • all kinds of master classes;
  • winter fun.

Depending on the place of residence, there may be other services that are additionally paid.

Prices for such a New Year's tour may vary depending on the living conditions, a set of services and the duration of the trip. Generally speaking, the cost of a trip for one person with accommodation in a double room will cost about 25 thousand rubles. The cost may be significantly lower if you use the early booking service. It implies a significant price reduction if the order and payment are made several months earlier.

Great Ustyug for the New Year 2018. Tours, cheap vouchers

New Year in Veliky Ustyug can be met and inexpensively, if you choose more modest places to stay, for example in hotels:

  • Sukhona;
  • "Resident";
  • "Iceberg";
  • "Great Ustyug"

Vouchers can be in the resort of Bobrovnikovo or the recreation center "Forest Fairy Tale". Students can also relax here inexpensively, staying in the hostel of a local technical school.

Tours from Moscow Duration / days Numbers in December, January Prices / thousandrubles
"New Year in the Fatherland of Father Frost" four 31.12.17-03.01.2018 17,75
"New Year holidays in Veliky Ustyug" three
  • from 01/03/18;
  • from 01/05/18;
  • from 01/07/18.
"Journey to the Fatherland Frost's Homeland" three
  • from 01/03/18;
  • from 01/07/18.
"Winter Tale of Great Ustyug" two
  • from 01/07/18;
  • from 01/08/18;
  • from 01/09/18

Tours include travel from Moscow in a reserved car, hotel accommodation, three meals a day, excursions in Velikiy Ustyug, a visit to Father Frost's Demesne and other entertainment and entertainment events.

Accommodation options

If you are accustomed to relax and plan your leisure time yourself, you'd better use the early booking service. This applies to both the hotel and country houses. The influx of people on the New Year in Veliky Ustyug is very large. It is better to start redeeming the places already in September, since in October the prices will already jump by twenty percent.

At the height of the holidays cottages will cost you 2-17 thousand rubles. Such a variation in cost is due to:

  • different metric area;
  • degree of comfort;
  • number of beds;
  • the services provided;
  • infrastructure.

The cost of a one-room apartment for one person per season starts from eight hundred rubles.

What entertainment is in the city

In Veliky Ustyug there are a sufficient number of cozy cafes, bars and restaurants where you can taste inexpensively various dishes of national and European cuisine.

In the main residence of Santa Claus, you can enjoy the majestic chambers, made by wood cutting craftsmen. Nine high-class hotels of different capacities are located here. Tourists can use the free parking lot, game rooms, Russian bath or sauna, at their discretion. Single room in the New Year's Eve in the cottage will cost you 3.5 thousand rubles. On the territory of the Demesne there is a restaurant "Snowflake", which will amaze you with its exquisite cuisine.

If you celebrate the New Year with children, then they will not have time to be bored here. Children in the estate can meet their favorite fairy-tale characters, the faithful assistant of Santa Claus - the Snowman and the owner of the residence. It is also possible to visit:

  1. fairytale trail;
  2. winter Garden;
  3. zoo;
  4. attraction.

If you accidentally freeze, you can warm up around the fire with the characters of famous fairy tales. Excursion program in the Valley takes three hours and costs an average of 1.1 thousand rubles.Additional surcharges require:

  • master classes;
  • various shows;
  • game presentations;
  • New Year's program.

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